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Mrs. Austin
Dec 6, 2009
Viral Maze's 3 Stars
- Xinnamin
- Pendio
- Kybyrian
D'aww I'm flattered ='3

This here is even sneakier. Since Xinn never used it before, I surmise it was a one time shot. Even so, I'd like to hear her reasons for not using it before, and why she went for Pendio ultimately.
My mind works in really weird ways, so if this doesn't make sense, well that's normal. It was a one shot power, yes, and I didn't use it earlier simply because I didn't really suspect anyone enough to go for it and didn't want to blow it. I was contemplating actually killing Pendio on the day he fakeclaimed, but then speed lynch and hammer and I was just, eh, there's no way Thareous isn't scum, so I'll just let it through. See, Pendio's roleclaim was super fishy from the start. I wouldn't expect a role cop to be a one shot, or to get information like mod provided fakeclaims. The dreaming god role that night was clearly a nightrole redirect, which would automatically invalidate the roleclaim, but since your posts were scummy I just went and made excuses for it because I did believe you were godfather. Also Pendio seemed a little TOO eager to make people believe him, and all in all it just made me feel like something was amiss, especially since Viral changed things up in funny ways. I didn't know what I was expecting when I decided to kill him, I just knew that I would have been shocked if he actually came up as the role cop. I was actually afraid I was going to die last night since I had made such a lengthy investigation post, I thought the mafia would consider me a threat. So basically I decided, ok, if I survive the night period, then YOLO let's kill Pendio and see what's up. A mafia traitor role was definitely the last thing I would have suspected though =P

Thank God you f*ckers actually thought and killed that him.
I know right? I too am glad we killed that him.
Well played, everyone. Voiding Thareous's vote the first day was a shot in the dark but it paid off.

I knew the mafia would try to take out our stronger players early, therefore I chose to subsequently use the barriers power. Wyatt was dead the next night but at least Josh was never harassed again.

My saving myself was pure luck. I was already fairly suspicious of Thareous though so I knew the Werewolves would target me eventually. I tried to think of the meaning behind the word descriptors. Seems I chose right.

After Xinn's attack on Pendio, I was almost certain she had a power role. Ironically, I fell for Pendio's bait and thought Xinn was scum. The last power I used was Divine Intervention. I would have killed Xinn; glad she shot down Pendio.

Good game. I'm excited for the next.


Jan 31, 2008
Amherst, MA
Didn't I already answer this one?
mfw I pushed for Austin and then died

Everyone decided to throw that away just because Pendio was being brought in for him; it doesn't matter whether or not the person was replaced, they still screwed up to the point where it could possibly be revealing of their role. You may say it's unfair to judge someone's role based on the replacee's actions, but that's the way things work. The role doesn't change with the person.


Feb 24, 2010
Vote: Zenox

I'm not buying it. I looked it up, this is actually the first game where Zenox has been Mafia, and his playstyle is entirely different. By now I expect name calling and insults to our intelligence, not a calm, if not unconvincing, rebuttal. I actually find this meta to be imitating my own from the last game where I was the Godfather. Smells really bad from here.

Assuming you're referring to this, because I'm not sure where I messed up otherwise.

Really surprised no one jumped on this. I was expecting to be lynched the post after it.


The game is on!
Aw... I was so close! I tricked you all. Or almost all of you at least. Well anyway, I'm still quite pleased with my own actions of this game. I think I could have had a great chance of winning if it wasn't for Xinnamin. :D
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