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Favorite scenes\parts in the series?

Feb 13, 2019
My favorites are:

Majora’s Mask:
Running around Clock Town
Final Battle

Wind Waker:
First island and town
Forsaken fortress revisited

Twilight Princess:
Midna’s introduction
Midna’s Lament
The final part with Ganondorf and Puppet Zelda

Skyward Sword:
The final part with Demise and Ghirahim

That’s what’s coming to mind right now.
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All of Wind Waker for me but I especially love the final fight with Ganondorf and meeting Valoo and Jabun.

In Twilight Princess I love meeting Zelda and hopping across Hyrule Castle's rooftops as Wolf Link.

Ocarina of Time, pulling the Master Sword is always epic and meeting young Zelda.

Being Fierce Deity in Majora's Mask.

The Lost Woods in A Link to the Past (love the music).

I'll add more later.


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Jan 31, 2010
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OoT: When I first entered Gerudo and Gerudo Valley started to play.
TP: When I first entered Zora's Domain and met with the spirit of Rutela.
TWW: It's a tie between Dragon Roost Island and when Laruto and Medli played together.
SS: The ending. Knowing that I never had to play this game ever again.


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Nov 24, 2012
Rescuing Aryll and the girls, defeating the Helmaroc King, and first encountering Ganondorf
Reanimating the enemies in Hyrule
Obtaining the bombs and the neverending night

Unpopular opinion: the opening sequence of Link's day off
Midna's Lament
Midna breaking the seal of Hyrule Castle
Rescuing Colin from the King Bulblin (or any encounter with King Bulblin really)

Getting the library books back
Getting the Minish to make the Pegasus Boots

The Aliens
Basically speaking with any NPC during the final minutes

Those are the ones coming to mind at the moment, but I'm sure there are more.


Sal Manella
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May 4, 2012
American Wasteland
turning off the game
being as adult link for the first time
entering the forest sacred meadow
learning nocturne of shadow
ice cavern

obtaing the ocarina as deku link
playing through the southern swamp and slowly understanding the game
pirates hideout
ikana canyon before climbing the tower

the cursed sea
returning to forsaken fortress
the whole colorless hyrule and master sword bit
meeting the king of hyrule

all king bulblin encounters
first time in twilight hyrule castle
midna's lament
zora's river
sages revealing ganondorf

zelda 2:
death mountain b/c I was kicking ass here in my first time
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Aug 31, 2019
OOT - Kakariko on fire was pretty cool, was the first time I'd seem something like that in a game so it made an impression.

MM - Anju 'n' Kafei sidequest completed, was very sweet in the final moments. Same with the Romani ranch in the final moments

WW - Torn between rematch with the Helmaroc King & Ganondorf cutscene afterwards was pretty cool or Final fight in the drowning Hyrule

MC - Beating Vaati, so satisfying

TP - Horseback riding battle with Ganondorf, A little annoying & finiky but visually amazing/Midna's retribution against Zant

PH - Ghost ship cutscene with Linebeck. Made me laugh so much

ST - The scramble to retrieve Zelda's body was a good cutscene

SS - End of the Lanaryu mining facility was cool

BOTW - Final memory, loved it


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May 29, 2020
OoA - Veran kidnapping Nayru.
TP-Literally anything that involves snowpeak. I love it over there.
OoT- The rupee jar room. I spend hours in there.
MM-The race with captain Keeta. The salute at the end is golden.
WW-The first visit to forsaken fortress, when Link gets slammed into a wall.
OoS-The guru-guru item trade.


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Jun 16, 2020
traveling through Daein and Liberl
The statue moment between Link and Zelda in the beginning
When Zelda seals herself away and her monologue preceding it
Link becoming visibly enraged when Ghirahim kidnaps Zelda
Fi's farewell (even if she annoyed the heck out of me the entire time I was playing)
The ending scene

The Koroks, Deku Tree, and Link all dancing to the music after beating Forbidden Woods
The dark, stormy sky when traveling back to Windfall
Getting the Master Sword and fighting all the reanimated enemies in the castle
The final battle and the flourishing end to it with the Master Sword plunged into Ganon's head

The opening scene and first moments of the game on the Great Plateau
The whole story portion of Zora's Domain as well as fighting Vah Ruta alongside Sidon
Not exactly a story portion, but I loved completing the Trial of the Sword and the reward for doing so
Getting the portrait of the Champions and having that sweet DLC music play

Learning from the Hero's Shade
Fighting against Ganondorf on horseback
Battle with Argorok
The final battle and the finishing blow when Link impales Ganon with the Master Sword


I just really like botw
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Apr 7, 2019
The moment where you land in Hyrule after the Great Plateau in BotW. There's this jolt in the stomach when you realize that the entirety of Hyrule is suddenly at your feet.

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