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Are you offensive or defensive in RPG's?


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Aggressive early on, unless I’m facing a boss with serious stopping power. The late game bosses in FF13 for example, you would have to take time and cast buffs/debuffs otherwise you’d be screwed.


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Jan 22, 2016
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Depends on the game, and the type of RPG in question.

In an ARPG (action RPG), I tend to try and approach them with a balance of offense and defense.

Specifically, in a game like Dark Souls and the like, I tend to go on the defensive and analyze the enemy for weaknesses. For an RPG like Diablo, I go for DPS or offense.

In a turn based RPG, depends on the game in question.

For DND and Pathfinder, I tend to like Paladins, Fighters, and Barbarians a lot. Using magic in DND and Pathfinder requires you to keep track of spell slots and such. It's fun, but I don't like constantly having to reference the Player's Handbook just to cast a spell. The Paladin is on my level though. One spell. And that's SMITE!!!

Also, for DND and Pathfinder, it depends on who the DM is, but in encounters, I tend to work with the group, with me currently playing the role as a tank, thanks to his decent HP, strength, and an AC that I'm surprised is as high as it is. Also depends on if I prayed to RNJesus, because some nights, my rolls are awful, and others they are raw 19's.

For a game like Dragon Age, specifically, the first game, I play a mage healer enough to get group heal, then specialize again in arcane warrior for massive amounts of DPS, combined with spells. Seriously, Spirit Healer + Arcane Warrior builds almost break the game.

In the Witcher series, I tend to get too aggressive, compared to my normal approach of offense + defense.

So it depends. :)

The only time I get really aggressive is spectacle fighters like Ninja Gaiden: Black, Bayonetta, DMC, and such. But those aren't really RPG's, so they don't count. :)


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Oct 24, 2012
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The best defense is a good offense.

The problem with defense is that eventually you are going to run out of resources. You'll run out of mana for buffs and healing. You'll run out of potions. Or opponents will just debuff you or whittle down your health.

This is true of every defense, even in real life. Every security system has a flaw. Every defensive position can be overtaken. All it ever takes is cleverness and ingenuity, time, or good old fashioned brute force and superior numbers.

This is why every effective defensive strategy emphasizes either eliminating the threat outright as soon as possible or exercising thorough damage control once defenses are compromised.

Every PVP player wins through sheer offensive DPS coupled with the use of snares, slows, stunlocks, and other control and movement impairing effects. Even debuffs are superfluous as the tankiest opponent can't possibly heal faster or withstand the damage of an onslaught of sheer DPS and having their controls locked out.

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I'm usually an aggressive player who prefers strength builds unless I'm playing a game like Skyrim where sneak attacks are the most potent attribute. Otherwise, if I'm fighting in a party, then I might designate the strongest gear to a tank so that they draw mobs away while I whittle down their health from a distance. As such, Archers/Mages are my go to classes in most cases because they are less prone to be aggro'd and can generally help to end the fight a lot quicker. In turn-based I'll tend to lean towards defense because a lot of systems can mess up the party pretty bad if even a single mistake is made. For SRPGs, the strongest units go to the front with zoners/supports placed close behind them for maximum offensive efficacy.

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