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Funny or Memorable IM or Shoutbox Conversations.

A Link In Time Today at 10:11 PM
I hate playing on a phone.
So that's not for me lol.

PrincessNikiT oday at 10:11 PM
That is how I got it ALIT
I think I paid $30 on Black Friday

A Link In Time Today at 10:12 PM

Kenos Today at 10:12 PM
>playing on a phone
My wallet says no

Abe Today at 10:12 PM
What's alit

Kenos Today at 10:12 PM
This chat is lit

PrincessNiki Today at 10:12 PM
I play mobile games but there are some games that just don't belong there

A Link In Time Today at 10:12 PM
Mario Kart is supposed to go mobile this quarter. I look forward to seeing how Nintendo makes that work.

PrincessNiki Today at 10:12 PM
Abe it's the abriviation for A Link In Time's name

A Link In Time Today at 10:13 PM

Abe Today at 10:13 PM
It's going to flop like Super mario run

A Link In Time Today at 10:13 PM
Reminds me of the old ZD forum meme.

PrincessNiki Today at 10:13 PM
Mario Run was fun but ran it's course
I still play Animal Crossing and FEH

A Link In Time Today at 10:13 PM
"Um...what is ALIT? o_O"

PrincessNiki Today at 10:13 PM

This meme is a blast from the past.
@Azure Sage @Princess Niki @KingPollux

20:00 - Satan: moment of silence for all of the stakaktaka i found on gts named "trump's wall"
20:00 - Azure Sage: people who name a pokemon after that filth should be shot
20:01 - Azure Sage: TWICE.
20:01 - Azure Sage: and then thrown into a pile of trubbish
20:01 - Satan admittedly named his gumshoos trump
20:01 - Princess Niki: People also named Gumshoos Trump
20:01 - Satan: LMAO
20:01 - Azure Sage: et tu, satan
20:01 - Princess Niki high five
20:02 - Satan turned traitor
20:02 - Azure Sage: calls the pokemon abuse hotline
20:02 - Princess Niki: I named mine Brick for some dumb reason
20:02 - Princess Niki: it just seemed to fit
20:02 - KingPollux: Because you build walls out of bricks.
I love this place.

  1. 5:45 PM - funnier6:
    You sure are :D
  2. 5:44 PM - Spirit
    is an awesome/scary person
  3. 5:44 PM - Lilac:
    If her real name was Mary it would be terrifying...
  4. 5:43 PM - funnier6:
    That was pretty awesome/scary
  5. 5:43 PM - Lilac:
    Oh so you're a hidden user, I get it.
  6. 5:41 PM - Lilac:
    or I may be wrong
  7. NinJa:
  8. NinJa:
    HOLY ****
  9. 5:41 PM - Lilac:
    Doesn't look like it's working :/
  10. 5:40 PM - Spirit:
  11. NinJa
  12. NinJa:
    Spirit.... Spirit.... Spirit
  13. NinJa
    stares into the mirror
  14. NinJa:
    If you look into the mirror and say Spirit three times, she will appear!
  15. 4:59 PM - Satan
    replied to thread Forum Time Outs
  16. 4:53 PM - Lilac:
  17. 4:48 PM - AncientPoe:
    spirit spirit spirit
I remember this. Good times.


A caring crazy comforting cool cat lover
ZD Legend
I will always remember this.
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  • Sheikah_Witch: :hug:+1
    10 minutes ago
  • Snowlight: Thank you guys again, this has made me feel so much better! +1
    11 minutes ago
  • Twilight Shadows: I just barely got done with all of my errands for the first day right before it hit nightfall, wasting no time at all. +1
    12 minutes ago
  • Sheikah_Witch: it's important that is has heart. I love a lot of 'old, traditional' art, because it's sincere and comes from a good place. +2
    14 minutes ago
  • Twilight Shadows: Sometimes traditional art is actually the best kind. +1
    14 minutes ago
  • Snowlight: Thank you guys! sometimes I get really down, thinking how good other people’s art is, and how mine is old, traditional. But you guys make me feel so much better. +2
    18 minutes ago
  • Snowlight: It depends on the sentence for me, Twi. If I am trying to make a really good sentence, with adjectives, I have to concentrate and make it really nice. Other times, I just speedrun through, writing pretty bland sentences, then come back on fit adjectives in them.
    20 minutes ago
  • Twilight Shadows: And that's not exaggerating. +1
    21 minutes ago
  • Sheikah_Witch: ambition takes you long way +1
    21 minutes ago
  • Snowlight: Thank you, Sheikah :)
    22 minutes ago
  • Twilight Shadows: Writing an entire sentence takes me like 15 minutes.
    23 minutes ago
  • Snowlight: It is just really exhausting when I think about it
    23 minutes ago
  • Scrapper: @Sheikah_Witch has posted a new reply in the thread "Which Song Are You Currently Listening To?".
    23 minutes ago
  • Snowlight: And an author, and a pianist, and a YouTuber, but so many things do ...
    24 minutes ago
  • Sheikah_Witch: you'll get there. <3 +2
    24 minutes ago
  • Snowlight: But a really want to be a professional artist one day
    25 minutes ago
  • Snowlight: I am kinda okay at both, but I hope to better at both too.
    26 minutes ago
  • Twilight Shadows: On the opposite with those two.
    28 minutes ago
  • Moe the Moblin: Drawing on the other hand baffles me
    30 minutes ago
  • Moe the Moblin: I've always felt writing wasn't too hard, but I think it's just because I read so much as a kid that language arts came a little easier to me
    30 minutes ago
  • Twilight Shadows: I haven't seen those words in a while.
    32 minutes ago
  • Scrapper: @Spirit has posted a new reply in the thread "Let's go, Milla!".
    32 minutes ago
  • Sheikah_Witch: I have that same admiration for people that can draw. I can't draw even if my life depended on it, so when I see people making impressive art my mind gets blown.
    36 minutes ago
  • Sheikah_Witch: oh yeah it's extremely hard. I guess the answer is that I've been making games since 2013, so practice makes perfect, just like with most artistic skills.
    37 minutes ago
  • Snowlight: *looks
    37 minutes ago
  • Snowlight: Np, how do you make games that look so good? It just likes like it would be so hard to make
    38 minutes ago
  • Sheikah_Witch: it's getting along pretty good now actually. I'm trying my best +1
    38 minutes ago
  • Sheikah_Witch: oooh thanks :)
    39 minutes ago
  • Snowlight:

    relate completely *sigh*
    39 minutes ago
  • Snowlight: I just want t say again, your game looks amazing!
    40 minutes ago
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