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How Much "Link" Do You Want?


Jul 15, 2009
As people have said, I do recall TP Link showing a fair amount of emotion, though it's less noticable when you try and compare it to that in WW (since WW's graphic style automatically exaggerated Link's expressions, etc). Even so, people have said that Link lacking emotion feels awkward sometimes... but looking at other games it often feels more awkward when the character reacts- but doesn't have the same reaction as you. Personally, I thought TP Link was guilty of this to some extent. One occasion that springs to mind is in Eldin Field during the final boss fight... Zelda gasps in horror at seeing Ganondof alive, but it takes a glimpse of Midna's helmet to elicit some show of emotion for Link. I might be on my own with this one, but while yeah, Midna has evidently been defeated and may now be in danger and/or dead, the priority here was the fact that Ganondorf is not dead- therefore EVERYONE is still in danger, and it means you're gonna have to prepare for another round. Regardless of whether they meant it, the impression I got of the implications of Link's reaction seemed a little off... and slightly selfish, to be honest. On this occasion, I'd almost rather they hadn't tried to add some character/emotion because it just felt awkward as it clashed with what I myself was thinking/feeling.

That said, I'm still all for character emotion if they do it properly... like in WW, for example. Like TP, there was little-to-no voice acting involved, but unlike TP, WW didn't take itself as seriously, and that's what made the exaggerated expressions and heartfelt emotions work. WW Link was entertaining to watch because Nintendo weren't afraid to make him flail around and pull his face a bit... unlike in TP, where they tried to make Link's reactions more serious and subdued his emotions slightly. But then they go and have him communicate primarily through gasps, which ended up sounding over-the-top in some situations (such as when the monkey steals his lantern, he gasps and looks absolutely gobsmacked... which clashes oddly with the quiet-and-subdued way they portrayed Link thus far in TP).

In SS, I'm hoping they will make Link a little more, well, Link-y (zombie-like avatars are okay, but characters are much better when they have a little heart and soul. Though even in say, OoT/MM or any of the 2D ones where the technology couldn't allow for much emotion Link still had a certain character and charm to him~). But if they're gonna add emotion into SS Link, they need to avoid alienating the player... and for that reason I sure hope they make it more like WW.


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Dec 24, 2010
I like both, the expressive and the passive, but I want a hero that shows some emotion. In OoT, how much of it was that Nintendo wanted him passive, or were there technical limitations??? I want the world that Link is in to be expressive, and that involves Link talking, along with everyone around him.

Master Sword13

Oct 16, 2010
South Carolina
I like both... but personally I like the WW kind of Link more. That way, he's kind of thinking on his own, and not what we THINK he's thinking. Link already has his own ideas about what's needed to complete the puzzle, and that's just a fun thing for me.

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Feb 1, 2010
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Honestly, I would like a bit of both, I would like some expression and some real feeling to link, but I wouldn't like it if they overacted him, it just wouldn't be zelda, Link has nearly always be quiet and mindless it would be strange to see an adult link act emotions in the way that a younger link (Like in the windwaker) does, for this reason I would like skyward sword to keep the old link but just add a little more feeling to him.

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Nov 13, 2009
He's supposed to be jumping off Skyloft to find a friend, right? Now how many people with no emotion would chase a friend off of their world? How many friends would they have in the first place? I think we are going to have a pretty expressive Link in this game. In the E3 demo he seems to react to the enemies pretty well. Most of the time he has the same face as TP Link, but that's most likely just because they're using him as a base. One example of why I'm thinking this way is, Wile rolling on the stone in the lava during the trailer, you can hear a faint "whoah" (that actually sounds like sonic)
Jul 1, 2010
They have to show emotions in Link due to his mute nature, and I thought Twilight Princess did a great job of really showing off Link's emotions, whether with smiles, sadness, or even evil laughter in the cutscene that shows you who made the Fused Shadow. There was a connection to Link that only really existed in Wind Waker to that point. If the trend follows, I expect Skyward Sword's Link will also show off his emotions through his expressions, mainly due to the overexaggerated nature of the new painterly style.
Nov 27, 2010
Even though it was probably technology holding them back, I thought that adult link in OOT was great: being serious in a serious time. WW was also great as it showed the curious, angry, surprised (etc.) expressions of a little kid. Now TP...there are a few cutscenes that don't really fit Link's personality demonstrated by his actions. I actually prefered the cutscenes showing wolf link as they were able to show expressions a little easier. I think Nintendo got into a bind when they decided to go with adult link for TP to show the "epic" factor, but still wanting to show Link's personality. Hopefully for SS they are able to find a balance between reactions that we love and the ones that actually fit the mood of the game.

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I dunno... I definately did like seeing Link with many different facial expressions and emotions. I think that SS should be the same in that way. Link is more... shall I say, bearable? that way. It's more fun and a much more intresting experience playing a zelda game with Link as an individual as opposed to a mindless, passive hero with almost no visible emotion or enthusiasm for the task at hand. Of course, as many have said above me, there must be balance.
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Nov 22, 2010
Twisted Tea Cafe
I think Link needs to show more emotion.. of course I love any type of Link in any game.. XD
But I would really like him not to be a link for the player. I would like him to have his own personality.
Like be a hero and not myself.. :(
When I was young I always thought Link was his own character, and I will continue to believe that >D


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Apr 14, 2008
Newfoundland, Canada
I really like it when he shows emotion. I feel that it really helps draw me into the games and make me feel more about whatever he's reacting to. Like others, I was a huge fan of Link in WW, but this only worked so well as it did because of the cartoony-ness of the game. For SS, it would have to be toned down, but I still want there to be something. It makes Link seem more caring.
For example, in WW when Aryll was captured, if Link has an emotionless face, I wouldn't have gone "Oh no! ;_; Poor Aryll. Poor Link. They clearly have a close bond." but rather like "I guess I have to get her back." His face in that scene I found really touching and it actually gave me further desire to rescue his sister.

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