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  • So you where a Project from NASA to...
    I was developed to travel to Alien worlds, learn their cultures, languages and everything about thier history and civilisations.
    Then, when all data was collected, I gots to destroy their planet! >:-D

    But sadly, I was captured on a far away planet, and re-programmed to...Destroy Mankind! Yay!

    But now that you know...*Pulls out deadly lazer* Heh heh heh...
    Le Gasp! According to this, you have yet to be born! :O
    Are you some sort of synthetic clone!? Or are you just defying logic!? :lol:

    (As the Third person to point this out, I deserve a prize :P)
    Alright. I sent you a PM about it. ;)

    I wish you luck with the project, by the way. Like you said, there definitely needs to be more high-quality Zelda fangames.
    So, Killswitch... you were the one I was talking to that was making a Zelda fangame, and needed a story, right?

    Do you want my help with that? I'm pretty sure I'd be able to do that.
    Dude, I love your screen name. You listen to that band much? They ROCK.

    "Date of Birth
    December 31 (2009)"

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