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Boo's Pizza II: Electric BOOgaloo

What should the title be?

  • More Toppings

    Votes: 1 9.1%
  • Extra Cheese

    Votes: 1 9.1%
  • Hold the Pineapple

    Votes: 0 0.0%
  • Electric BOOgaloo

    Votes: 4 36.4%
  • Other

    Votes: 2 18.2%
  • Definitive Edition

    Votes: 0 0.0%
  • New Funky Mode

    Votes: 3 27.3%

  • Total voters


Not left handed, but I sure am a southpaw
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Sep 29, 2020
Apache attack helicopter
Is this the same city that the airplane is going to? That Chevs and Cayde are on?


Yes, I fear tomorrow I'll be crying.
Nov 3, 2020
So, to clarify:
  • Zombie apocalypse
  • There's two police stations and two planes, therefore there is logically two of everything
  • There are two of me
  • I am now banned from ZeldaDungeon for sockpuppetry
Screen Shot 2021-08-05 at 5.55.16 PM.png


Yes, I fear tomorrow I'll be crying.
Nov 3, 2020
*Meanwhile, Take Mushterston has landed his private spacecraft, the Poison Mushroom, in Sarasaland. With him are two collaborators.*

James Chainchaster: Typical third-world country... can't even get us a welcoming party...

David Henry Middlethwomp: We'll soon fix that, won't we!

Take Mushterston: Assuming you actually want to rule over this land, I suggest you shut it immediately. We're here to discuss this land acquisition diplomatically. We will not resort to violence.

James Chaincaster: Oh, please, like these noobs can put up much resistance...

Take Mushterston: Let it be known that you can be removed from your positions if I so desire. The East Indigo Underground Company is backed by the Koopa Empire, not owned by it. Minister-President Kooploz placed me in charge of his subsidiary. And I will not tolerate any dissent from any of my allies.

*Take is very fond of italics.*


The Yo-kai Watch guy
Nov 15, 2020
your nightmares into your heart <3
----The nosy shrooms gang hq located in toad town underground ----
Gangster Toad 1 : Aw man we're screwed... there's a zombie apocalypse
Gangster Toad 2 : We got everything locked and we're underground, chillax
Gangster Toad 1 : What if they break in
Gangster Toad 2 : Like that would happen
* a gun shot was heard *
Sporeus : Quiet down, the gang leader needs his sleep
* Sporeus was a blue toad wearing shades and a business suit *
Gangster Toad 1 : But zombies-
Sporeus : Yeah good.
Gangster Toad 1 : WHAT
Sporeus : Listen bup, we have the biggest weapon supply in the city, we can sell fire arms to survivors
Gangster Toad 1 : That's nuts, the hordes would eat us before we could even hand the guns-
Sporeus : I don't care since you're so afraid go out there and sell some firearms
* Some more grunts came out and pushed the gangster toad out of the hq into the streets with them *
* The old lady knocked on the door of the police station *


Yes, I fear tomorrow I'll be crying.
Nov 3, 2020
*The fully-healed Vincent Carbanzo collapses into a chair with extreme lethargy.*

Carbanzo: At least I won't have anyone bothering me anymore...

*Carbanzo looks at a machine he built six months prior. Based off technology he discovered in another dimension, this machine had been used to trap a large number of people in a pocket dimension and effectively erase all traces of their existence. Rather than split reality, Carbanzo thought, he could keep these dangerous individuals at bay by locking them in the one reality from which they could never return...*

Wart: ...The Gap Between Dimensions!

Mart: That doesn't answer my question.

Wart: This is the one plane of existence from which no one can truly escape without outside assistance.

Mart: ...Wait, are we rhyming?

Wart: I certainly hope not.

Mart: That's good. So how did you cross into the Gap?

Wart: How did I cross from the dream world to the real one?

Mart: I don't know. You never bothered to explain.

Wart: And I conveniently forgot, so let's just not ask any further questions.

Mart: Just one more-

Wart: N-

Mart: How do we escape the Gap Between Dimensions?

Wart: We don't. They do.

Mart: So the ones trapped here are myself and you?

Wart: You're singing now. Stop it. We are not doing a musical number.

Mart: I feel that we're being far too humorous and should focus more on the whole "evil" thing.

Wart: A capital idea. Now, as I was saying, because we're dead, we cannot be freed from the Gap. However, if an outside force were to cast the Gap open, these condemned individuals that you see before you would be immediately restored to existence.

Mart: And what would this outside force be?

Wart: Do you see this, brother?

Mart: That's... I have no idea who that is.

Wart: That is Dr. Vincent Carbanzo. He is the one who sealed these individuals in this prison dimension.

Mart: And he's the only one that can let them out?

*Wart smiles deviously.*

Wart: Martin, I'm going to explain to you how this multiverse works...
Chaincaster: There it is... the Imperial Palace! Soon to be ours!

Middlethwomp: They will welcome us in, yes? No need to crush any hostile resistance?

Mushterston: As long as you leave your ideals of superiority at the door and let me do the talking.

*Mushterston and company get back into their Standard ATV (which isn't exactly the best arrangement given that there's only one seat and none of them have hands) and drive up to their destination.*

Mushterston: Hello! We're from the East Indigo Underground Company! We're here to meet with the Sarasaland royal family! We did schedule in advance...


The Yo-kai Watch guy
Nov 15, 2020
your nightmares into your heart <3
* The gangster toad knocked on the door of a house *
Gangster Toad: Ayy you want weapons?
* The door broke down *
Gangster Toad : Woah-
* a zombie jumped out *
* The toad held out his gun and shot *
* It made a loud noise attracting some zombies *
Gangster Toad : OH NO- * The toad ran to find a hiding spot *

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