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Gaming hopes wishlist

Feb 13, 2019
Well, I started Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door yesterday. And I’m jumping between Bowser’s inside Stroy and Tri Force Heroes (actually trying to finish it) on the 3DS. For hopes of releases, I want Skyward Sword HD and maybe it could be bundled with TPHD and WWHD? Mostly just want them to fix the controls in SSHD. Smash Bros DLC characters are exciting, even if I probably won’t care about the character at all.
Feb 13, 2019


Jun 19, 2010
In terms of games that haven't been announced, an actually decent Paper Mario game that isn't completely story-deprived and centered on a stupid gimmick would be nice, although I don't have much confidence. A new Fire Emblem remake too, especially FE4. Can't think of much else.

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