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Asgard Legends

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Æsir Scribe
Aug 18, 2009
(Part 2/3)

He was in deep concentration, his eyes closed tightly and his arms spread out wide like a bird in mid flight. The broad shouldered, young yamato mage was dressed in a colorful robe of red and white colors, and he was standing inside a magic circle that was surrounded by special, glittering runes.

He wore no pointy hat like other mages tended to do, rather he wore a small silver crown which had his name written inside sparkling gems that adorned the front end of the crown. Kenji Khor was his name, the teenage mage barely was eighteen years old but already knew most of the mystic arts. So advanced had he become in his magical studies at an early age that he had left the Flenceburg Sorcery Academy in order to construct his own Citadel of magic out in the western parts of the continent of Midgard near a poor village known as Villnore. He had many students learning under his wing, under his care, yet Kenji cared nothing about them at all. One day, he knew they would all become helpful to him in some way, so basically they were all just being grown for later use.

It was a dark and tempestuous night, Kenji was uttering his undecipherable chants as fast as he could, for he knew time was of the essence. Last night, his citadel had suffered an unsuspected attack. A group of enemies that he knew he had made a while back had unleashed several creatures from the abyss right outside his citadel. The monsters had been able to penetrate his magical defenses and had killed many of his students, who had been no match for the ferocious creatures of the underdark. Kenji Khor had to deal with them himself, but not before his citadel had suffered great damage and great loss of life. Out of fear, the students that had survived the night had taken off and had left their master alone to face his bitter rivals: necromancers from the Ghorla region.

And so that is why Kenji had taken the liberty to defend himself from the threat as best as he could. He had secured himself inside the magical circle and was about to summon forth a demon like no other, one that would surely help him if an attack from his enemies came that night. Kenji was more than a hundred percent sure an attack would come, and so he had gone to work as soon as darkness had started covering the land. If his enemies were coming, they were in for a treat.

"Dark Lord, I come to thee in need of help," Kenji was saying in an unknown language that sounded more as if he was having trouble breathing. "I enter thy dark realm and beg for your assistance. Allow your slave from Midgard the help of one of your precious demon wieads in order to destroy my enemies."

Silence within the citadel, the mage couldn't even hear the heavy rain nor the thunder rumbling outside, so concentrated was he in his chanting to take notice of any of that. Nor did he ever feel the presence of a large group of Thaumaturgists that were surrounding the citadel from all angles. Thaumaturgist was a name given to necromancers from the Ghorla region, they were all practitioners of dark magic and venerated the dark goddess Lyeia, also known as the Witch Queen from Nahhds, one of several regions in Hel.

The leader of those necromancers was a hefty fellow dressed in black. He was barking orders using a silent code that all members from the cult knew too well. Surround the place, he is all alone, this time we go in together and bring him down, was what he was saying to his followers using his bare hands and coordinated movement of his fingers.

As lightning illuminated the dark sky, responses came back to the leader from several leaders of squads. The leader smiled and nodded at his sub boss, who stood beside him. At any moment he desired, the sub boss would give the order to advance in. He rose his robed right arm decisively, when it went forward, the group would advance as one into the citadel.


"This looks bad, Saga," Pop sounded scared as all three of them awaited securely behind heavy bushing, watching as the scene developed. "Too many devotees to the Witch Queen I see, it could get rough, I've heard about the Ghorla group back in Asgard, bad bunch of crazies if you ask me."

Saga was listening to every word she said even if he did not appear to be doing so. His reddish orbs were scouting the entire citadel, watching every movement from the human necromancers. He knew they had surrounded the citadel from all possible angles and appeared to be waiting to attack all at once.

Did you hear what Pop just said, master?

"Of course I did, Shan," Saga replied right back without looking at her, who was waiting off to his right. "She's not going in with us, she's just suppose to provide us with equipment, so she needs not worry."

The little imp actually smiled grandly at that, and Shan saw it and couldn't help but smile back the same way.

"Alright, Saga, so I will disappear from view and wait it out here. You and Shan go in, take care of business and I will seek you out once I feel it safe enough."

"You are free to go," Saga turned to look at her. "Come seek us when you see a red flame light the sky." The little imp nodded and disappeared from view, but not before telling them to be careful.

So...I believe you have a plan, right? Shan moved closer to him once the little fairy had disappeared. I mean, I can tell it's a bunch of nasties against us.

"Not us," Saga explained as his stare went back to the scene in front. "They want to down a single enemy that awaits inside the citadel, those necros don't even know we are out here."

Which is a good thing, right, Saga?

A thunderous roar came from the heavens, unnerving Shan completely, for it had been strenuous. "Settle down, I need you relaxed," Saga told her. "The mage will die, there is nothing we can do about that, but we can help him see victory even as he dies."

Just like you did with me?

Saga said nothing back but did turn to stare hard at the archer.

Ah, come on, Shan exploded laughing. I was only...

"Teasing?" Saga finished for her. "You died brutally because...I was delayed. I mean, surely, you were going to die but not the way you did."

Oh really? Care to explain to me how I was to die, then?

"Never mind that, it matters not now, your human body is dead. Can you guarantee me that you will stay near me when we go in? Those damned necros can hit you with magic, and believe me, it will kill you if you get hit in one of your mortal spots like your heart, head...you know how it goes. If you die again, I wont be able to bring you back, you would be lost forever, for I haven't learned the Invoke Feather spell yet."

Shan, confused, nodded, feeling a bit scared. She even gulped hard to show it to Saga. The Valkyrion rolled his eyes at seeing the weakness in her, the fear. Seeing his reddish stare once again, she wondered why his eyes were the color of fire, but she dared not ask, the stare alone unsettled her more and made her turn aside.

"I have a mage slayer weapon that I will trade to you for this night only," Saga told her and offered her the Mage Slayer. Shan was surprised at seeing his action, but when he nodded at her, she took the weapon from him and exchanged her crossbow in return, which Saga took and examined. It was smaller and less heavy, an excellent piece put together by Valhallan weapon manufacturers.

On the other hand, Shan felt the new weapon was heavier, but she knew it would pack a punch against the necromancers that had gathered outside the citadel.

"You will use that thing on any mage you see," Saga instructed. "They will surely use magic to detect us as soon as they start falling, so keep them off of us while I deal with the leader, believe me, you don't wont a piece of him, he's beginning to summon a mighty friend as we speak. And to make it worse, that damned mage holed in there has summoned a greater demon, it will get rough and tough once we rush in, so stick close to me."

Shan seemed on the verge of calling it quits. Saga reached over with his closed right fist and hit Shan slightly on the cheek. "You'll be alright, you will show me your worth. Are you ready then, Einherjar?"

Feeling a little bit scared, for that fight was about to be Shan's first as an Einherjar, she simply nodded but wasn't so sure about herself. Saga knew that too, and again reassured her that they both would be alright.

"Follow me," he instructed. "Stick close and fire upon any necro you think is a threat. There are no allies out there but me and you, so you better not hesitate to pull the trigger, and don't worry a thing about reloading, the dimensional weapons automatically reload via powerful magic, you keep firing that thing if it comes to that."

A nodding Shan followed him on. Sure, she was a spirit but she could act like a normal human being, she had found out earlier when she had met Freya and Pop that she could stand on the ground and even walk upon it. If need be, she could hover and fly as well. Being dead, being a spirit, was not bad at all, she thought, it had its advantages.

(Part 2/3)

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Æsir Scribe
Aug 18, 2009
You have a great way of writing Ao. I love the story. Please continue asap :D

You got it, I need a few tweaks to add to the final part of chapter 2 and that will be done with. Thanks as well for the thought. ^^

I haven't gotten to chapter 2 yet, but so far it's great! is the highest rating 5 stars? I give it 5 bagillion and 1! awesome job!

Take your time, Vatti, no hurry. Thank you, your thought is appreciated much. 5 bagillion and 1? Gee :D Woot!!! I got stars to spare, Hahaha, thanks.


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Aug 18, 2009
This part is kinda long, so bare with me. I shoulda split this chapter into four parts, but oh well. ^^

Part 3/3 of Chapter 2

Kenji Khor was able to summon his defender just in time before being disrupted abruptly by several blasts that hit the cinderblock built citadel from several angles. With a mighty demon wiead the color of crimson standing in front of him, the mage felt assured that he would win the night no matter the number of enemies that had come. That is why he smiled and commanded his new ally. "Kill all those that seek to kill me, demon!"

Kenji, who never left the protective circle, watched in glee as the seven foot tall demon moved out to obey the order it had received from its current master. The demon wiead was brutal looking, with two huge horns that fell off to the side of its head and a fierce looking mouth filled with razor sharp teeth. It also had long hands with sharp claws, long legs that allowed it to move fast. The demon wiead was also well protected with its hardened Hel-born skin, which was close to being hard as steel. The demon was not going to fall so easily, this was one of the mightiest demons an earthly being could summon, and few were those that could summon it, so Kenji was proud of his feat.

The enemies came from all angles, from all openings that their time bombs had caused. Thinking it would be an easy hit upon the yamato born mage, they moved through the corridors as they prepared their spells.

Knowing humanly creatures were approaching from one direction, the demon hid well using the shadows of the citadel. It decided to wait for its enemies to come closer before coming out to full view.

"There he is," someone took notice of the mage, who stood in the circle within the large room at the end from where they were, looking helpless and scared. The Thaumaturgists moved toward the room fast, one after the other, their intentions set on killing the mage. They were dressed all in black, wearing masks and an assortment of hats that went from pointy ones to buffoon looking ones.

Kenji readied a few spells just in case the demon was not able to shred them all to pieces.

The necros rushed by without ever noticing the monster. The demon made those in the rear pay dearly as it lurched from the shadows suddenly, claws working ferociously as it tore those in range to shreds. A head flew out, blood spluttered from another body as a mighty cross swipe cut one of the Thaumaturgists in half. Cries of pain and agony filled the room as the demon wiead viciously took care of the necromancers it had in range. With a vicious swipe of its left arm, the demon shred another necro female in half before this one could turn around and realize what was going on. Suddenly, those that had been leading the group turned around and realized what was going on, but the demon would not be denied. It was upon them in an instant, for the demon was a killing machine.

Several of the necros hit the demon fully with some fire spells, but it did not even made the creature flinch. A head flew off and landed at Kenji's feet. who kicked it hard off to the side.

"You...monster!" a female's voice cried out, the last of the remaining necros that had come from the south. The mighty demon came upon her, right arm ready to swat at its head. Somehow she dodged the demon's blow and tried to hit it with a shocking spell as she attempted to retreat, however, the demon was too fast. It simply twisted its body awkwardly and the shocking spell went and found a wall nearby, sending books from bookcases in all directions. The next blow did not miss and a headless female necro fell to the floor, lifeless.

Kenji laughed, for none of the enemies had made it to where he stood. "What a pathetic bunch of fools! Be aware, more are coming!" Kenji turned his body around to face another direction, where he thought the next wave would arrive shortly. "Find them!"

The demon growled, for it hated taking orders, and much more from weaklings such as Midgardians, but it moved to obey. It quickly found another spot, the demon being able to tell where the closest enemies were coming next.


"Move it, move it!" the leader of a squad shouted as it moved along a torch lit corridor with a group of five other necros. "I've lost contact with the southern squad! Damn it, that bastard must of had been waiting for us. We must reach the target and kill it and be out of here. Move, move, move!"

They continued on, not knowing that death awaited on the other side of the entrance.


Arrows came sizzling in against the group of necros Valkyrion Saga and Shan came upon as they neared one of the blasted entrances.

"Aughhh!" cried the first of the necros to go down with an arrow deep in its chest. Another female followed that one immediately as Shan put the mage slayer to good use from a distance where she had stood to fire.

"What the!" one of the necros shouted as he noticed his friends going down. "Hold on, Yanis, we are getting hit from the outside!"

"What?" Yanis, a lenghty necromancer, stopped before going into the blasted hole that the bomb had caused just seconds ago. An arrow hit the leader of the group right in the left arm, making him fall back two steps and cry in pain.

"Aurghhh! Down, down! You are right, there is someone showering us with arrows!" The last three that remained standing did hit the ground, one of them already working fast on a spell that would let it see what was magically hidden on a large radius.

"Blast the crap out of the air!" the leader shouted, for he could not see anything, and yet arrows kept flying their way. When at last the spell detected the unseen, it was too late, Valkyrion Saga's Valkyrie Favor cleaved the leader's head in half while Shan put the other two necros to rest with well aimed arrows.

Five dead bodies adorned the ground as Saga waited for Shan to catch up.

"Not bad for a start," he told her as she approached him, bow ready to be fired once again. Shan looked a bit sad as she stared at the bodies on the ground, but Saga quickly told her, "Do not feel pity for them, they might have been human beings but were nothing but murderers, they sacrificed too many innocent people to the Witch Queen, even kids, like those you left back in the monastery."

She lifted her stare up and glanced at him, nodded at him but said nothing, rather waited for him to lead the way into the citadel.

"Let us go," the Valkyrion ordered and she followed him in, more than ready to fight if it came to that. Shan had been nervous earlier, but she was feeling better now, her nervousness fast subsiding with every step she took.


The group coming in from the west was next to fall to the demon wiead, again without putting much of a fight. Heads and bloody limbs rolled freely. Kenji smiled graciously as the demon moved about to its next position, but just at that instant, as the demon was running forward bypassing a wall full of books, a powerful blast sent the creature flying through the air to lend just a few feet away from Kenji, who had to shield himself from the blasted rubble and debris.

Coming in fast through that created hole was a strong looking gray dragon standing in two hind legs and wielding two fat swords. That foe went rapidly to work against the fallen demon, who had been stunned by the blast. Behind the mighty dragon warrior followed the main party, which was the boss and several of its elite necros, the last remaining foes of the entire group that had come that night.

"Damn you, fools!" Kenji Khor shouted in anger as he witnessed the demon become a victim to the dragon's weapons. The mage dusted the dust off of him and showed a disgusted look. "You have spoiled the fun! Come, let us tear each other's face off then! I will make you pay for your insolence."

The boss snorted, told his followers to fan out, that the mage was his. He then waved his fragile arms about, preparing to launch one mighty spell against the foolish mage. But Kenji, raging in anger, was also preparing one.


Saga moved quickly through the torch lit corridors, Shan coming in fast behind him. They both could hear the sounds of battle coming from deep in the citadel.

As the main room came into view for them, Saga stopped suddenly and rose his right arm, a signal for the Einherjar to stop. Shan did just that behind him, her eyes watching the scene up ahead. Two sorcerer were going at it, but that was not all. A mighty creature Shan had never seen before could be seen chopping at a fallen monster's carcass off to the side of where the two sorcerers battled.

What in Hel is that creature? Shan sounded astonished and afraid.

Saga grimaced at the mention of Hel, the place where he had been born many generations ago. "That's a Grey Bones," he told her. "Warriors created in Hel by fusing demons and dragons."

Shan noticed the two mighty swords that the Grey Bones wielded, they were about the size of a small child, surely she would never be able to wield one of them.

"Don't worry about the monster," Saga told her. "I will deal with it. You deal with the two necros keeping guard behind their boss, bring them down quickly and leave outside..."


"You heard me," Saga showed her an awful stare which surely rattled the archer, she had never heard that tone from Saga in their short tenure, and those fiery red eyes...they were just too unsettling.

Noticing the archer's reaction, Saga let the angry face fade and added in a calmer way, "You will obey me, Einherjar, it's for your own good. Take those necros down fast and exit the place. You come back to me only when you see the signal Poppy is suppose to see, you hear?"

She nodded at him and moved out.

Saga, without saying anything else, started walking toward the center of the messy room, where the Grey Bones was at. He would wait for Shan to take action before beginning his own.

Moments later, as the necro and the mage went at it sending spell after spell at each other, Shan put the Mage Slayer to use again and brought the necros downs swiftly. As the last of them fell to the floor, that caught the attention of both the necro leader and the mage, who stopped fighting knowing there was someone else present in the room.

Saga saw as Shan quickly exited the room via the blasted hole where the Grey Bones and company had come through. The Einherjar only glanced back over her shoulder one time, only to find Saga staring at her. When she was gone from view, Saga smiled knowing she would be safe from the bout that was to come, and so he started walking toward the Grey Bones as his body begin to show bit by bit.

"Shenaspiak Ah la Helum!" Saga shouted as he walked toward the dragon warrior. That is when the Grey Bones was able to discern him, for Saga had shown himself in the flesh. (Return to Hel, servant)

The dragon warrior knew him instantly, and so it stopped slashing at the already dead Demon. It was Saga, champion of Queen Hel who had been sent to deal with Odin and the gods not too long ago. The Grey Bones did not even move, rather smiled at the demi god, but the other two contenders left in the room did take action.

Kenji, inside his protective circle, simply stared at the new contender, thinking that one was also part of the group of necros. But this one was dressed splendorous, and he radiated with a mighty powerful aura. Silently, Kenji begin summoning a spell.

"So...it was you who was hiding and dealt with my bodyguards!" the necromancer shouted full of ire.

"Not really," Saga replied as he stopped a few feet away from the dragon warrior. "That was done by a friend of mine."

The necro's mask hid an angry face, but he did stare around the room, trying to discern if there was someone else present. The mage did the same thing but saw nothing.

Angered, the necromancer briefly turned to stare toward his fallen comrades and that angered him more. He returned his stare back to the new figure, who apparently was not too afraid of the dragon warrior that stood beside him. "Who are you?"

"Valkyrion Saga," he could not lie about his new identity, and really, he did not want to. "Chooser of the Slain by Lord Odin's decree."

"Hashak?" the Grey Bones asked in the Hel tongue. (What?)

"You heard me well," Saga glanced at the dragon, and knowing it was about to come and attack him, Saga gently dropped the Razor Shaft to the floor and brought out Valkyrie Favor.

The dragon warrior hesitated just one bit, for it was Saga who it was about to attack. His foe had killed gods by the dozens, creatures of great power. Knowing it had no chance against such a foe, the Grey Bones still rushed at the demi god, for a traitor of Queen Hel deserved nothing but to die.

Saga matched the brute's strength easily, even though his body was leaner than that of his opponent. He let the Grey Bones take a few swipes at him--which Saga blocked--before blasting it back with a Fire Lance spell, which was becoming Saga's spell of choice, though he knew others.

Saga's magical power was strong, and the Grey Bones found itself against a wall, sprawled awkwardly and only holding one of the fat swords, the other he had dropped when receiving the spell at close range. Saga started after it, knowing a quick kill was coming, the Grey Bones was stunned.

The necro leader was not about to let its summon be defeated so easily, though. He started sending spells at Saga, but Kenji also took action. Figuring the newly arrived figure was no foe to him, he sent a nasty thunder ball the necro's way, which caught him squarely in the chest and sent him flying back, his body twisting as it went. Kenji watched in anticipation, hoping that the spell was enough to kill the leader of the necros.

But the necro was more powerful than Kenji. Angry as never before, he stood up from the floor, dusted off the dust from his robe and sent a powerful spell Kenji's way as it said, "You stay put, you little runt!"

Dark Saviour was the name of the spell. Three nasty dark blades materialized above Kenji and came down at him forcefully one after another. The first one defeated the magical circle, the second one hit the poor mage fully and the third one finished the mage off and sent him flying to the floor where it laid, lifeless, eyes fully opened and his young face deformed in terror.

Saga knew what had happened, even if his back was to the necro, he could read thoughts and emotions from any being. Kenji was dead, his soul hovering about invisibly while the necro smiled wickedly, savoring the moment.

The Valkyrion pointed his outstretched hand at the Grey Bones and hit it with another Fire Lance, which defeated it. The Grey Bones started to disappear then, enveloped in a dark gray cloud.

"And now only two remain," the necro walked about the room, feeling satisfied of himself. His rival Kenji Khor laid dead on the floor, that was a big satisfaction there. All he needed to do now was deal with the demi god, who was also moving about the room, ready to confront him. "What really hurts a demi god? Will a..."

"Stop talking and attack!" Saga shouted at him. "Give me your best shot, fool!"

And the necro did, sending at him another Dark Saviour. It hit Saga brusquely, but he appeared to just absorb it.

"Is that the best thing you've got? The Witch Queen hasn't given you any power after all those years of devotion?"

The necro, not believing that Saga had just absorbed the mighty spell, cursed under his breath and retreated a few steps, firing two fire balls at him, which Saga evaded by moving left then right. Books and portions of the wall exploded at the other end as the fire balls hit there.

"And so justice comes crying at me from every possible angle, necro," Saga started walking toward him, sword raised off to the side. "You and your followers have sacrificed many innocent lives. Die and pay with your life what you have done. I hope you find Cocytos to your liking..."

And with extreme agility, Saga sent the sword spinning up, waited for it to come down, grabbed it by the tip and tossed it at the retreating necro. The sword skewered the necro in mid torso but also took him on a trip through the air. Soon, the necro found himself stuck on a bookcase. It died shortly after.

Saga advanced to retrieve his sword, pulling it off from the body, which fell to the floor. He then went to pick up the Razor Shaft and then rose his right hand upwards and fired a Fire Lance spell up to the ceiling, which blasted it off and continued sailing upward, Poppy's signal to see.

Saga then walked toward the fallen mage's body, knelt beside it and summoned Kenji's soul on to the pendant. Thunder boomed as Saga stood back up.

What the...Where am I? Kenji's thoughts came back to him and realized he was dead and yet...he was alive in total obscurity.

"Rest, Kenji Khor," Saga whispered the words as he started to move toward the blasted entrance where Shan had exited the citadel. "The answers are coming."

(End of Chapter 2)

(Chapter 3 at a Glance)
Characters Appearing: Valkyrion Saga, Brahms, Lyseria, Poppy, Shan, Kenji, Foxy, Vee, Eve, Vatti.
Bosses/Monsters: Lord Myriad, Lesser Vampires, Inferiors, Corrosive Vines, Succubus, Haunt, ??? (The ??? will just be added in case I decide to insert other monsters at random, it does not mean there will be others, but there could be.)
Chapter Info: Having lost their daughters recently to mysterious kidnappings, two brave women from Coriander Village decide to venture into Arkdain territory and attempt to bring those behind it all to justice.


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Æsir Scribe
Aug 18, 2009
Chapter 3

The fire burned ferociously as the early dark hours of the new day faded. Valkyrion Saga had flown off with company to the north west and had found a good spot where they could rest.

While all four sat around the fire, Saga explained to Kenji everything as he had done so with Shan earlier the day before.

So you have rescued my soul, so to speak. And we are warriors now who will be fighting at your side? he asked. Though he was in spirit form, the mage could still feel the fire licking at his being. Shan also wondered why they could feel the fire, but Saga was too busy explaining to Kenji that she figured it was best not to ask.

"Yes, you could say that. As soon as I gather enough warriors I am to go to another place and take care of something. Your magic will come handy, mage Kenji."

Kenji sort of smiled at that.

Why humans, though? Shan interjected. Why didn't Lord Odin provide you with an Asgard army? Aren't Asgard warriors stronger than humans?

From his place, Saga turned to stare at her. "The Aesir have other things to do than to worry about coming down to the human realm. Even as we speak they fight battles against their enemies, creatures you have never seen before."

Which are what? The forces of evil? Shan questioned.

"Exactly," Poppy responded from her place.

Just then, as Saga was about to continue explaining, the ground beneath them rumbled and shook. Saga stood up, keeping his balance. As quickly as he could he summoned the Einherjar back into the pendant and told Poppy to disappear from view, which the little fairy did right away.

Saga, what is going on? Shan shouted, but Saga ignored her.

"Keep quiet, you two!" he ordered. "You speak a single word and I will leave you inside that pendant forever."

Shan and Kenji realized he was not kidding, so they opted to keep quiet.

A blinding light erupted from the ground as it started to part ways, as if something was trying to come out from underneath it. It was at that time that Queen Hel's ex-Champion was able to read a malefic strong aura.

"Valkyrion Saga? How pathetic! Hahaha." a rough voice was heard then as the ground stopped shaking. Saga recognized the voice immediately and brought out Valkyrie Favor.

"Brahms?" he said as he stared all around. "Show yourself, lord of the undead."

And he did, appearing behind Saga. The Valkyrion felt his presence and took off flying, avoiding a nasty swipe that would of had cleaved him in half. He turned around in mid air, ready to defend himself. He noticed the king of the vampires had not followed him, rather stood staring at him from below. Brahms was a muscular being, dressed in brown pants, green vest and dark boots. His hair was long, spiky and fell to the back. Just like Valkyrion Saga, Brahms too had a stare that similar to fire.

"Hel's champion running like a scared mouse? That is something new. Hahaha!"

Saga returned the favor by inviting him over with his left hand and saying, "Come here, lord of the undead, I will make you look stupid for daring to come against me."

Brahms just laughed and shook his head. He knew Saga was more than a worthy match for him, even if he was a god himself and his opponent a demi god. Brahms knew too well that Odin had provided him with more power.

Saga read his opponent well. Brahms was not about to rush in and start a fight one of the two could lose so easily. He descended slowly to the ground below, keeping Valkyrie Favor in front of him.

"No fight, then?" Saga almost laughed. Brahms just stared at him. "I could summon a legion of undead to deal with you, young one," Brahms teased. "But no, that would bring me no glory. I'd love to deal with you one day."

"What the hel do you want, then? Why are you here?"

"To see what you have become. Truly I had to find out if the rumors were right. I could not believe the news when Hel's messenger relayed the message to me: the Terrible Saga defeated by Lord Odin himself, Wow, that put all the realms to talk. You were to infiltrate Valhalla and assassinate the all-father. You failed...What a failure you've become to every dark soul...and to think that I respected you greatly. Hahaha. Why, Saga, I really thought you had it in, the power to deal with Lord Odin...guess I was wrong."

Brahms' mockery made Saga angry, and in his old days he would of had rushed the fool and deal with him. But everything was changed now, he was not a dark being fully, he had been given a chance to live.

"We all are free to choose what we become, given a choice," Saga replied. Brahms nodded and moved about, so did Saga, keeping the sword at the ready.

"You have become a traitor," Brahms reasoned, pointing an accusing finger at the Valkyrion. "You do know Hel and all her denizens will come after you when possible?"

Saga blurted out laughing, which surprised Brahms.

"Hel, right," Saga responded. "She feared me. All of Hel feared me, Brahms. Why I bet the pathetic hole you call a home feared me, even the creatures of Cocytos know and tremble at the mention of my name. Sure, I could be seen as a traitor, but I am still Saga. There is no reason for me to worry about Hel and the many denizens she might throw at me. I have never feared anything--"

"Until you tasted defeat," Brahms interrupted. "Lord Odin must of had defeated you quite easy, made you feel fear as never before by letting you know he would utterly destroy your dark soul. But he gave you a chance...that is what we dark beings don't understand. Why did he?"

Saga said nothing, rather his thoughts became clouded when he heard the pleas for help coming from the north west. Knowing his help was needed yet again, he spoke with a fierce tone. "You waste my time, fool. If you must know it, I always wanted to deal with you before, but Hel never let me enter your abysmal hole that you call home. Oh, Brahms, what fun I could have had if I had gotten that chance. My eyes would of had gleamed in delight at seeing your weak undead minions running away from me. I'd loved to have killed you like the many other pathetic gods I dealt with. So please leave now...unless you want to do it here and now and leave your realm leaderless."

The insults stung the lord of the vampires quite deeply, but he had not come looking for a fight, had just wanted to have a chat with Hel's ex-champion.

"Your Soul Extinguisher wouldn't work on me, Saga, I am a god."

"Neither would your Bloody Curse work on me, I remain part evil still and have been infused with holy resistances to that power."

"Having remained part evil will be your downfall, cocky assassin. No, the fight between us cannot happen here with no onlookers to witness the epic battle. But it will come, Saga, and I will enjoy putting you down a second time, from where there will be no return."

And with that, the lord of the vampires started to vanish, his face showing an evil grin at the Valkyrion, who simply, fully enraged, watched him leave.

Saga breathed easier when the malefic presence dissipated completely. He kept the sword in his hands as he moved toward the fire. He extinguished the flames by placing his hand above them and calling them on to him. Poppy appeared at the side, truly shaken as well.

"So that is Brahms, eh?"

Saga just nodded, then said as he stared at her. "You ready to leave? Our help is now needed north west of here."

"How so?"

"Problems have been plaguing a village for so long, it's gonna get dangerous in a few hours, some damned group has been kidnapping young girls for an ultimate sacrifice. They want to open a portal to Hel, I must not let that happen, if it comes to happen, Hel's minions will have a door and would have free passage to ruin the earth."

Poppy knew it was a serious matter. When Saga took off flying, she followed him right away. Their road kept getting harder.

(Part 1/6)
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Awesome! Very well written and indeed very epic! Poor Kenji to die in a way like that :P

Lolz, thanks. Yeah, poor Kenji. Anyway, here is your intro as well as Eve's. I'm sorry if I am not too descriptive. XD

It was sunrise at Coriander Village. On other occasions the village could have been quiet, its residents fast asleep or inside their wooden made homes, but not that day. No, that morning every resident that lived there had reunited in the middle of the village.

"But it is dangerous to the west," some old woman dressed in old garments was saying. "Those that have ventured there have not been seen again. Vee, it is suicide. If you and Eve go there, who knows what will happen? Please think this over..."

"They've taken our daughters, grandma," Vee Ashad, a blond haired woman with a stout figure spoke in a saddened voice. She was just thirty three years old but her face depicted her as being only twenty eight. She was dressed in black leather boots, brown pants and a white blouse and looked very troubled.

"My sister is right," a pretty woman with shoulder-length brown hair spoke, many of the villagers turning to stare at her. "There is no way we are not going after them, grandma. This whole kidnapping deal has to stop, we've put up with it for far too long, we're taking matters into our own hands." Her name was Eve Ashad and was thirty years old and was sister to Vee. She was dressed similarly like Vee, except her blouse was red and sleveeless. She carried a bronze pendant around her neck while Vee wore bracelets and a silver arm bracer. Eve also carried a mercenary’s leather satchel around her waist, a bag that was used to store food and other items for the traveling folk.

"But it is sure death to the west, dears," the old woman cried, obviously feeling bad for everything that was happening. She did not want her two granddaughters to go looking for trouble.

The villagers started to talk amongst themselves, agreeing with the old lady. Vee and Eve exchanged stares.

"I am not afraid to meet death," Vee stated and walked around the circle that the villagers had formed around her and Eve. She carried an iron sword at her left hip while Eve carried a rusty axe and several throwing daggers inside holsters that were strapped around her thighs. "Neither is my sister, I'll tell you all. None of you have to come with us, but you cannot detain us either. Any of you that wishes to accompany us is free to do so, however, don't feel obligated, I myself have my doubts in going, but I must do so for the sake of my daughter."

Silence, for it was true what Vee had said. Seeing that no one said anything, nor acted by raising a hand or stepping forward, Vee spoke again, her voice carrying a little disappointment. "We are not only doing this for our daughters, but for those of you who have also lost your children. If we do not return, then pray for us every night so that we may find peace wherever we end up."

Eve nodded and glanced at the villagers, who looked confused, scared and unsure of themselves. She did not think bad of them, they were simple farmers and fisherman, not fighters. Some of them could have been strong and able to fight, but still, they knew nothing about fighting and had families to look after.

Vee and Eve knew a bit of fighting but not that much. They had been training together for a few years now and thought they could pull of venturing into the lands known as Arkdain, territory mostly seen as a deep rainforest or jungle.

Eve glanced up at the sky and wondered why the gods, if there were any up there, let humanity suffer so. Why had they lost their daughters? Why didn't they interfere and helped them find their daughters?

Eve knew the gods would not answer her prayers, had never done so, so she resigned herself yet again with a loud gulp and glanced back at Vee.

By seeing the sadness reflecting on her sister's face, Eve knew they were doing the right thing by going out to look for their precious daughters. Perhaps they were still alive, but Eve knew the possibilities were bad, for many other young girls had been disappearing from around the region and none had been found so far.

"I don't think no one will go with us," Vee whispered at Eve as she approached her. They were about the same height, but Vee was the stout figure of the two, Eve was leaner and perhaps faster. "We should get going, Eve, time is of the essence, I want to find my Foxy alive."

"And I my Vatti," Eve said. "It is a good thing I trained Sadanjer, he'll lead us somewhere."

Sadanjer was Eve's husky white haired dog, pet that she had acquired from a merchant from Camille Village five years ago. It laid on the dirty ground next to the beautiful thirty year old.

Eve and Vee turned to stare at the crowd. "Good bye, grandma. Pray for our safe return," Vee headed to her and hugged her tightly. Eve joined them and hugged them together. The old lady begin to sob, but there was nothing she could do to detain her two precious granddaughters.

When the relatives separated from the hug, a brave young fellow rose his hand up for Vee to see.

“Yes, Calvin?”

“I am going with you two,” young Calvin said. “I am going and there is nothing you two can do to stop me, I am old enough. I can use this bow that my father left me.”

Vee glanced over at Eve, who nodded. Both sisters knew Calvin was grown up and would come handy. He was the village’s lone child who had lost father and mother to tragic accidents, no one had been able to tell him what to do ever since.

“Fine, we welcome you aboard, Calvin,” Eve told him and pat his shoulder for being brave enough to volunteer. “Anyone else?” Eve looked around at the crowd, hoping that others joined them.

An old bald man of about forty years nodded and stepped forward. “I’ll go with you three. I feel horribly bad knowing that your daughters have disappeared. My niece Ashley disappeared a few months ago at Villnore, I want to see if by chance I can find her out there.”

“We heard of your niece’s disappearance, Bosh,” Vee told him, sourly, feeling bad for his loss as well. “Our grandma told us. All this time we’ve been stupid to permit this kind of problem. Welcome aboard, I do hope we find the culprits out there, my sword will not have pity on any of them.”

“Neither shall my spear,” Bosh told her, almost smiling. “Wait for me here while I go get it, eh?”

“Sure,” Vee smiled at him.

“And Bosh,” Eve called after him as the old man ran away.

“Yeah?” he stopped and glanced back at the pretty woman. “Grab some extra food and drink, eh? We aren’t carrying much ourselves.”

Bosh grinned and nodded then was off again.

Moments later, the villagers moved aside to give the four brave ones free passage toward the entrance of the village. As they walked away with Sadanjer in tow, Vee glanced back over her shoulder to look at her grandma one last time. Eve did the same and her heart was crushed by seeing how her grandma cried for them while another woman supported her so.

Once they left Coriander Village a bit behind, Eve asked Vee, “You think we will be alright?”

Without stopping her walk through the dirt road they were following, Vee simply shrugged and said, “Who knows? Let us venture forth and see what happens, we don't have much of a choice, eh?"

Eve said nothing, just kept walking carrying her axe with both hands.

"Don’t worry too much, little sister, I have your back," Vee added then.

“And I have yours, like always.”

(part 2/6)
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I am laughing because I could technically be Vatti's mother, too - a young mother, but nonetheless. LOL *waves at Vatti*

I'm enjoying it! I don't know anything about the game it is based on but I feel I still understand the universe. Good job! :)

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Aug 18, 2009
I am laughing because I could technically be Vatti's mother, too - a young mother, but nonetheless. LOL *waves at Vatti*

I'm enjoying it! I don't know anything about the game it is based on but I feel I still understand the universe. Good job! :)
Lolz, I am sorry about that, I just chose you and Vanessa for the mother roles. I'm glad you are enjoying it and I hope you read it to the end since your character will continue appearing throughout the story.

Hahahaha you made me younger than I am :D And I could easily have been the mother of Foxy :D Great job Ats!

Yeah, like I said, sorry about that, I needed you and Evee for the mother role, you two act mature enough. ^^ And thanks, hope you enjoy the rest of the chapter and story.

Sounds great so far! keep up the good work.

Thanks, Vatti, I will so try.

Also @everyone who is reading the story...I am extending this to six parts, just to be sure. So next up in a few hours I will post part 3/6.


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Part 3/6

Six hours of walking made the group reach a point where no hills and open dirt roads on the ground could be seen. Instead, the whole scenery ahead depicted an amazonic rainforest, an odd creepy layout from where weird noises could be heard from almost every angle. If the noises belonged to animals, the group could not be sure, they had never heard anything of that sort before.

All four stood staring at what laid ahead, listening to the sounds, keeping their wits about them, pondering about what could be at the other side. The sky above was full of thick, grayish clouds. They heard the wind rattling the leaves and branches on the large trees, which to the group sounded like the sound of waves reaching a beach.

Vee took a deep breath to steady herself and then looked at the others. Her sister Eve was off to her right, she was the one who had led them there. Bosh was off to Vee’s left and behind him Calvin kept watch with his bow on hand.

“Well,” Eve spoke before Vee could. “We did not come all the way out here to turn back at the mere sight of a forest, eh?”

“Look!” Calvin gasped and pointed with his left hand at something in the distance. The trio turned to stare at the direction Calvin was pointing. They saw what Calvin had seen, and they were surprised at the fat serpent they saw slowly slithering down a tree’s trunk. The serpent was wide, amazonic even, its head could have been the size of a two-year old. It was black and it was long...very long, probably some twenty feet or so in length. As soon as Sadanjer laid its black eyes on the serpent it started barking at it, the dog even started going after it but a shout from Eve calmed the dog down and made it return back to her side.

“Keep quiet, Sadanjer,” Eve told him and pat its head. Sadanjer wagged its tail and sat on its rear end, but it perked its ears up and continued staring at the serpent as it slid out of view and into the heart of the forest.

“My god...” Vee said then, obviously shaken at the sight of the serpent. “Are...we sure we wanna go in there? Did you get a good look at the size of that thing...that's a monster.”

“Vee!” Eve shouted at her. “Come on, you’ve got more guts than that.”

“I have guts too,” Bosh said, nervously. “But...I had never seen such a creature like that before...it’s not safe to go in there, what else is awaiting us within?”

"I've heard lots of tales from the Villnore folk," Calvin spoke in his young voice, which sounded a bit nervous. "They say that Arkdain used to be one powerful realm a few hundred years ago. Necromancy was not illegal there and that is what was the kingdom's downfall...they opened some kind of portal to Hel and creatures from that dark place came out and ended the Arkdain era. They say the place still holds some of the creatures that came out from Hel those hundred years ago."

There was silence among them, each considering each other.

"I've heard stories about this place, too," Eve said then, to break the silence. "That is why I have brought you all here, I've been led to believe that this area is used by a group that's dedicated their time to the kidnapping of girls. I believe my daughter is somewhere in there, along with Ashley and your Foxy, Vee. We cannot turn back now, on we must go and learn the truth."

"What do you say, Bosh?" Vee glanced at the man, for he had a saying in this as well.

Bosh hesitated, he even spat to the ground.

"I...I am with your sister's reasoning," the old man said bravely, returning his gaze to Vee. "I say we go in and find out for ourselves what really is this place. If we find our beloved ones, I will be so proud of myself, of ourselves."

"And you, Calv?" Eve asked the young man, who simply nodded and said, "I have nothing else to live for. If I shall die, then let it be giving you three a hand in trying to find your loved ones."

There was nothing else to say, Vee was over matched in votes. "Then let us proceed in," she said. "But stick together and watch each others back. And you, Eve, keep that dog quiet..."

Eve noticed the stares from all three of her companions, which told her that they all meant the same thing, the dog had to keep quiet or else it would mean trouble for them.

"Agreed," Eve nodded as she realized that herself. She knelt and spoke to the dog lowly, her way of communicating with it and a way for the dog to obey her. Moments later, Eve stood back up, took a deep breath and took off after the group, who had started off toward the entrance of the creepy place.


What a bunch of fools, Kenji said as he watched the group from above along with Valkyrion Saga, Shan and the fairy. I mean look at them, look at their weapons, look at how they are dressed. Arkdain is no place for fools, surely they must have heard about the place...

They seek their daughters, Shan said from her place. I would have ventured in myself if I had lost my daughter to kidnappers.

Saga had explained to them why the group had come to Arkdain, at Shan's insisting. Even the fairy felt sad knowing that death surely awaited the poorly prepared group.

"They do the right thing," Saga spoke, his voice calm and yet sad as he saw the group below starting to enter the forbidden place. "Some would call it stupid," and he stared at Kenji. "We must now help clear the way for them."

"What?" Poppy the fairy asked. "You want to help them reach the place where their daughters are? Are they even in this place?"

"They are," Saga announced. "Deep within Arkdain lie several ruined fortresses, one of them is being occupied by the culprits, but many awful creatures live about, it wont be easy even for us. We will lead the group there, if we don't, they will never reach it by themselves. I am going to give the group a chance to confront the culprits, they will deserve that after all is said and done."

"Will they know of our presence, Saga?" Poppy asked, her wings buzzing lowly as she maintained her hovering position a hundred feet off the ground off to Saga's left side. "The group below, I mean."

"They wont know yours," Saga told her. "You keep yourself invisible, Poppy, remember, you are not a fighter, just a provider, I'd hate for you to get hurt. Shan and Kenji shall help me with the task, they are mine to order about."

Shan and Kenji stared at the Valkyrion as if he was crazy.

"What?" Saga stared back at them. "You two are not scared of Arkdain, are you?"

Kenji and Shan had heard tales about the place. Maybe they would have felt scared if they were in human form, but they weren't, so both shook their heads.

"You should be," Saga unsettled them. "And you will be..."

What? Shan felt confused. Saga, what was all that about? What do you mean?

"Follow my lead, say nothing and kill anything that comes at us, keep the group safe...if you can..." Saga started to descend to the ground below.

Saga! Kenji wanted a further explanation of the plan, but it appeared Saga was not listening. Damn it all, he's not listening to us.

Just do what he said and we'll be fine, wizard.

Wizard? Kenji was stung. He followed Saga and Poppy down to the ground as Shan started to do the same thing. I am no such thing, I am a mage, a master of the Arcane Arts, silly archer. You better learn to distinguish.

Whatever, just make sure you use your magic against foes and not us, eh?

(Part 3/6)

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