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Mac or PC?

Oct 26, 2008
So basically, hands down I think Mac Computers are pretty awesome, not only because the hardware is considered "safer" and much harder to hack, but also because it's got a really good set of graphics that make all of the programs and apps look really good.

I disagree with the hardware being considered safer. I honestly think it's because not enough people give a dam to go ahead and make a virus to target the Mac OS. I think there is a huge misconception around this area when it comes to the debate between Windows and Mac. However, I shall move on...

One of the main reasons that I have the Windows OS is that I hated having to use the Mac in my Primary School. We were taught how to use that and not Windows, yet I find that I don't remember a single thing about it because I've never had any use for it past the age of 11. My Secondary School used Windows and the computers where I work use Windows. I honestly think it's a joke that the island I live on seems to think that the Mac OS is the best OS to teach children how to use. As far as I'm aware, the majority of people that I know how entered an industry that uses the Windows OS.

On top of this, I'm a huge gamer. I find the library of games provided for the Mac OS to be a joke in comparison to the library on offer for the Windows OS. I just took a look at the games on offer on Steam and unless I'm missing something out, the ratio for games available for Windows and Mac is 6:1. I know that this doesn't include every game available, but it gives a good idea. You can probably tinker around and some games work on a Mac, but I'd rather be able to start playing my game instantly.

I am aware that the Mac OS completely dominates when it comes to movie making and image editing, but I don't make any movies whatsoever and I'm content with PS CS6 and GIMP on Windows for image editing. Therefore, this aspect is irrelevant for me when it comes to choosing an OS.

Finally, I like to be able to upgrade the hardware in my computer with ease, which Apple doesn't seem to like very much and makes it hard and more expensive to do.

Outside of the actual hardware, I find Apple to be one of the most ******* like companies on the planet. They try and stop innovation of other companies by taking them to court, like they did with Samsung. When someone made a game really similar to Mojang's Minecraft, Notch actually came out and said it was a really good game, he didn't turn around and start trying to sue the company that did so because they just happened to use some of the ideas that he used when developing Minecraft.
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Sep 27, 2012
Lost Woods, Oregon
The first computer I used, and was basically obsessed with, was a Mac. I loved it, I loved the ease of it. But when Windows 95 came out I was sold. I dunno. I guess I appreciate the Mac but I prefer Windows. I also love Linux, as well.


Jan 26, 2013
So, the question is Mac, or a category which includes; OSX, Windows, Linux, and several others... I choose the category PC due to it including Linux.


Sep 19, 2011
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Gotta go with a PC as well, not used to working in mac, and any time I see a mac just gives me nightmarish flashbacks or those dreaded eMacs we had in school. Grew up on windows, but I do have a linux os now as well, which I'm getting more familiar with.

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Nov 24, 2011
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PC 100%. And macs are not at all safer or better protected, just less virus and hacking because they're not the majority of the market. And better graphics? Just a prettier desktop outside of that, they both have the same output.

And fyi, I'm into movies and I piss on the mac. In film school, we had to downgrade our HD footage because we could not edit at all in the raw format. On my pc, it's not completely seamless but I can at least edit it in the raw format. So no, not better proccessing or editing; in other words, the Apple marketing that Apple owners blindly repeat without knowing the other side is all false. Mac is a computer. Just a computer. Not a magic box that's safer and does lots-o-stuff. In fact, there are much more limitations on a mac than a pc, on many different grounds including software, customisation, and capabilities.


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Nov 12, 2007
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I prefer Windows because I game on my PC. So, you can argue night and day about which is better, but PC wins for gaming and so that's why I use it without even looking at the Macs. I've used them both though and it's purely personal taste as to which is better, I'm surprised people argue about PC vs Mac so much...
Nov 24, 2012
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...This feels so computer-ist to the Linux people.

Well, I used to ahve a PC but it didn't work properly. Now I have, and am in love with, my Linux. So there.

If I had to choose between the two, I'd go with PC. I absolutely can't stand Apple--this hate is more than even John Egbert and Betty Crocker, because I have good reasons n my most certainly twisted opinion. The layouts of Apple products make no sense to me, the copy-and-paste features and heavy reliance on the top menubar are excruciatingly tedious to me, and I can't function properly on them. Call it PC experience, but I have Macs at school that I have to use regularly and despise. That is all. [/rantover]

Mellow Ezlo

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Dec 2, 2012
If you want to choose between Mac or PC, just play this game!

In all honesty, though, I prefer PC. I don't hate Macs or anything, in fact I think they're awesome, but I think it just has something to do with the fact that I'm just not that big of an Apple fan.


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May 26, 2010
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I don't care either way...nowadays I just use a computer for Internet browsing and emulation. If you can give me those two things in decent measure, then why should I care if you have an ugly-*** beautiful apple inscribed on your back or not?

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Nov 1, 2011
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I'm a PC user. I abhor Apple for a few reasons.

1) Steve Jobs was a complete and utter *******. Yes he was a visionary. Yes he did create devices that are quite popular in today's culture. But he did it all while using everyone else around him.

2) Apple products break. Let's face it. Everyone (or at least almost everyone) who has an iPod or iPhone has dropped it and the screen turned into a spidery mess because it cracked.

3) The layout on Macs make no sense. Seriously. The toolbar baffles me and having little lights on each window to minimize, expand, or close are much harder for a first time user to figure out than a what PC's have.

4) You can get most of the exact same programs. I, for instance, make music and do so by using a program called Reason. Reason is available both on PC and Mac, meaning I can get it the way I want it. But then Apple makes their own programs and tries to sell them as better than others. In my line of hobby, these would be Avid Pro Tool (which most pro musicians don't actually use) and Garage Band (FL Studio, a hilariously simple program looks amazing compared to this).

All in all it's my opinion so take it for what it's worth.


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Apr 6, 2011
The Turnabout
Although I learned how to use a computer on a MAC, and am used to its practical applications, I've always been more of a PC person, as I've owned a PC forever since the days of Windows 98. I just had to apply similar logistics to the PC to get used to it, so here I am today using a PC.


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May 28, 2010
Ontario, Canada.
PC. I've grown up with a PC computer. Only been exposed to a PC computer my whole life. Actually, I only actually used a Mac computer a few months ago at school as I needed to print quickly and only the Mac computer's printers work, and I wanted to bang my head on the keyboard because I couldn't figure out how to use a Mac computer :lol:

Eventually, I figured it out. It's pretty cool actually. But I still prefer PC :P

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