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favorite movie

oh, it'd be hard to pick for me, so many great movies out there
guess I can make a short list

regarding anime movies, at of the ones I've seen, When The Promised Flower Blooms is currently my favorite. Your Name is also very good.

with disney, The Lion King. So much love for this film, I grew up watching it and I get emotional every time the stampede happens. Also Zootopia.
Kung Fu Panda and The Prince of Egypt are absolutely some of the best dreamwork films

also can't forget the LotR trilogy and the Star War trilogy (original of course)

aaa too many good movies, if I list them all it'd be so long

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Jun 23, 2020
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My favorite movies are directed by Wes Anderson. I especially love his more recent works such as: The Grand Budapest Hotel, The French Dispatch and Fantastic Mr. Fox, but his works in the mid-late '90s (Bottle Rocket and Rushmore are also pretty enjoyable.)


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Jul 6, 2011
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The Lord of the Rings Trilogy Extended Editions.

Next favorites largely depend on my mood. Lately, it's been two Clint Eastwood movies: The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly, and, Dirty Harry.

You just can't beat The Lord of The Rings trilogy with all the deleted scenes added back in. The characters, the acting, the cinematography, the soundtrack it's all top notch! I don't have any complaints about these movies apart from that I wish there was more of them! I want a 5hr long Return of the King

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