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Breath of the Wild A Large Overworld Map?

May 2, 2012
I think the main audience in the Zelda fandom knows that when they announce a HUGE Zelda game, they are in for a large overworld most of the time. I remember seeing pictures of Hyrule in Twilight Princess, the rumors and speculation that one part of the map would be the size of the Hyrule Field from OoT. It was an amazing thought and once the game came out it was nice to see that most of the speculation was true.
It took awhile to make a run through the entire map, it was glorious speeding through on Epona (or Shadowfax if I had my way) looking at the beautiful scenary that was achievable on a little purple box. The one thing that threw me off though was the small amount of things to do in Hyrule Field (TP). I know most people are okay with what they get but for me, its the little things.
For the next Zelda installment and from the specs I've seen with the WiiU and its capability to run a game, I'd have to say that it is possible for Nintendo to build a living, breathing, large overworld map for players to explore.
Its always a grand treat to enter Hyrule Field for the first time don't you agree?


Once a player is thrown into a large area their first instinct is always to explore. It would be monumental for Nintendo to throw a bigger Hyrule with advanced living AI walking around it every now and then, kind of like how we had the running guy from Ocarina of Time speeding around the map at night.
Can you imagine a farmer riding by taking milk to Hyrule Castle Town? Hylian Knights doing a daily march through the trails, stopping to train every now and then?
When I think of this I look back to games like Skyrim, for me that was quite an experience to be thrown into a large map like that, of course it also threw me off when I was told I could just do whatever I want. Of course there would be limitations to a Zelda game with large scope, we are always given a small amount of linearity when Link is off on an adventure.
Would you fall off your seat at the sight of a large, beautiful map, bustling with natural atmosphere brought to you in high definition?

I love TP for its epic/grand feel, the architecture like Eldin bridge and how it dominated the skyscape over Lake Hylia was gorgeous and i loved that you could say 'i could go there if i wanted' instead of it being something in the background. So i'd love the grandness to return in ZeldaU completely, it'd be so wonderful to have large castles, epic bridges and vast fields. Lets hope we get it though because after SS i really don't know how nintendo think anymore.
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Dec 16, 2011
I love TP for its epic/grand feel
Yeah, I completely agree. I think for a game to have beautiful scenery that you can not only look at, but also travel to, is a great thing. The concept of non-linearity in LoZ could be really taken to a new level with this new game, I'd like that. The perfect way to achieve that would simply be to have a large overworld. There's a lot of these posts where overworlds are discussed, and I've said the same thing in every one (hopefully), I'd absolutely love a large overworld. Creates replayability right?


Jul 1, 2012
I think having a huge overworld is what Zelda needs!

TP and WW gave us a taste of how big exploration can be and they were all about adventure, however there were minor problems such as the actual content in these overworlds! However if you take a game like Shadow of the Collesus....This game proved that a game doesn't need to be jam packed with content, in fact most of this game was exploring and taking down the next boss, pretty simple feature but isn't this game considered to be one of the greatest of all time?

Taking what Shadow of the Collesus did and implementing this into a Zelda game would make for a great idea.....How about if the distance to each province or major location was an adventure in itself! Of course each province would contain lots of stuff to do ect. But separating each province would be a huge piece of landscape and you had to traverse the landscape and find your way to the next province. Think Skyrim but with a Zelda twist :)

To me there of lots of things Zelda can do to easily make the next Zelda game stand out, having a large overworld, bigger than overworld than before is a big selling point to any fan imo!


Sep 21, 2011
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A large overworld would be great but what I want are some quality dungeons. Ones that take you a long time. I would even like to see where you would have to keep going to two different dungeons.Example: Finish one puzzle go to the other dungeon and so on.


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Feb 8, 2011
Although I remember Nintendo stating that Twilight Princess would be the last of that breed of Zelda, I truly hope that they reconsider their decision. The Wii U provides the pristine opportunity to open the Legend of Zelda to all sorts of possibilities. Through its hardware capabilities―which, to my understanding, is more powerful than the Wii―the overworld has the potential to finally pull off what an ideal territory fitting for nearly every fan's expectations. The map as a whole could be just as big as a Massively Multiplayer Online game, and just as potent as well.

One of the things that many Zelda games (specifically the 3D titles) lack is the amount of content within each overworld. Without much to do, there's been a great disincentive to explore the land as they offer little. Henceforward, it would only make sense to pack this new, sweeping overworld full of materials for the player to seek out. Skyward Sword served as a steppingstone in that direction, but its overworld wasn't as suitable for the task; it focused on puzzles moreso than content. However if SS's upgrade gear and such were transferred to a TP/OoT Hyrule Field, then it would at least be a something to fuel the fire of exploration. In my mind, this is a necessity for the series's formula to remain exceptionally adventure-oriented.

Another noteworthy component is the number of enemies that appear along the way. Twilight Princess had a great overworld, but the majority of it is argued to be too empty, or have too many vacant spaces. In order to rectify this, Nintendo would need to simply position the field adversaries in proportionate areas where we could encounter them on almost any space. They wouldn't have to be overly difficult, though. Let's just say that those closest to a pathway are easy, but the more you went off the road, the harder the enemies would become. This benefits those who enjoy casual play because they could stick to the roadway if they wanted to.

Finally, I feel that an additional challenge should be reintroduced in Zelda U: Overworld bosses. Again I refer back to Skyward Sword, because it's already set the course for that direction. Although in my opinion, The Imprisoned's sequences were a failed attempt at this concept by that obligatory "time trial", yet Levias got it on the right track. Rather than be trapped in an inhibiting enclosure, the battle should take place in an open field and not force us to complete it. They would be better off as voluntary encounters over set story incidents, so that we aren't stuck with frustrating reiterations (like the tautological Imprisoned) in each playthrough.

The overworld for Zelda U doesn't have to be like an Elder Scrolls or Monster Hunter field, but can easily mix these things in with the current Zelda formula. I feel that they would improve things from past titles, and be entirely viable with the Wii U's hardware and GamePad controller.


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May 26, 2010
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A huge overworld is certainly the course I want Zelda U to go, but after Skyward Sword, I heavily doubt I'll get such a request. After Miyamoto infamously said that TP would be the last of its kind, and being subsequently disappointed by SS, PH, and ST, I don't think we should even so much as hope for a decently sized overworld with tons of nooks and crannies to explore.

Don't get me wrong, the Wii U most definitely can handle MMORPG-sized overworlds (maybe with a little bit of scaling it down)...this would lead to a few lag problems with the Current Wii U, but in the few years I am sure the U would get some patches to fix these lag issues. I also would ADORE a TP sized Hyrule Field once more (of course with THINGS TO DO). However, even in spite of hardware and my personal wishes, Nintendo is still a "family friendly gimmick" company; they aren't in the "game" mindset anymore and thus they'll be making things to cater to the pick-up-and-play audience once more.


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Oct 28, 2012
Ehhh had way more enemies than OoT, so I can't complain. And those ideas you mentioned seem realistic, but don't add much. Sorta like the non-talking NPCs in Castle Town that were added for realism. The difference is, those were easy, adding these traveling NPCs is too much for too little, not to mention it makes the overworld feel too safe.
Dec 24, 2011
I would love an over world that was more interactive and had a lot of stuff to do in it. A revamped mix between hyrule field and the great sky but with maybe some huts and stuff.
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Jul 6, 2011
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It should be large beautiful and full of content. If it meets those three criteria we will have the perfect Hyrule field
Dec 24, 2011
Also I think they should have a new form of transportation. They could have underwater pods pull by octopuses or something in the Zora cities. It would be awesome :).


Dec 13, 2009
I love to exploring the overworld especially in rpg games. I hope Zelda WiiU will have large overworld, with many towns, terrains, and hidden secrets....

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