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Groose: Beginning or Later?

Which Groose did you like better?

  • Beginning Groose (Skyloft)

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  • Later Groose (Land Below)

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A Link In Time

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I greatly disliked Groose at the beginning of the game. He was stuck-up, greedy, and flat-out arrogant. It certainly didn't matter to him when he tried to shatter a life-long relationship between Link and Zelda.

At the end of the game, a spirit of camaraderie was fostered between Link and Groose. This was one of the greatest character developments the franchise has ever experienced.

Also this:

Apr 8, 2012
haha i thought from the skyloft up until the first battle with the imprisoned he was really funny, but i liked him as well later on. I cried when he was letting link have zelda. he didnt even go. the music playing (dejected groose, right?) was so sad and it added to the sadness. :'3
Apr 4, 2012
I prefered the later groose as opposed to the begining however I still don't like grooses in general because he still seemed pompous and full of himself even at the end
May 13, 2012
Nintendo kind of makes it so you have to like Groose near the end. He acts like a jerk at the beginning and gets upset because he thinks he can't do anything to save zelda but doesn't give up and helps Link fight Imprison. So yeah, unless you like characters that act like jerks , you would probably prefer the later Groose


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Mar 2, 2010
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The story of Groose is pretty interesting in a Zelda game. He is jock-like jerk that warms up later. Some of his dialogue is funny as all hell, in that tongue-and-cheek style. I personally like it when you first arrive to the Surface and he starts warming up.


Twilight Princess
May 9, 2011
Puerto Rico
He annoyed the crud out of me in Skyloft. I really enjoyed his character development through out the game. He has to be one of my top favorite characters. now

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