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If You Could Pick Any Zelda Character Boy/Girl to Be Friends With, Who Would It Be?

Jan 4, 2012
I feel like Midna would be so much fun to be friends with AFTER getting to know her... she seems like the type who writes many people off upon first impression. But regardless, shes funny, playfully cynical, yet has an underlying care for those she is close to. She's got a hard shell but once you crack it you can see she's got an extremely compassionate side. Kind of Capricorn-like.
Nov 24, 2012
Probably roleplaying
Erm... aside from Link?
The man in the OoT room of all the jars. He's so stoic, I'd love to do a ton of ridiculous things in front of him just to make him crack.
Girahim, to help me make him crack and to just be his pal. How fabulous would that be?
Darunia, because he dances. "Oh! Whoa! Yeah, Baby!" He's shameless when the music comes. He could teach me a few things. And he's a goron.
Mikau, before he died of course, because he's a skilled song artist and he seems quite friendly. Everyone addresses him like a friend instead of a distant legend. He's also kinda hot for a Zora. Look at the character model, not the artwork.
Anjean, because of how she closes one eye all the time, is powerful but smart and very caring, and she may let me ride the Spirit Train. But maybe I should ask Engineer Link for that...
Which brings us to Engineer Link, because he did everything the other Links did, and he drives a train.
Ferrus. He takes pictures, he can walk across the kingdom in about an hour, and he's just plain awesome. Also, he like middle-of-nowhere-ish locations and he knows everything.
Oshus, because Oshus rocks.
Linebeck, because once he gets attached to you he'll do anything to protect you, and despite being a total coward, he's cool.
There's more, BTU I'll leave it there.


~Deku Drahsid~ | The Hero
Jul 7, 2012
Deku Palace
Any Random Deku Off The Streets of.. the world of zelda!
this is how i'd do it,
Step one: Pull out a big knife and ask the deku to be your freind.
Step two: if he declins stab 'em in the arm and beat 'em down
Step three: tie 'em hotage and take him somwhere secrate, secluded
Step four: tell him i he wont be your friend the folowing above would be repeated till he says yes, or dies


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Aug 1, 2012
The End
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Deku Link, Goron Link or Zora Link because they are Link but in non-human...I'm sorry, non-"Hylian" form.

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