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Least Favorite Zelda Character?

Azure Sage

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I would have to pick Midna.

Midna was a rude, obnoxious, devious, manipulating, slave-driving, cold-hearted little prick from the moment you met her. Honestly, I don't care how much she "changes" by the end of the game, I still hate her. I cheered when she left at the end, not even kidding. Not only does she have a complete lack of respect for Link, she basically blackmails him into helping her by "helping" him find his kidnapped friends. I put "helping" in quotation marks because all she basically does is ride around on Link's back or hide in his shadow, occasionally telling him where to go next in a rude manner. Not only that, she teases Link about Ilia on his way to find her in the Lanayru province. The only times she's really helpful is allowing Link to transform into a wolf and warp him to different areas. That doesn't make up for much, though.

Honestly, in my opinion she's the worst partner character the series has ever had. And while she may not be the worst character in the series in general, she's definitely close to the bottom. In my opinion, at least.


That snot kid on Outset Island in Wind Waker. He's so gross, I never do his puzzle in the cabana, I can't bare to look at him that long ;)


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Dec 30, 2011
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I totally hate Zelda on Ocarina of Time. WHY DOES SHE STOPS EVERY 10 SECONDS ON GANON'S CASTLE.
Females on those games....

The Jade Fist

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Jul 17, 2012
Tingle, he's a camera stealing, map making, slave owning serial killer, wait a minute, can I vote him as my favorite now?

(there were dead bodies in wind waker buried with the camera that Tingle hid, think about it) He owns slaves, he steals, he charges thousands of ruppes to clean up old maps (way over charging), and possibly even killed a man or 2, compared to Gannon in windwaker, Gannon was a good guy.


I wanted to violently stab Groose throughout Skyward Sword so I'll say him.


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Jul 5, 2010
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I disliked Crawlin in SS. Suck it up homie. You should have thought about needing my help to get with the cute chick BEFORE you locked my loftwing in a cave. I dont like arrogance, and that sucker had a lot of it.
Jul 14, 2012
I don't like tingle he's such a weird nutter. :lol:
I find a lot of the zelda characters really strange anyway. :lol:


Aryll, Wind Waker. I've always found her more annoying than sweet in complete honesty.:lol: I bet I'm the only one who will say this.
My least favorite in WW was Tingle. He charged waaay to much to do a "magic" dance that made the maps readable. Along with Tingle was the Technoblins from SS, their stupid electricfied swords, i never died from them, but nothing more annoying than losing 4 hearts cause they had some future weapons...cheap!


Nov 9, 2010
In gonna go with the snot nosed kid from wind waker. Even if he didn't have that hideous snot dripping from his nose, he'd still be annoying...

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