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Best and Worst Villains!


The Regalist

1. Magneto (Marvel comics)- The reason Magneto is so dangerous (besides being able to control the Earth’s axis) is that sometimes you can’t help but agree with him. He fights for a better world. What’s so bad about that? Probably the piles of bodies he makes to do it…

2. Hal 9000 (2001: A Space Odyssey)- We all know robots and computers will eventually try to kill you. But it was done best here.

3. Dewey Novak (Eureka 7)- As you can see by my avatar I am a fan. You never really knew his objectives up until the end. He just stood around with a smug look on his face waiting to make a move. When he finally did everyone was royally screwed.

4. Dr. Doom (Marvel comics)- A supervillain’s supervillain. Has a badass suit of armor, mastery of magic, genius level intellect, ego, and his own freaking country.

5. Frank (Once Upon a Time in the West)- Unlike everyone else on this list Frank is just a normal dude. He doesn’t want world domination or have mystical powers. He’s just a thug after lots of money, good booze, and loose women. That’s the scary part: he is a perfectly ‘normal’ villain.

1. Alexander Luthor Jr. (DC comics)- Bear with me here. He is the ginger counterpart of Lex Luthor from another dimension. He was once a heroic manchild, but somehow became evil and wanted to recreate the multiverse. He is known for replacing Lex Luthor, failing at everything he does, and getting shot in the face by The Joker. Ugh.

2. Serleena (Men in Black II)- It seems like the makers of this movie thought casting Laura Flynn Boyle was enough to be interesting. It wasn’t. But in a way it does fit to have a terrible villain in a terrible movie.

3. Gargamel (Smurfs)- Guy can’t even kill smurfs.

4. The Penguin (DC comics)- So he looks like a penguin? How does that exactly help him with a life of crime? What’s the point of this penguin schtick? What’s with his armory of umbrella weapons? So many questions with so little answers.


May 24, 2009
Paranaque City, Metro Manila, Philippines
ok, mine would be:

Best: Megatron from Transformers was the best Villain.
Worst: I have a LOT so i won't type it, it might be considered Spamming


Best: Ganondorf, Sephiroth, Tabuu and Giovanni from Legend of Zelda, FF, SSBB and Pokemon are the best ones!

Worst: Only one person comes into mind. TINGLE!!!(joke! [seriously though he still creeps me a little even though i like his idiotic moments in Tingle's Rupeeland] I'm Joking mate!) nah, it's Dr. Eggman from Sonic the Hedgehog. He kinda sucks at building his robots to beat sonic like a slot machine that HELPS his opponents instead of himself.

fallen angel

i think the best villain ever would be ummm..
cat woman

and the worst would be
idk... im slap happy ppl...


Sep 20, 2008
Okay, the best villains for me are;

Video Games;

Vaati- (The Minish Cap)- Just...aweshum
Team Galactic- (Pokemon D/P/PL) Best motive, and they have awesome theme music
Zant- (Twilight Princess) Crazy people make the best and most comical villains :P
Dimentio (Super Paper Mario) The truth has been revealed! Clowns are evil!
Count Bleck (Super Paper Mario)- Driven my love to destroy the universe...


O'Chunks (Super Paper Mario)- The worst of Count Bleck's henchmen, most idiotic.
Bellum (Phantom Hourglass)- Has no real purpose and was just thrown in...A real Meh.

Well, I don't really dispise many villains, I seemingly like most of them!

If I remember any that i've left out, i'll edit them in later.
Nov 25, 2007
Films :
Best - Michael Wincott as Top Dollar in The Crow
Worst - Arnold Shwanzenegger as Mr. Freeze in Batman & Robin

Video Games :
Best - Ridley in Metroid
Worst - Wario, what a worthless fat villain he turned out to be

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