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If You Were a Gym Leader, What Would Be Your Specialty?

Aug 8, 2012
I would do water because it is actually rele well balenced. you couold do a team like Poliwrath wat/fig, Liddicolo wat/gra, Lanturn wat/elc, Starmie wat/psy, Sharpedo wat/dar, and Kingdra wat/dra. That way you could cover your weakness and put a challenge to the other trainers cuz your weakness isnt consitent


Dark because there is no Dark type gym. :D

But if we were taking out other gym types from consideration, I'd definitely say Steel. When playing competitively, I normally use Sandstorm teams, and normally throw more Steel types in than I should. For some reason I just play better with them! The only Monotype team I made was a Steel type team, and I'd argue that that team played just as good, if not better, than my normal teams.
Mar 23, 2018
What's happening forums? I hope you guys are enjoying this beautiful Friday morning! \^~^/

If you were picked to become the next new Gym Leader, what would be your specialty? Personally, I would choose either Electric, Water, or Dark Types as my specialty! Dark Types, WHY YOU NO HAVE GYM YET? :xd: It's sad, but true. I'm still surprised that there isn't such a thing as a Dark Type Gym! Hopefully Nintendo will make a Dark Type Gym in the next generation! :nerd:

I wish you guys the best of luck today on anything that you guys might have to do today! I also want to wish you guys a safe and awesome day today!
Well... I would be a grass type gym leader, and I want to go a little more in depth.

My gym would be a wonderful Pokémon resort, with lovely Pokémon running about the trees. These same trees aren’t your friend though. They prevent you from reaching the center of the gym with a leaf pile! This is a problem, as I am in the center of the gym. However, on one side of the gym is a leaf blower. Making your way through the vines, there would be 3 trainers.
Youngster AJ
Gloom level 42
Stun Spore
Sleep powder
Mega drain

Gogoat level 43
Razor Leaf
Take Down

Gardener Richie
Simisage level 46
Fury Swipes
Seed Bomb

Pokémon Ranger Todd
Abomasnow level 43
Ice Punch
Wood Hammer
Razor Leaf
Sheer Cold

Once you find the leaf blower’s stand, you’ll find that it’s missing! If you head back to the leaves, they are cleared. I approach you with a Rotom mow forme. I would say “You made it! My Pokémon were trained to be strong! Hm? Oh yeah, the Rotom took the form of the leaf blower, and yet it turned into a lawnmower... We’ll never know the true strength of our Pokémon. But that won’t stop you from trying to earn the greenhouse badge! Here we go!” I will then challenge you for the badge, but you will need to defeat these Pokémon fast!
Gym Leader ————
Rotom level 45 Mow forme
Thunder Wave
Confuse Ray
Double Team

Rotom is probably the least of your worries, but it has an annoying move set, and DO NOT LET IT PARALYZE YOU! Idk why that needed to be in caps XD

Bellossom level 46
Stun Spore
Sunny Day
Magical Leaf

Another annoying move set that should not be underestimated...

Vileplume level 48
Stun Spore
Petal Dance
Sunny Day

This is basically a stronger bellossom. Anti Climactic...?

Leafeon level 49
Quick attack
Swords Dance
Sunny day
Leaf blade

This is my trump card. The paralysis will slow your Pokémon as mine are powered by the sun. Swords dances with a Leaf blade and an X Defense will grant me victory if you didn’t play your cards right. Victory will award you with the greenhouse badge, as well as access to the Pokémon league.


Team Captain
Dec 6, 2014
North Dakota
I would be a Weather Specialist, In am on my friends Pixelmon server. I use all 4 types of weather at 4 different locations. Summer is my strongest here:
Ninetails Lv. 82 [Drought] (Meadow Plate)
Energy Ball
Confuse Ray

Typhlosion Lv. 86 [Blaze] (Lum Berry)
Lava Plume
Solar Beam
Sunny Day
Gyro Ball

Castform Lv. 84 [Forecast] (Heat Rock)
Fire Blast
Sunny Day
Solar Beam

Vileplume Lv. 80 [Chlorophyll] (Occa Berry)
Sludge Bomb
Solar Beam

Cherrim Lv. 88 [Flower Gift] (Miracle Seed)
Solar Beam
Sunny Day

Magmortar Lv. 90 [Flame Body] (Sitrus Berry)
Fire Blast
Hyper Beam
Solar Beam

The others if you ask for one.

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