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Gaming hopes wishlist


Mr. SidleInYourDMs
May 5, 2012
American Wasteland
not sure how well the games did, but I really hope it was enough to eventually remake the 3rd Famicom Detective Club that came out for the satellaview called Lost Memories in the Snow
there's so little info out there for it online, I'd love to see it get the same treatment and brought out here
Jun 27, 2023
For Zelda:

- The automatic jump from games like Oot rubs me off the wrong way. Moving forward, keep the jump button from Botw/Tokt or at least have an item to jump on command like Links Awakening.
- More Hyrule Warriors
- Speaking of Hyrule Warriors, continue to explore different genres with Zelda characters
- A spiritual succesor to WiiU´s NintendoLand with more zelda stuff, but instead of motion controls, the gameplay is more similar to Botw/Totk
- More remakes like Links Awakening.
- Release smaller Zelda Campaigns while we wait between big Zelda releases. Like we had a 3 hour long Bowser´s Fury between Mario Odyssey and whatever the nex big 3d Mario ends up being.
- Couch co op Zelda. The other player controls the princess. Yes, this is already possible in Hyrule Warriors, but I want to see it in a main title.

For gaming in general:

- Remakes or remasters of old games that were released before the High Definiton ps3/xb360 era.
- Re-release most DS/3ds/WiiU exclusives on Switch/SwitchSuccessor (Like the recent announcement of Luigi´s Mansion Dark Moon)
- At least one truly next gen game at the time of release on the next generation of Xbox. When Xbox series released, basically most xbox exclusives were Cross-Gen or didnt appeal to me. I think the first Xbox Exclusive that appealed to me that was not available on XB1 was Hi Fi Rush. In short, the next gen of XB should have their own version of "Astro´s Playroom" included and pre-installed with the console at the time release.
- Switch successor has bigger OLED screen and is 1440p in handheld and 4k when docked and it has SSD.
- Next gen Xbox should have a cool name. I liked the name "Xbox 360", but "Xbox One" and "Xbox Series" kind of suck.
- Dont release next gen consoles unless you are ready to blow me away. I didnt see much difference between the ps3/360 and ps4/XB1. Maybe this next part wasnt posibble from a business perspective, but as a consumer: I could have easily waited a few years and have the Ps4Pro/Xb1X as the "base" models of the previous gen. Its a dissapointment when the generation change doesnt blow me away. I remember being a kid in the 90s and being blown away by the change from 2d to 3d with Mario64 and OoT. Or the change from SD to HD, I remember looking at a 360 game in late 2005 for the 1st time and thinking "[email protected] looks good". But comparing late ps3/360 games to early ps4/xb1 games? I´ll take your word for it that the latter looked better, but it didnt blow me away. At least Nintendo tries to innovate with something other than graphics and loading times, its a hit or miss but as much as Im not a fan of gimmicks, I have to admit they hit more ofthen than they miss.
- Speaking of hit and miss. Sonic games are a hit or miss. Sega needs to step up their game.
- Re-release Halo 5 and 6 wilth splitScreen co op campaign
- Banjo-Threeie developed by the Yooka-Laylee team
- A new 3d Castlevania. Its been a long time since Lords of Shadows.
- 3d Donkey Kong platformer. Its been an even longer time since DK64
- Nintendo making a similar game to Kingdom Hearts but instead of Disney & Square Enix, its Nintedo & another company.
- Speaking about KH, nothing against Sora, but I want to see new playable protagonists.
-Also, development times take too long. KH3 skipped the 360/ps3 generation. Gta6 skipped the ps4/Xb1 generation. Wii U´s Zelda (Botw) wasnt released until the Switch was already here. The meme of "I want shorter games with worse graphics and Im not even kidding" comes to mind.
- This will never happen but Nintendo, Playstation, and Xbox merge into one. Nintendo focuses on handheld/hybrid consoles/innovation and Playstation/Xbox focus on home consoles, graphics, loading times, mid gen console updates, GamePass, and whatever the hell they been doing so far.
- Crash Bandicoot 5. I played the Naughty dog games and never played the ones made from other developers, so when they announced "Crash N sane trilogy" and then a game called "Crash 4: its about time" that was gonna be a direct sequel to the naughty dog games while ignoring the other games, it felt like it was custom made for me.
- All Smash Bros games are 2d. This will never happen but I would love to see a smash game in 3d with similar gameplay to FF Dissidia or Mighty Fight Federation.
- A good 3d Mega Man
- Let another studio have a go at the "Mario & Luigi" rpg franchise.
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The one and only.
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Sep 29, 2020
The Lone Star State
Manufacturer recommended settings
Nintendo, Playstation, and Xbox merge into one. Nintendo focuses on handheld/hybrid consoles/innovation and Playstation/Xbox focus on home consoles, graphics, loading times, mid gen console updates, GamePass, and whatever the hell they been doing so far.
Hell to the no. The gaming industry is in bad enough shape already, getting rid of competition would be disastrous.
Jul 20, 2016
I think just that the AA game market improves. I've been playing Valkyrie Elysium and it's really nice, I think back to when I played like Brave Fencer Musashi and Threads of Fate on the PS1. Or maybe Infinite Space on the DS. None of them echoed through the ages but they were plenty of fun and I they often feel more gamey to me then say Kingdom Hearts 3 which is also an action RPG like Valkyrie Elysium but feels overengineered to a point where it's just a bit less fun.

Well there's probably more but I'd settle for that.
Apr 20, 2023
  • Oracle of Ages / Seasons remakes like Link's Awakening
  • Minish Cap 3D remake
  • A new Zelda with Vaati as antagonist
  • A prequel to Wind Waker
  • Next Smash Bros game needs to have trophies and unlockables and events like Meele did

And ports of Digimon World 1 - 3 would be nice, too.

Bowsette Plus-Ultra

ZD Legend
Mar 23, 2013
I'd love for a video game adaptation of Superman that doesn't suck. He's a cool character with a powerset that would make for a fun game, but studios seem afraid to touch him. His last solo outing was the awful Superman Returns adaptation, and the blue boy scout deserves better than that.

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