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Link....Using Guns???

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I'm back!!
I do think including guns in Zelda would be a bad idea, so I clearly don't support it. Reason why, Zelda will be way too easy and modernized, and newer games, which have more technology than the previous ones, are the most criticized, so I think a gun would pretty much ruin the series.


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Nov 3, 2009
Termina Bay
I don't like technology in Zelda games, they are made to be fantasy. But that much fantasy is a "little" to non-Zelda, if that makes any sense.


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I'd love to see a Victorian-ish steampunk Zelda, so I don't think I'd particularly mind seeing Link with a hunting rifle.

The thing about Zelda games is that the tone is not consistent. The games are not all medieval, and the technology is not all archaic. Gunpowder or something like it certainly exists in Hyrule, what with bombs, and it's only a matter of time before they're able to conjure up guns. The point is, including a gun in a few Zelda games isn't going to ruin the entire series--at worst, it will create a different vibe for that game.

I'd love a series of games where clockwork/steam technology came to the fore and gave us a world not that dissimilar from Final Fantasy VI or Skies of Arcadia. Both of those games felt sufficiently fantasy-oriented but also sufficiently Victorian. At least it's an interesting aesthetic. As a fan of The Wind Waker, I can certainly get behind that--that game, after all, gave us an entirely different tone throughout that still managed to feel right at home in the larger chronology.

I just don't see why guns would be so harmful. It's not like Link would be double-wielding AK-47s.
Jun 1, 2010
I wouldn't a cannon or musket-type weapon, as long as it is used sparingly. In fact, in Twilight Princess, there is a scene where Rusl and the resistance help Link using a bazooka in Hyrule Castle. That really did not take away from the game and as long as stuff like that is used sparingly, I would not be against it. However, I do not think there should be any guns used as a main weapon and they should never ever go past technology of our 19th century.

Also, did somebody mention Link with a gun?????


....Ummm....yeah, no handguns, or machine guns.

Also, notice the Master Sword stabbed in that guy's face :xd:
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Jan 31, 2010
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I could see Link using a Magical Musket-looking device that shot out bolts of magic rather than bullets. Does that count?

Though personally, I would like to see the Fire and Ice Rods (along with the Magic Meter) come back instead. That would give you most of the benefits of a Gun, but without all the issues.


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Jan 30, 2010
Sorry, but I am completely against this idea. Isn't that is what Halo and Resident Evil (and all that jazz) for? If Link had a gun it would soil the good name of Zelda! Little kids play Zelda, my little cousin had a go at Spirit Tracks at the age of 6. She didn't really get anywhere but children should be able to play a game without being scared of it if a gun suddenly appeared, it is also a bad influence.

Also, one of the things I love so much about Zelda games is the time that it is set in. If you added a gun it would make it too futuristic. It would also make it too easy, probably.

And to conclude my post. Link is not seen as the type who would ever carry a gun around and we shall not soil the good name of The Legend of Zelda.


Jun 2, 2010
Windfall Island
No. Just.. no. Not now, not ever. Zelda games (And all of Nintendo's games) are pretty much the only quality games left in the market without the need for blood and gore. Adding guns to the Zelda series would be like giving Princess Peach breast implants or adding drugs as a collectible in Animal Crossing. We can't forget that it's not just teenagers and adults that play Zelda. It's a series that is designed to be accessible to all ages, including children. We have more than enough shooters in the gaming world, why ruin a classic, incredible series by adding guns, just to add to the CODs and Halos?

Plus, the obvious factor that Zelda is a medieval themed series, not a modern series. Guns were nonexistant 500 years ago, so I just don't see how it would work. It would effect the atmosphere of the game and only add to the amount of tech found in the more recent games, which already seems to be a grievance with most fans. However I look at it, it just doesn't seem like a good idea to me.


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Oct 25, 2009
Philippines, Manila
The main theme or should i say category of all the weapons in zelda series are not modern, if the nintendo company are implementing a modern technology like the title of this thread "USING GUNS" duhhh/ewwww >_< it's so ugly they're lot of issues to be considered before using modern weapons in zelda here are some list.

1. Base on the survey most of the zelda players are being hook to Bow and Arrows fanatic. (there's a thread for this one already)

2. the tittle of the game is THE LEGEND OF ZELDA, if we connect that word to the items it means old weapons or low technology.

3. If link will be using guns the excitement and thrill of the game will be different.

4. the flow of the game will be change, because they also categorize this game in MAGICS and SPELLS.

J Oh

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Sep 3, 2010
Hyrule Market
"Link! It's that legendary gun... The Master Shotgun! It shoots evil banishing shells!"

I can't believe this even exists as a thread. This isn't Final Fantasy, its Zelda people.


Aug 24, 2010
Somewhere small
Rather than complain about how guns are bad or whatever, I don't see a gun working from a mechanic standpoint. We already have 2 recurring weapons that 'shoot' (slingshot and bow), as well as less consistent distance-based items (boomerang, magic rods), so what exactly would a gun bring to the series? Killing enemies in one shot would only kill the difficulty, and frankly it doesn't need to be made any easier.

Personally I don't think guns would seriously scare anyone off, unless the child has been so indoctrinated with the idea that guns are evil. But that aside, it'd probably bump up the game's rating regardless, and if that's the only thing it'd bring to the series, then all it'd serve to do is alienate a chunk of the fanbase. I'm pretty sure that wouldn't be in Nintendo's best interests. ;)
Oct 26, 2008
That unfortunate day for the gaming world, when Link picks up a gun, or anyone else in the Legend of Zelda series for that matter, will truly be the day that the Legend of Zelda dies entirely for me. I've already voiced my dislike for the more advanced technology that we have seen in the past, such as the train from Spirit Tracks. I believe that the more advanced technology takes away from the game, and the series as a whole.

Let's imagine that Link did happen to find a gun in the middle of a temple, and decided to use it. How drastically do you think that would change the game? It would change the game entirely in my opinion, and that's something that I don't want to see happen to such a great series, especially a favourite series. It would just turn into a game in which you shoot everything once with a well aimed shot and they would be dead. Not to mention the fact that he genre of the series would change and become much easier, unless they gave it difficulty settings, which Nintendo wouldn't do.

I think that placing gun into the Zelda franchise would be a huge mistake by Nintendo, as I believe that many of the current fans would be greatly disappointed and forget about the series. I doubt that the addition of guns would attract anyway near the same figure of gamers that would leave the series either.


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Jun 8, 2009
If Link picks up a gun then his name shouldn't be Link anymore it should be joe or bob or some other plain jane name because anyone can pick up a gun, anyone can use one. But it is a cowardly thing to do unless the other guy has a gun. It takes a real man to wield a blade, to walk right up to your opponent who knows your going to fight him instead of shooting someone in the back. All those people who want Link to use a gun obviously don't realize that they don't fit in the series at all. They would rather play games like Grand Theft Epona and LoZ Modern Warfare. Hopefully that never happens in my lifetime..


Aug 24, 2010
Somewhere small
To be fair Grand Theft Epona sounds like it would be hilarious. Hijacking carts, racing gorons, and takin' it to town with the Gerudo, or some other kind of gangsta-speak that I am not fluent it.

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Aug 20, 2008
Do I think that it would be bad for guns to become a recurring item in the Zelda games to come? Yes.

Would I love to see Link with a gun at least once? Hell yes. Link needs to play the wrong notes on the Ocarina and warp into a COD game. Something like that anyway. Just once?

But anyway, I'm not entirely opposed to Link having some kind of gun, as long as it isn't over the top or stupid. It doesn't have to be anything extravagant, and it doesn't have to be anything like a modern gun. It could be a magic tube thing that blows baddies away or something of the sort. It could be a very Zelda-ish looking weapon that acts like a magic gun. A deku nut bazooka mayhaps? =P

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