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How do you pace your playthroughs?


The Destructive One
ZD Legend
Apr 4, 2012
Göteborg, Sweden
Nowadays I play differently to what I did as a kid. I've never really been one to play a game for hours upon hours, but rather just 2-3 hours a day (if it's a new game). Partially because of a lack of time, but also because I don't want to "waste" the new game immediately. I'm the same with series. Some people like to binge watch things, but I don't. I usually only watch 2-3 episodes a week of a series I follow. Sometimes less. This way I get to drag out the experience over a longer period of time.
I remember when Skyward Sword came out, one of my friends beat the game in two weeks, while it took me about 2 months. Only thing I don't like about this way of pacing my playing is when too many games come out at the same time. Like last fall, when there was LA Switch, Spyro: Reignited, Yooka-Laylee and the Impossible Lair, Luigi's Mansion 3 and Pokémon gen 8 within september-november. I got a bit overwhelmed then.


The Resting Sun
ZD Legend
Sep 9, 2019
Typically when I play through a game, I'll just play it as much as I can during the day with a limited number of breaks. I've been accustomed to playing through games this way since I was a kid, trying to accomplish as much as I can in one sitting. This became more evident when I began working on my backlog last year and would just blitz through games day after day, trying my best to put in as many hours as I could in a shorter span of time so I could beat them as quick as I could.
Depends what it is. If it's something like Zelda or Tales I will play it for hours and hours on end and maybe even forsake sleep so I can have it all.

I'll still eat and the such but I'll likely not Switch the game off until I have no choice.

Other games I'm not too fussed on I'll play a few hours to get a good sense of it. If a game isn't fun or good after a few hours then I likely won't play the rest of it.
I don't really pace my sessions in the duration of sittings, so much as how much I actually get done in a sitting. Especially as I near the endgame, I tend to stall my progress a bit more. I'm still indulging in the game, I'm just not ready for it to end. This sometimes results in me getting distracted before I actually beat it, though, so I have to find a balance.

When the game is really good, it's pretty typical for me to find myself playing 4-6 hour sessions at a time during my first playthrough. And possibly more than one session in a day. The shorter the session, the more likely there will be multiple throughout the day.


Sal Manella
ZD Legend
May 4, 2012
American Wasteland
I've noticed that my play sessions range around 40 minutes to an hour, maybe a little more or less depending on the game, and I typically go back to it at least one more time later in the day
I generally can't do multiple hours in one sitting, after a certain point I just feel compelled to stop for the time
May 4, 2014
It depends on the game, the genre, and how much I like it from the get-go. Engaging games with a balanced learning curve have me playing for hours when I've got the time, others may take me a while to learn to like. Some I'll play sporadically.


Jun 19, 2010
I'll usually only play once per day, for around 2-3 hours, but potentially more if it's a new game or if I really get into it. In addition to being busy, I usually prefer to slowly savor new games and make them last; I'm not the type of person who can really binge watch something or play for hours on end, even when I really enjoy it.


Pilaf Gang
Staff member
Jul 5, 2017
Desert tumblrweeds
AMAZON robot
Maybe an hour or two a day depending on baby's fussiness levels. :) Definitely more if wife takes over or when they are sleeping and I have the energy.

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