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Family Guy


Jan 27, 2010
South Central United States
Something I've noticed with this show: Stewie just keeps getting gayer the more the series progresses and Peter gets dumber at about the same rate. Of course there are a few moments that I think are funny but I don't see what so funny about abusing your daughter.
Jul 17, 2010
I used to like it, but now I hate this show. The jokes in the show now are just plain random and stupid. The biggest problem is that now the show is universally funny, it can make the most unnfunniest joke on earth, but it'll still be funny to kids. The kids at my church (and a couple in my school) just irritate me when they talk about this show. When they are re-acting a scene, say a phrase, say "Giggity Giggity", or sing a song (The Bird is the Word), they are just butchering it and it becomes less funny when I watch the scene again at the show. So basically, the kids who are fans of the show are my main reason why I hate the show.

My other problem of the show is Seth MacFarlane. King of the Hill was one of my favorite shows of all time, but for some reason, kids at my school hate this show very much. I never know why they hate it, though. I really like the show because the characters were awesome, and has more maturity than the other shows. When I heard that it was cancelled, I was shocked and sad to see a long and great running show to an end. When I heard why it was cancelled, I got really angry. The King of the Hill was cancelled because Fox needs to make room for the Cleveland Show. I watched one episode of the Cleveland Show and I'll never watch it again. Seth has 2 shows and decided to work on another show? I know this has nothing to do with Family Guy, but it makes me dislike FG even more.

As for Family Guy itself, I haven't watch a new episode in a long time because it's getting more stupider and not funny. The older episodes were a lot funnier and less random than the others. I do accept the cutaways. They are there just to make people laugh. I still think it is a rip-off of the Simpsons no matter what. I am aware that Seth said he was influenced in Morgan Sperlock's The Simpsons Anniversary Special, but I think it's just an excuse.


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Jul 12, 2010
San Antonio
I'm surprised at the number of people who dislike Family Guy. I think it may be a matter of hating for the sake of hating, but I'm here to make a stand of both the hilarity and awesomeness of Family Guy.

Here's a quick point: Seth MacFarlane, Seth Green, Mike Henry, etc. are pretty old. Since the show is really whatever they find funny they may lose some of the younger viewers (yes I'm calling some of you younger, sorry :(). I find most of the stuff funny; maybe my humor matches theirs, i dunno.

Most of you have said that the earlier stuff was better.
To that I say: "WHAAAA?!@#???"
IMO, the earlier episodes are just like a seinfeld episode or simpsons, both funny shows, but both have a really old kind of humor that doesn't make me laugh out loud, at least not anymore.

Here are some of the great things about Family Guy.
Repetitive gags: One such gag is the evil monkey. We are continually exposed to it, and maybe by the third time we see him he's old news, but then they show him smoking weed or how he became angry and that makes it even more hilarious.

The characters change a lot. Their voices have changed. They're behaviors change. But that's okay. I think that any changes so far have been improvements. Let's talk about Stewie:

Ya he's different. And their explaination of why he stopped trying to take of the world is the best part about the change (the two part episode where he succeeds in taking over the world only to be killed by rambo Lois).
The bottom line is that he's funnier now...
and the show is still top 3 comedies on tv, imo.


Jul 26, 2010
I find family guy hilarious.
I seriously don't care if it's over-rated or whatever, I find it funny.
And at my school no one raves about it.. that's just weird. Lol.

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Feb 25, 2010
Cyrodiil, Tamriel
I kinda watch it fom time to time, since my best friends do... I find it kinda funny. Except when it gets a little too awkward for my tastes, I switch to something else. Also, we are learning how to play the Theme Tune in our school band. It's working out well :)

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