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Which Timeline do you agree with?

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Jun 2, 2018
I have read/heard several theories on this game, and the ZD wiki has several of the best, but I have a very literate and possibly less "meaningful" take on this classic LoZ title. Having owned this game since shortly after the original version was released, and therefore "old" I am not including any interpretation of the 3DS version.

As far as this hypothesis goes, all it boils down to is this:
20180602_085857.jpg 20180602_085943.jpg
Yes, it is this simple "background" that connects the transformation masks. It appears behind the last transformation mask but it is set apart from the others. It is so for a very logical reason that has importance to this game's theme...
In the real world, and in the past farther back even than this game's inception, existed a tradition of making masks from plaster that was cast using a person's own face as a "positive" mold. The negative was used to make a mask of the individual. There are two kinds of these masks...
Dietyoffierce.png Life Masks.
Holes for breathing and sight, some were made without the aid of others and required mirror/sight.

20180602_093620.jpg Death Masks.
You only ever get one of these things. And you never get to see it! Yes, because there are no holes for breathing or sight, they are made with the faces of the recently deceased.

Come to think of it, this reminds me of something.. no, not the part where link gets each mask being related to death for the creature masks... it's the first game.

This sounds like "looney toons" kind of, but...
In the first LoZ game for the NES/Famicom, Dekus/Zoras/Gorons were enemies and had no significance other than to get dead whenever they had a chance to see link.
But developing this game simply to cast cynical humor at poor dekus isn't quite my interpretation. This game is probably link apologizing for killing the countless kin of the creatures in question.. it makes it hard for the events in OoT to happen since there would be a grudge against green clad hylians. Despite all the surrounding detail, the is openess to the timelines of these 3 games as to what adventure link was on during the prologue for MM. Link was also a child for the first LoZ (technically, always is.) These are my own theories that explain this game:

Possible Timelines:
1:These events all occur before link opens the door of time in OoT. But AFTER entering the lost woods and meeting skull kid. Only works if one of the holes link fell down in the lost woods knocked him unconscious, and skull kid "hid" navi...i think?

2: They occur entirely prior to OoT. (However this means Skull Kid was delusional and link must have just smelled like some other fairy boy in the woods that day...)

3. (My favorite) Link chooses to meet zelda again (after OoT) and breaks the laws of nature. This creates a parallel universe where he does not receive a fairy and he becomes lost before he can (re)enter hyrule castle. He has no memory of Navi but he knows he is missing something. all of the rest is simple, occaam's razor ftw.

4: This all occurs in a microcosm, bearing resemblance to OoT for profit value. Purely to cast cynicism unto poor deku-kin and elevate their executioner, Link, to the status of a god whom may give or take life for your amusement. But this means it has no relationship to the current LoZ timeline because Link is trapped in a time loop paradox and cannot partake in MM's timeline. The evidence is the fact that Termina is not part of hyrule, officially.

Really is a lot of text as is... but I remember playing the Minish Cap. Do you remember the weird mayor who had an overdue library book about the history of masks..? When i saw that part of the game I realized that masks in history were the basis for the masks in MM, and the inspiration for it's story. The creepy mayor reminded me of a developer's way of adding personality to a game, it's no coincindence at the least.
My apologies for any typos, you can email me at my gmail [email protected] , with any corrections etc if found.

Thank you for reading,

- Cody W.

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