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Majora's Mask Favorite Transformation Mask

In MM, which was your favorite tranasformation mask?

  • Deku Mask

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  • Goron Mask

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  • Zora Mask

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  • Fierce Deity Mask

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The Spy-Sniper Combo
Dec 20, 2010
"Right behind you."
Majora's Mask presented a new mechanic not seen in the previous games: transforming using special masks! You would use each of theese in order to clear obstacles in the game that couldn't be completed in your Hylian form, or get a better perspective on the situation. Which of the four masks was your favorite, and why?

Mine was the Goron Mask, mainly because of the mask's unique abilities and power.

Handheld Gamer

I have to go with the Fierce Deity. It allowed me to play as Adult Link :P
Nov 29, 2010
Ill go with the the Zora Mask.
The Zora is such an elegant looking being.
The way it swims through the water with such ease and such speed.
Another thing is how everything reacts to the Zora.
Even the dog in the town rubs up against the Zora and sort of purrs.

The Shadow

Creature of the Darkness
I'll have to say it depends on the situation, if I was on land, then Goron to roll around, in the water, Zora for swimming (Both of these have a high enough speed and you can dolphin jump with the Zora mask on) and for look wise, the Oni mask. Deku got kinda annoying because your stuck as it and when you finally manage to go back to normal you have to go through a whole dungeon as the mask.
Feb 1, 2011
Deku Mask - This one wasn't that great. I rarely used it, and you don't look cool as a deku.
Goron Mask - This one is really amazing, but it is not my favorite. Even though you can use it to get around fast, you still have the bunny hood and Epona.
Zora Mask - This one is the winner. The reason being is that it makes you travel faster in water. Just swimming regularly took so long, but this mask is the answer. Not only can you swim fast through water, but you also have offense and defense "under water"!
Fierce Deity Mask - The only place you could use this mask was the final battle. Not only do you rarely ever get to use this mask, it also didn't have that great of powers. Yeah, you could shoot beams out of your sword and you looked pretty awesome too, but compared to the other masks, this one wasn't that great.

Link Master

The Hero's Master
Oct 14, 2009
Zora mask is the best I should not have to say why it beats the others but here it goes. The Zora mask can swim under water pretty fast. As a Zora you have fins that act like boomerangs. You have a electric barrier that can kill basically anything in one hit. Now lets compare to the others.
Deku Mask nothing special you can hop on water but not that fast and you can drown.
Goron Mask attacks are weird (even though I am a fan of the Goron roll)
Fierce Diety Mask Only use it once without a glitch and I think it is over powered I mean this is Zelda you should do things the hard way.
So those are my reasons for liking the Zora mask over all of the transformation mask.


Forever I am Abandoned
Mar 2, 2010
In the middle of Kansas...
I chose Zora mask because its awesome and I love the Zora guitar and Mikau's Story. I love the Fierce Deity and the Giant mask but you only get to use it once, uless you're a 1337 h4x0Я, which I'm not :'(
Jul 27, 2011
totally the deku mask! link was adorable as a deku and most of the deku scrubs would only talk to u if u were a deku too, so it was definitely useful

Ballad of Gales

The wind is mine!
Jul 24, 2011
The Zora mask, awesome transformation, awesome abiliities and a wide range of attacks!

Second would be the Deku one... The Goron mask only gives you useful rolling...

The Shadow

Creature of the Darkness
Ballad of Gales saying that the goron form is only useful for rolling isn't exactly true, it does have a few other benefits as well such as immunity to lava, being able to use the powder keg, flaming fists and the rolling isn't just for speed, it gives you offence and defence combined into the one, the zora requires his electrical shield for that and for the deku, well he has that little twirl he does but I only ever used that for moving around faster because of how slow the deku is. I don't fight as the deku if I can help it, though I must say that I think your supposed to fight that masked warrior, the first boss, as the deku. It would give you much more of a challenge.


Call me Coco :3
Aug 3, 2011
idk somewhere South
I have to go with Fierce Diety. It's power is amazing, and the final outcome of wearing the mask looks awesome. I would pick Zora (it also looks cool and I love swimming) but Fierce Diety is just awesome.


Piper of Time
Aug 11, 2011
The Lost Woods
I like the Zora Mask. The Fierce Deity Mask is too, godly, for me to like it most.

The Zora Mask had some features I found really cool for a regular transformation mask. Like the swimming and Zora Link's ninja like skills, among other things.

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