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Dump these dungeons!

what is the worst dungeon ever?

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Aug 16, 2019
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Ever thought of breaking ur console while playing any of these dungeon?

Moldorms . stalfos.poe. death sword. stallord . whatnot?


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Jul 6, 2011
City in the sky is the only actual bad dungeon on that list so I voted for that. It is the only bad dungeon from TP. I wonder why the cave of ordeals is on there though as it isn't a dungeon just an enemy gauntlet.
Jul 14, 2019
The only ones I actively dread are Water Temple and Stone Tower Temple in OoT and MM respectively. And both for the same reason, that being game mechanics which were simply too far reaching for the limited control scheme / dungeon design to keep up with.

Changing the water levels in Water Temple was a great idea and could have worked very well. The problem in my eyes was that Link wasn't much of a mover and so traversing around, over and under the various bodies of water was a chore for me. Add that to the fact that it wasn't always clear what the various level points were actually going to do and the whole ride was a frustrating one.

Similar case in Stone Tower, but the problem here was more the control scheme. Constantly switching between masks and playing the Elergy of Emptiness wasn't fun. I grew more frustrated each time I had to open my menu and found myself wishing for the experience to end even though it probably only amounted to a minute or so of extra menu time.

Thankfully my issues with both were practically solved in the 3DS remakes and I had a much more enjoyable time.


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Mar 18, 2019
This is a very.... limited list. The worst dungeons are easily Jabu Jabu, lakebed, and almost every dungeon in LttP. Out of these I would definitely say the worst are city in the sky because of a combination of how tedious it is waiting on the next cycle to clawshot on and the annoying music, and water temple (it’s not hard, just tedious).
Feb 7, 2014
Lanayru Mining Facility wasn't bad, but it's the only one on the list that isn't good so that.

Though if I were to choose my own, I'd pick the Wind Temple from WW.
Aug 6, 2010
I'd say the snowhead temple in majora's mask, even if it's not on the list. I thought it was a bit tedious, although the boss fight is pretty awesome.
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