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Bank and Shop Suggestions


A Cool, Cool Mountain
May 24, 2015
I wasn't going to say anything.....
But you should change the text from
"You got $20 for Create New Thread"
"You got $20 for Creating a New Thread"
Hello Everyone

Today I have added two new add-ons to the forums, one for money, and the shop.

Firstly, the money add-on. You earn money by doing various activities around the forums such as:
- Login ($1 - once per day only)
- Having a birthday ($50 - once per year only)
- Complete your profile ($20)
- Follow a user ($1)
- Unfollow a user (-$1)
- Gain a follower ($5)
- Lose a follower (-$5)
- Post on another member's profile ($1 - up to 10 per day)
- Receive a post on your profile ($1 - up to 10 per day)
- Update your status ($2 - once per day only)
- Post New Thread ($20 per thread)
- Create a Poll ($10)
- Vote in a Poll ($2)
- Have a thread Sticky'd ($50)
- Make a Post ($5 per post)
- Receive a like ($1)

All above amounts are subject to change and suggestion below, so feel free to provide feedback on those. Any acquired money will also be able to be sent to other members as gifts.

You'll be able to use acquired money in the shop to purchase permissions, at the moment you can purchase a subscription to a private forum called Lorule Lounge, which is supposed to be a more relaxed forum where the forum rules will be more relaxed (will clarify this later on, but as a general idea a lower post quality will be expected there so you can post more casual things than elsewhere).

More permissions will be added soon, feel free to suggest them as well as any feedback below.

Is there a way to turn off the notifications for credits?
Aug 12, 2015
So how many rupees are required for the Lorule Lounge? Does that place even exist yet?


Staff member
Nov 17, 2011
The Makai
So how many rupees are required for the Lorule Lounge? Does that place even exist yet?
Yep, it does exist. It's been available since day 1. Up the top, beneath the ZD logo, you can find the "Shop" tab between "Shoutbox" and "Arcade". Alternatively, you can click here. From there you can purchase a one week subscription for ◊90 or a one month subscription for ◊180.
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I joined back on the other host (Vbulletin, or something), and i really enjoyed the shop. Now i can finaly enjoy it here. Though, one suggestion. It would be awesome if we could buy masks again.
Hmm, if its possible and not to much of a hassle programming-wise, perhaps an extra option in LL for a more laid back shoutbox as well. Like an option for a monthly/weekly subscription plus Extra shoutbox.

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