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Favorite Music From Skyward Sword


Hero of the Stars
Nov 10, 2011
Lost Woods
1. Ballad of the Goddess (harp version)
2. Farore's Courage
3. Nayru's Wisdom
4. Groose's Theme
5. File Select

Rare Addict

Site Staff
Jun 15, 2010
United States
'Tis a tough call. For now, though, I'll go with these (in no particular order):

- Final Ghirahim Battle
- Phase 2 of Koloktos Battle
- Sealed Temple
- Sealed Grounds
- Groose's Theme


May 10, 2012
I am going to post a video of my top SS songs:
Apr 8, 2012
Oh wow. Thats a hard one. My ipod has 200 skyward sword songs on it bu i guess the ones i enjoy most are

Ballad of the Goddess (listening to it right now XD)
Crimson Loftwing
Dejected Groose
Fi's Grattitude
Sailing the sand sea.
Keep in mind, i LOVE all the songs. This is just based on what i listened to the most this week. I love all the songs equally! The ones i listen to depend on what im learning to play on piano and/or my mood. :P

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