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Freakiest Zelda Moments?

Apr 7, 2012
Duck Land
1. when link is being told part of a story in twilight princess, and llia laughs like a creeper and falls down from the sky.
3. the fricken thief guy in the lost woods in a link to the past, who runs into you and steals your stuff.

there is so much more then this, i just can't think of em'.
Apr 5, 2012
The first time I saw a Dead Hand I flipped out... because I was four, but they still creep me out.


I think dead hand scared me just because of the hands around you when you fight him. Creepy! And his face!

CCG <3 Zelda

Apr 4, 2012
I'm Still Freaked Out By That Cutscene In MM That Plays Whenever You Wear A Transformation Mask

Also, Stalchilds Freaked Me Out When I Was A Kid

And Who ISN'T Freaked Out By The Moon In MM? :awkward:
Jan 2, 2012
Also: Dead Hand still creeps me out. Wallmasters and Floormasters never freaked me out at all, but Dead Hand, oh he still gives me the heebie jeebies.


Skyloftian Night Patrol

The Silent Realms in SS made me cry... no joke. *shame* I burst into tears every time the 90 seconds ran out.
Running from the giant knives in the Ancient Cistern of SS.
LINK BEING A BUNNY IN ALTTP!!! I was six while playing that game with my uncle, who was eleven... I couldn't sleep for days.
Chus in ALttP. I never did figure out how to kill them.
Link's eyes rolling around in his head when he first gets turned into a wolf in TP.
Shadow Beast fights.
Seeing Zant's face for the first time was scary... Then my brother shouted, "BEHOLD!! LORD VOLDEMORT!!! ......Wait, he has a nose."
The moon in MM gave me nightmares, as did the Silent Realms and pretty much all of OoT... I could only really get scared in the realistic looking games, with the exception of ALttP.
I don't scare that easy... I just have an overactive imagination and a seemingly endless supply of adrenaline.

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