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  • I only do when I'm in the car. Otherwise, I basically just listen to music on my phone, or via a CD Player. Or YouTube, but more commonly the former.
    You would be correct, I have heard Midnight City many a time. I think anyone with access to the radio has, lol. But it's a really good song. I definitely really like it.
    Undisclosed Desires is probably in my top 5-ish Muse songs, honestly. I freaking love that song. :D

    As for Atoms For Peace, I've been pretty excited for Amok for a while.... now I just need to buy it somewhere. AFP is basically just an extension of Thom Yorke's solo work, isn't it? They sound basically similar, the artwork looks a lot like The Eraser, and even Wikipedia links their discographies, if I'm not mistaken.
    Map of the Problematique is one of my favorites from Muse... here lately, I've been listening to a freaking ton of Silversun Pickups lately. If you plan to listen to any of their stuff, listen to the album Swoon. Heck, I'd just go out and buy Swoon. It's just so amazing.
    I've heard of M83, but I'm not sure if I'm familiar with any of their work... is there anything you'd recommend by them?

    Oh, and here's some Silversun Pickups:
    I freaking love that song... definitely one of my favorites from Black Holes and Revelations. :D

    Oh, and do you by any chance listen to Silversun Pickups?
    It may be Wikipedia, but maybe look this over: List of Naruto: Shippuden episodes - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    Scroll down and it lists which episodes have confirmed air dates for 2013 and which ones have no date at all yet, for both here and Japan.
    Hmmm, I don't think Naruto is over, I heard they stopped with the Bleach Anime though and just kept on with the Manga. Naruto though? Not that I'm aware of...
    Well, now that I've heard each and every Radiohead album all the way through at least 4 times... I can say that my overall faves of theirs are Exit Music (for A Film), There There, Reckoner, Packt like Sardines, I Might Be Wrong, Idioteque, Sail to the Moon, Climbing up the walls, and Lotus Flower. Oh, and All I Need. Really, all of these are from OK Computer forward... I think that really says something about their early work. :P
    My favorite albums (in order) are Amnesiac/In Rainbows/Hail to the Thief (tied), OK Computer, Kid A, King of Limbs, The Bends, Pablo Honey.
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