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What games do you play over and over again?


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Nov 28, 2019
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What is a game you can play over and over again without getting bored?

For me it’s New Super Mario Bros Wii. This game and Mario Kart are the two games I grew up with. It’s one of my personal favorite Mario games as well. I’ve played it many times, and I enjoy every single play through. I usually play it with my siblings, which makes it even more enjoyable. I just love the world themes, level designs, and the bosses.


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May 4, 2012
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Grand Theft Auto Vice City, a game that I need to stop mentioning so I'm just gonna go ahead and cut it here

Super Smash Bros Ultimate I've been playing almost daily, mainly online, but this was also the case w/ previous smash games

I've noticed I've also been coming back to the original Super Mario Bros every now and then, it's just so easy for me to pick up and play and I'm so familiar w/ it, I could just jump in whenever

quick edit: whenever I'm in a racing mood, I always go to Burnout 3 or F-Zero GX, Mario Kart goes w/o saying too
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Jun 16, 2020
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Games that I can play over and over without getting tired of them:

Fire Emblem: Awakening
Wind Waker
Fire Emblem: Fates - Birthright
Fire Emblem: the Blazing Blade
Spider-Man: the Movie (childhood favorite)
Rune Factory 4 (as much as you can replay an RPG like this; different files I guess)

Not a very long list, but I'm not typically one to replay games I finish unless I really like them.

Even BotW is hard to return to after putting in 140+ hours, and I really love that game.
My go tos are:

A Link to the Past
Phantom Hourglass
Rune Factory 1
And the newest but extremely welcome addition to this list, Hollow Knight

List would possibly be longer but I pretty exclusively play my Switch and 3DS now. Rune Factory 4 and Super Metroid are two games I recently replayed but my total amount of playthroughs I don't think was substantial enough for them to rival the four games I listed.

Edit: honorable mention to Brawl's Subspace Emissary <3

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Mar 23, 2013

Definitely Warhammer: Vermintide 2. It's effectively Left 4 Dead, but with the focus on melee combat, skaven and northlander barbarians instead of zombies, and a whole lot more hats. The game has remained installed on my computer ever since it released in 2018, and I've been doing my part to quell the vermintide for more than 400 hours. The combat is fun, the classes add a necessary level of variety and skill, and it's just straight fun to play (alone or with a squad).


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Sep 9, 2019
Pikmin definitely stands out on top for me, since it's a game I can easily beat in a day and so I've ended up playing through it a bunch of times whenever I've wanted to go through something quick. After that, really, I tend to favor games replaying games that are at the top of my favorites list (including Pikmin), so games like Majora's Mask, Skies of Arcadia, Metroid Prime, etc.


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Apr 7, 2019
Breath of the Wild.

I know most people have a 1000+ save file of them just dozing around, but I always play that game over and over again, I've never have a save file lasted over 200 hours. I just love experiencing it all from the beginning, starting off at the plateau, gradually expanding your inventory, really feeling the journey from the get-go.


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Dec 26, 2017
Monster hunter and smash obviously, but other games I can replay forever are ofcourse most zelda games, Dark/demon souls, Dragons dogma, panel de pon, starfox 64, Super Mario World, Okami.


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Mar 18, 2019
Most Zelda games, Super Mario Galaxy, Minecraft, and that’s about it. I have a lot of games, so I have a hard time coming back to them because there’s always something else I want to play.
Here are a few I find myself going back to a lot over the years:

The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time
The Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds
Super Smash Bros. Melee
Halo: Combat Evolved
Halo 3
Super Mario Maker
Super Mario Maker 2
Super Mario World
New Super Mario Bros. 2
New Super Mario Bros. U
Mario Kart 8 Deluxe

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Oct 18, 2011
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These are games I have played at least once if not more every year since I first played them:

Ocarina of Time
Majora's Mask
A Link to the Past
The Wind Waker
Donkey Kong Country
Donkey Kong Country Returns
Sphinx and the Cursed Mummy
Luigi's Mansion
Wario World

Additionally, Breath of the Wild is a game I always seem to go back to, not to really replay from start to finish, but to sink more hours into existing game files as I slowly crack away at finding as many Korok Seeds as I can. Filling out my Compendium is an ongoing task too – eventually I'll have explored every square inch of the map I suppose.


Jan 19, 2018
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chrono trigger is probably the game i've replayed the most times, perhaps followed up by sotn.

there are other games that are designed to be replayable like warcraft 3 and path of exile that i've probably played a lot more of.

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