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Majora's Mask Favorite Music in MM.


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Final Hours and Song of Healing (especially the piano version) are tied for first place for me. Favorite temple song is definitely Woodfall's theme, favorite Ocarina song (other than Song of Healing) is between Song of Time, Elegy of Emptiness, and Song of Storms. I also adore the Bremen March.


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Apr 1, 2009
I'm not counting the Song of Storms because it was also in OoT, so I'm going with Termina Field. It's a pretty cool version of the main theme of the series.

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Jul 24, 2011
My top 10 favorites.From least to most favorite.
10.-Termina Field
9.-Deku Palace
8.-Majora's theme and all it's in-game remixes
7.-Clock Town and al it's in-game remixes
6.-Happy Mask Salesman theme(the song of healing, if you count its a remix of it)
4.-Last seconds
3.-Stone Tower and it's in-game remix
2.-Astral Observatory
1.-Great Bay Temple

Does anyone agree?


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Here is my Top 15 list!

Why did I make a Top 15 list? Because, when considering which song I liked the best, I wrote down these 15 songs, so I thought they all deserved to be on this post. Enjoy!

15. Swordsman's School

The heavy drums are the only instruments you'll hear on this song. It is amazing how these drums are able to make a whole song, only combined with one other sound. I like hearing to this song a lot, because the drums make an awesome rhythm is great. There is no much to say about this song, other than saying it is worth listening to this song, and that it is very underrated.

14. Deku Palace

I find a lot of happiness in this song. The instruments aren't too loud or too low, everything has a nice pace and the flute makes a really good job. This song can get stuck in your head pretty quickly, and don't leave for a long time. The only thing I don't like about this song is the fact that it reminds me to another, bad song.

13. Astral Observatory

I like the fact that this song reminds me of King Crimson's In The Court of the Crimson King. It is a very calm song, with a lot of instruments that play nicely on the ears. This song is so calm I want to sleep when I hear it. Plus, it has a weird and amazing background voice.

12. Termina Field

How could I not like the field song? I don't remember where, but I'm pretty sure it is a remake of the field theme of another Zelda game (probably from TLZ: ALttP). This is an epic field theme. The drums are cool, and there are a lot of sounds that make this song even cooler. Another thing I like a lot about this song is that it is a remake of a classic Zelda song - you can't dislike this song.

11. Mountain Village

Mountain Village is actually one version of four of the same song. You never hear the real song, but you are able to hear four versions throughout the game. Mountain Village is the only one of the four versions to get in this list, because it is awesome. It sets the atmosphere pretty well, and I just love the wind in it and all the sounds and piano notes and instruments in it. It is a little better than Ikana Valley, but just a little.

10. Last Day

This song is beatiful. I don't exactly remember when you can hear it in the game, but I love every second of it. It is kind of calming, with the wind as a background sound and all the computer sounds. This is pretty epic. Another underrated song, in my opinion. A masterpiece.

9. Pirates' Fortress

The drums are cool, the militar (in my opinion) aspect to it is pretty cool, and everything is cool about it. What makes it even better is the fact that you can hear it in the Pirates' Fortress, a place full of guards and moments that will make your heart beat faster than normal. There is nothing bad about this song.

8. Ikana Castle

This song reminds me to the Pirates' Fortress song. Cool drums, and it perfectly fits the castle. With those strange voices that come out of nowhere, a lot of sounds that remind you that you are in a place full of death and an intense atmosphere, this song is perfect.

7. Majora Mask Battle

This song marks the start of the most epic battle in Majora Mask. You are about to start a fight against a boss with three phases, against an evil mask that has an insane and criminal mind, that wants to destroy everything in its path. It builds the tension as the fights goes on, and it never stops making it. This is one of the most epic songs in Majora Mask, without a doubt.

6. Clock Town, Third Day

This is the fastest song of the three Clock Town songs. There is a different song for each day, and this is the best one of the three. It is a pretty quick song, making you feel desperate as you live through the third day. It keeps you tense all the time, and it has a piano that always make the same note on the background, making it a much more insane song, and giving it a different aproach. Pretty cool.

5. Majora Wrath Battle

This is the song that plays on Majora's final phase. It has a bunch of positive aspects: it maks you pretty tense and nervous, it really fits with the battle, it creates a perfect atmosphere... so many psotiive aspects I can't even count them all. This is as epic as a boss theme can get.

4. Snowhead Temple

The wind blows, some random sounds start to appear, and the piano starts playing. This song is kind of calm, and it is really well done, as it is the most perfect song for the Snowhead Temple. A calm and hard temple, that has the ability to scare some people. This song proves to be the best for the temple when you fall through the whole place as a rolling Goron and get very annoyed as you hear the music xD

3. Mayor's Meeting

I've seen few people mention this one. Why? I don't really know. This song is an unknown musical masterpiece. It is a very difficult song to describe. It marks some kind of desperation, and at the same time the feeling that everything may be lost, or maybe not. Just hear to it, and come tell me what you think. I can almost assure you won't be disappoined by it.

2. Stone Tower Temple

A lot of people consider this song to be the best of the game, and I can't argue. Everything about it is awsome: the bongos, the blowing wind, the trange "voice", the flute... so many good things to say about this song. Even the guitar is great. I don't think I need to say much more about it, as you've probably listened to it.

1. Great Bay Temple

This is the other temple song a lot of people thinks is the best song of the game. I agree. The bongos, the random computer sounds... This might be my favorite video game song of all time. Yes, I love that much. I hope you do, too.

Well, that's it. Oh, and by the way, I've downloaded the Majora Mask soundtrack in my computer. I¡m not isnane, I just have like six video game soundtracks in my computer... O_O


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May 26, 2010
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Final Hours of Termina
[Sharp's Composition]
Song of Time

Those are my three favorites, I like many more but those are the three that came to mind.

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