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  1. Moein.Z


    هنر من از باراکا در مورتال کامبترا
  2. IsraelDach

    Need Help For Disabling Steam Notifications!

    Hello Friends, I am encountering a serious problem since yesterday. I am not able to disable Steam notifications. It's very irritating sometimes, can anyone suggest how can I able to fix it? Any help would be highly appreciated. Thank you,
  3. Echolight

    Art Sharing Thread

    Share art you enjoy! (Nothing inappropriate and please credit the artist if you can.)
  4. Echolight

    I will draw normal everyday items as an anthro animal/person. (Drawing game)

    Choose an everyday item (it can be food, a place, every day house hold items, really anything you can think of.) and I’ll try to draw it as an anthro animal/person. (You get to choose which.) Don’t worry, I haven’t abandoned my thread where I draw your favorite Zelda character or the like, I’m...
  5. Echolight

    What games do you play over and over again?

    What is a game you can play over and over again without getting bored? For me it’s New Super Mario Bros Wii. This game and Mario Kart are the two games I grew up with. It’s one of my personal favorite Mario games as well. I’ve played it many times, and I enjoy every single play through. I...
  6. Echolight

    Favorite gifs

    Post your favorite gifs here
  7. GoronGainz

    What are some stupid things you've done in gaming?

    Funny things that were completely your fault, not the fault of the game. Where you just had a brain fart & forgot something obvious or made a school-boy error that no one should have made. "I had one playing Pokemon X&Y. I was using the analog stick to move throughout the beginning of the...
  8. GoronGainz

    Fire Emblem Classic or Casual? (Fire Emblem)

    I know there are some fans of Fire Emblem that don't care for the casual mode in the newer games thinking that it takes away from the experience of the older games. But I've seen & heard some of these fans say that if one of their favourite/most useful character dies they'd just reset the...
  9. GoronGainz

    Anyone excited for the Xenoblade Chronicles Definitive Edition?

    Absolutely love Xenoblade Chronicles!!! One of my favourite games of all time and the fact that it's gonna be not just ported but remastered onto switch makes me so excited to replay the world with an up to date lens. Anyone else looking forward to it? Any moments, areas, characters, cutscenes...
  10. D

    Finish The Wand of Gamelon Intro Before A Mod posts.

    Rules are simple, one person starts the intro and one person follows behind. If a Admin, Mod, Staff Member or Myself posts, you have to start over. If you think something will make the game better or have questions, just comment. Here’s the intro if you need it: The King Harkinan: Zelda, Duke...
  11. Stormageden747

    Favorite Video Game?

    Why is this not a thread? The tile explains it all. What is your favorite video game? My favorite is BotW. I love the combat, story, and the open world. It's by far my most played game. Just that story though I love it, but so many hate it. :suspicious:
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