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Is Link Truely Either Left-handed or Right-handed?

Nov 30, 2011
When I first saw the trailers for Skyward Sword, like everyone else I noticed that Link was right-handed because of the controls. I also noticed something else that made me remember something I noticed in Ocarina of Time. In Skyward Sword, Link uses his right hand for nearly all of the items. There are two items I've noticed that he uses his left hand on: the slingshot and the bow. While Link holds these items with his right hand, he's actually using them as though he's left-handed. When using a bow or slingshot, the hand used to pull the string back is your dominant hand, while you hold the handle with your other hand. Link pulls the bow and slingshot back with his left hand.

I'm sure this was done so the motion plus could be used for aiming, but it reminded me of an item in Ocarina of Time. In OoT, Link holds the hookshot in his right hand even though in that game he's left-handed. If you think about how the hookshot works, you'd know that the arm used to hold it would need to be pretty strong.

I think that Link might actually be ambidextrous. Shigeru Miyamoto also happens to ambidextrous, however he prefers his left hand. This makes my theory of Link also being ambidextrous seem more plausible to me. There are a few other examples from Twilight Princess that add to this theory. For instance, the double clawshot requires Link to use both arms equally well.
Oct 26, 2011
Ambidextrous, because you ARE Link, so whatever hand you play with, and makes it easier, should be the hand he is;)


Red as the Crimson Sun
Jun 27, 2011
McKinney, Texas
Link has been left handed in every game except for those on the wii (TP and SS). The only reason he is right handed on the wii games is because Nintendo knew more right handed people than left handed people would play the game and they wanted the controls to feel comfortable. But, according to Canon, Link is Left handed. TP's Gamecube version is the "official" version, and Link is left handed. The only game that Nintendo has made Link "officialy" Right handed is SS and I believe it is only because of the evidence above.

Hope this helped! Ciao ;)
Feb 5, 2012
My thinking is that, since all the Links from the games are different ones (except for some like Majora's Mask and Ocarina of Time, which have the same Link), they're all different. Because of the whole mirrored thing for the Wii in Twilight Princess, I'll say that one's ambidextrous. For some where he's always left-handed like Ocarina of Time (not sure if Master Quest has his hands mirrored too), he's left-handed. Same goes for right-handed.
Apr 6, 2012
Ambidextrous,some games link is left handed,but Wii zelda games link is right handed,but TP on GC he's left handed And on Wii he's right handed,my Guess he's Ambidextrous.
Dec 19, 2011
Link was left handed up until TP, and other games (PH, ST, SS) where the person playing Link can be right handed.
However ambidextrous but prefers left... I guess it could be :P (I am ambidextrous however I normally use my right :P )
Dec 29, 2011
For some where he's always left-handed like Ocarina of Time (not sure if Master Quest has his hands mirrored too), he's left-handed. Same goes for right-handed.

Master Quest OOT does have Link being right handed. Since the entire game is just flipped vertically.

More Links are left handed than right handed. the rare occasions where Link is right handed are: Sprite flipping(Like in the original LoZ), Wii games, and in Master Quest. So while we can canonically assume that the Link present in those titles is right handed, it mostly has an extra-contextual reason behind it.


According to Wiki Link is left handed. Nintendo knew since most of the gamers are right handed they made Link right handed. I'm ambidextrous so it wouldn't matter to me, but not everyone is ambidextrous so Link is Left handed for TP and SS :cool:

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