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A Link Between Worlds If Zelda 3DS Was Played Like ST or PH with Stylus ONLY, How Would You Feel...?



Even though I loved PH and its controls, I don't want to see them on the 3DS. They did it on the DS because the touch screen was the innovative selling point. However the 3DS' innovation is 3D visuals, so I think they should make a game around that, instead of letting the 3D screen just be wasted as a map.


I'd be really annoyed. The stylus controls are okay. I think Nintendo used them because using a D-Pad for a 3D Zelda game would not work. Now that the 3DS has a circle pad i really doubt it will happen. The controls used for Ocarina of Time 3D were great and if Nintendo decided to scrap them... I would still buy the game but I think it wouldn't work as well... One thing that could work is if Nintendo brought little things from the DS games (like controlling were the boomerang goes with drawing with a stylus) it would probably work.... But it might be a little hard to switch from using circle pad to stylus so... Maybe in the settings you can choose what you want for stylus control and what you want for circle pad+buttons... :)

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