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  • No prob. I'd recommend getting a dell (I sorta should have said that at the start, but oh well), we've had a number of those in our family and while the laptops have been so so, the desktops have been pretty good.
    Alrighty, so I looked at Best Buy, my suggestions would be to take a look at the site (best buy), go for an i5 or i7 intel processor and therewill be a lot of computers to look at there and just change the results so it shows the highest rated, I'd suggest something that may not be top rated but is battle tested if you will and has beenaround the block for awhile just so you know what your getting. If you have anymore questions just ask! :)
    Well here are couple too look at.

    The Dell Online Store: Build Your System

    The Dell Online Store: Build Your System

    The only difference between these two computers as far as I know are that one is Windows 7 and the other is Windows 8. I prefer 7 but both are good. You might check them a bit more closely, these both start at $600, but with all the add on's you'll want to get (warranty's and such) you're probably looking at a $750-$1000 dollar machine. These both have Intel i5 processors, which is what my laptop has, = 3.20 ghtz so it's goes at a pretty good clip, I think. There is a more expensive dell machine that has Intel i7 which is = to 3.90 ghtz at tops, but it also starts at like $800 which to me is pretty steep price + warranty's.

    The links I added are sorta defunct, so just go to here; Desktop Computers & All-In-One Computers and on the side of the page there should be something called processors, check the box next too intel i5 and the first two things that come up should be the ones that the links take you to.

    I'll look at what Best Buy has and let you know what I find. BTW what day's your Birthday? You said that was coming up soon.
    What kind of computer/laptop does your dad have? And what price are looking at in terms of computer? I don't mind doing the research and stuff, I'm trying to become more tech geekish, since I'm going to try and do computer programming for a job (later in life) so don't hesitate to ask questions. :)
    A job yeah, saving up for a mission and college (although I still buy things now and then, probably more then I should). As far as specs, I'll do a little refresh research and get back to you.
    Okay, so I ordered a Gateway nv57h57u from best buy, it's a pretty average priced computer but it has some good specs, so I'm pretty happy, I'm going to get Warcraft III and Morrowind for it. :D I miss those games, do you play PC games?
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