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  • Rowing and archery eh? That sounds just about right. You know, I saw those sports at the Olympics a few days ago, they are cool sports but I have never tried either. If you keep at it, though, you may become someone great! :) who knows, I might even see you at the Olympics one day. That would be so awesome, watching you go for a medal. ^^
    Ah, so you got that game, eh? I had it too, but I never even made it to the first dungeon. XD I left off there and sold my Wii. :P so, how is volleyball going? Do you still play at school?
    Thanks for the friend add. When I left I erased all my friends, and you weren't around when I came back, so I decided to wait till you came back. You have, and it so good to see that you haven't forgotten about this site.
    No, I'll never forget about finishing this series, Vatti. The Saga's Rise to Power is done, I just need to post the updates, and I will be doing that soon. I hope you are able to read it sometime. No Vatti appeared there, but you know the sequel surely will feature Vatti and many other characters, hope you come by and read that. ~Atsie
    Here is the link to the Dragir story, I already started it. Sammy makes an appearance in the next chapter, which is Chapter 4.

    Rise of the Dragir (Rewritten)
    I'll always talk to you, Vatti. You are one cool friend I have here, even if you don't log in that much that doesn't matter to me, I know you'll eventually log in. Thanks for reading my stories, you're awesome!!! And okay, purple it is. :)
    They are not entirely covered in scales, but yes, they have random scales showing here and there, they resemble humans but with horns and elf like ears.
    Purple as in clothing color or as in skin color? I do remember having written about the dragir being of different colors, like yellow, red, etc. So yeah, you can choose your color, just let me know in the sign up. ;)
    Alright, you accepted, so thanks, I will jot your name down as a dragir. Now I just have to ask a few others. :)
    It's good to hear word from you, vatti, how is it going? I am glad you like the story, be patient, your character and many others are coming soon, I promise. And besides that, guess it is only fair to announce that I will also try to rewrite Rise of the Dragir, remember that story where Sammy was a goddess? I will probably switch many things around for it, maybe have Sammy be a dragir this time around. See you around, vatti. :)
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