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  1. D

    Oot is overrated... It just is nothing more to it

    No amount of words will ever change this any game that is often called the greatest game of all time is over rated. No game: None absolutely none can be called the greatest game of all time and not be over rated, that just plain does not exist. Also: "u need to look at oot as through it was...
  2. F

    (Very good) Top 10 tunes from Ocarina of time - played on steel drums

    This is the same steel drum band that got an editorial August last year from 'Sean Gadus' - link below www.zeldadungeon.net/check-out-this-awesome-legend-of-zelda-main-theme-steel-drum-cover/ They are back and better, this time with 14 (spoiler alert - too late) songs from Ocarina of Time -...
  3. gerard white

    Barinade (Zelda Ocarina of Time remix album)

    (deleted post. sorry, dont know how to delete a topic or post)
  4. Joseph Torres

    Please help identify this music video "ad" featuring Zelda?

    Hope it's okay to post this here as well, no responses in the Media forum but as this is Zelda related, here goes: A short time ago (around midnight mountain time between Sunday and Monday this week) I got a random ad from "Will It Crush" on my phone that I believe was actually a music video...
  5. Delucidate

    LoZ/MM [ Mask Meaning/Interpretation.]

    I have read/heard several theories on this game, and the ZD wiki has several of the best, but I have a very literate and possibly less "meaningful" take on this classic LoZ title. Having owned this game since shortly after the original version was released, and therefore "old" I am not including...
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