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majora's mask

  1. cata_bernal

    The real world inspiration behind The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask

    Ok I know everyone hates edgy takes on Majora's Mask about how Link is dead or in purgatory, etc I agree because Majora's Mask exists to develop further the character of Link and thus he must have a future, or else the game has no purpose and that would be sad. But i think i have cracked the...
  2. Link Floyd

    Amazing Version of Majora's Mask OST

    Hey everyone, just wanted to share some amazing versions of some of the songs from Majora's Mask I've been listening to all day. :) Love the guy who created this too, he was actually very helpful in getting me back into music and even talked to me about music equipment and the best options for...
  3. R

    MM-N64 Keep losing save data after turning off system

    I've had this copy of Majora's Mask for about a year but this is the 1st time in a while I've played it. When I opened it up it had no save data. I played up until I learned the song of healin and then saved at the owl and turned off the N64. But when I started it up again my save file was gone...
  4. Re-D3ad

    Spoiler The HappyMask Salesman

    Hello I’m new to the Zelda Dungeon community and I would like to tell you a theory I’ve learned online and researched. Here’s my theory The Happy Mask salesmen is seen in multiple Zelda title including, Ocarina of time and Majoras Mask. But as stated in the conversation you have with him as...
  5. twilitfalchion

    What is your unpopular Zelda opinion?

    This is meant to be a fun discussion thread about unpopular opinions you may have about the Zelda series. For example, I don’t love Ocarina of Time as much as most and I think that almost every Zelda title that succeeded it is a better game in most ways. I think that the gameplay and story are...
  6. Z

    The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask: Changes from N64 to 3DS

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bTDIagIAhUo I'm so glad someone has ACTUALLY done the homework of doing this, instead of kissing the original version's ass like a certain somebody... Sure, it's long, but it goes quite in detail about both versions. EDIT: I guess no one want to watch this?
  7. TheDragonHawk

    Majora's Mask

    A general discussion for all things related to Majora's Mask.
  8. VelkkuEvilBastard

    Song Of Healing - Doom (kinda/sorta) Metal cover/remix

    Hi, new here! Just wanted to share my cover of my favorite Zelda game Majora's Mask's Song Of Healing to Zelda fans. With this song I tried to channel the Finnish band Swallow The Sun cos it always reminded me of them with the doomy undertones and such :D
  9. Delucidate

    LoZ/MM [ Mask Meaning/Interpretation.]

    I have read/heard several theories on this game, and the ZD wiki has several of the best, but I have a very literate and possibly less "meaningful" take on this classic LoZ title. Having owned this game since shortly after the original version was released, and therefore "old" I am not including...
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