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    Twilight Princess What is One of the Best Songs in Twilight Princess

    In my opinion... (And obviously by majority) I feel has if Midna's Lament had the most effective tune/tone etc... The goodies that make up music as it just suited the entire context perfectly. :D
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    What Other Zelda Merchandise Do You Own Besides Games?

    I plan to buy a Triforce/Master Sword iPhone cover.
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    First Experiences with the Silent Realms

    Breath breathtakingly scary.
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    Spoiler What Makes Ghirahim So Popular?

    I feel as if it is his personality more then anything.
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    Did You Set Your Expectations too High?

    I loved the elements incorporated in the game and thoroughly enjoyed the fact that the plot of the game did not become tedious. I did not set my expectations high nor did I want to, so I didn't feel left disappointed. Overall this game was eerything I wanted to be however there are some...
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    Spoiler Music Before the Final Boss Fight... Its Me? Or...

    Dat Nintendo. I like the allusion to Ganondorf's boss theme.
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    Fi or Phi?

    I do agree with you on some level however, most katakana words are based off English words with a small exceptions (from the ones I know to be) such as パン. フィ to Fi or 'Fee' in Enlish is a pretty straight forward pronunciation and it isn't really hard to conclude the meaning where リンク or Link...
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    Fi or Phi?

    Φ = Phi in greek I am judging was what the name may/may not have been based off. However if my thought is correct フィ in Japanese is Fi so my guess and how I have always pronounced Fi's name in English is Fee (Fi) based on the greek/japanese pronunciation.
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    Spoiler Ghirahim: Your Thoughts?

    I praise Gihrahim's character. The fact that he is always in contact with Link and conversing with him is what I wanted as an antagonist in this game. I love how he plays with Link and keeps his vanity in check after he finishes with Link. The most humorous of scenes I found is that when he...
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    Timeline Revealed?

    it seems to me that is already confirming bits and pieces but currently disappointed at how it is retelling what we know so far..
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    Close Calls In the Silent Realm

    Lanayru Silent Realm. Moving the mine cart over to the end avoiding the waking water so I can get it... I step in the waking water, CRAP! I lure all the floating guardians to the end of the desert where the sink sand is, run up the hill and push the cart back as I get the final tear one of...
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    Spoiler Hardest Part in Zelda Skyward Sword.

    I actually found in Hero Mode anyway Ghirahim round one to be the toughest... it really took me 4 tries to win thats like 8 heart potions ++...
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    Mases' Skyward Sword Video Walkthrough

    I thoroughly enjoy watching the walk through guides as you said I enjoy listening to their comments and opinions and the way other fans do things in the Zelda series.
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    Do People Still Think SS is 10 Years Before? Maybe Spoilers?

    Zelda states before she enters her sleep in the Amber Crystal ma-bobby. That she will enter a slumber for thousands of years to hold the seal against Demise the obvious connotations are: Hylia Seals Demise away and Impa's time - Link The Hero of Legend/ Zelda finally destroy Demise = thousands...
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    Spoiler SS Boss Sword + The Triforce.

    As far as I know Demise has no connection with Termina considering we only know Link and Skull kid have so far.
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    Spoiler SS Boss Sword + The Triforce.

    Thanks guys for your opinion, it was just a glance at first but I can't believe they actually included this... hmmm. I agree with Vanitas 12's comment that he wants to bring the Goddesses back to Hyrule so he can destroy, there isn't much symbolism in Skyward Sword 9from what I can see) but...
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    Skyward Sword and Avatar

    I thought of several things: Avatar and Dinotopia (which that scene from Avatar is based off). It really was a nice allusion.
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    Spoiler SS Boss Sword + The Triforce.

    I posted it here because it is more of a theory... Watching one of the final scenes of the game I noticed when Demise is reborn his sword actually has the Triforce on it. See for yourself: Perhaps Demise had some affiliation with the God's of old considering it is stated that Demise...
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    Timeshift Stones

    I think it is an ok idea, I did vote for it as a wonderful idea. However I think it would get repetitive to quickly, perhaps just like the Lanayru Desert they could heavily use this concept to perhaps travel back in time to console with other people and or buy items from the past maybe. I don't...
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    Is There Really a Difference Between Demise and "Demise's Hate"?

    Fi states at the end of Skyward Sword that the remnants of Demise are decaying within the Master Sword, so eventually the corporeal Demise does fade out of existence so to speak. However I do agree with The Blue Reptile's approach to this: If I am not mistaking breaking down, as long as one...
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    Spoiler 'Most Precious Data on Record...'

    Thank you for sharing your opinions. This stood out the most to me, (going through my second play through) I am now starting to realise though that Fi does try to connect with Link and channel 'human empathy', such as on Eldin Volcano when the Mogmas state that a Golden haired girl was dragged...
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    Spoiler 'Most Precious Data on Record...'

    What did you guys think of Fi's character development between Link and others? If this exists somewhere else please care to share.
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    Zelda Art Happy Halloween from Stone Tower Temple!

    I have to say I thoroughly enjoyed this!
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    Did You Enjoy Skyward Sword More the Second Time Around?

    Just like Twilight Princess, I enjoyed it more the first time round, it is the shock/surprise of the cut scenes that really have the greatest effect on me. I am doing my second play through of Skyward Sword now and I am still enjoying it however I am skipping the boring cut scenes to get...
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    Twilight Princess Zant: Lunatic or Pathetic?

    I share you passion for Zant. When I first played Twilight Princess (a little under a year now) I found his character very... Ominous at first. He was mysterious and his goals reflected his personality at the beginning of the game, he wanted something! it wasn't really clear at first until...
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    Spoiler Does Anyone else Feel Skyward Sword Lacked a Cohesive Storyline?

    I strongly disagree. Sometimes this is prevalent however it depends on how you perceive the cut scenes I cannot exactly remember which cut scene perhaps after Link obtains the second flame, Fi tells Link there is only one left and they should proceed to the Eldin Volcano Link smiles at Fi and...
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    Spoiler Did Demise Ruin Ganondorf for Anyone Else?

    I'm surprised that you actually like this element of the story, where the sages reveal the true antagonist (after much hype of Zant etc previously in the Lanayru Spring). Some fans including myself actually would have preferred this scene deleted/ moved to the end of the game perhaps as Midna...
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    Is Fi the New Navi?

    Yes, I found her very annoying (away from the cut scenes) every time you discovered something new she would stick her two cents worth in every single freaking time... The same with Midna however Navi>All because you could ignore her were as these two just cannot help the selves =p. However her...
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    Spoiler Are the Names of Some of the Dungeons Odd?

    Sky View Temple probably most likely refers to Zelda's Task there (bathing in the spring) Earth Temple is probably based on Magma/Lava it isn't fire it is super heated liquid rock. A Cistern is a water storage however it may differ as said in the JAP versions, I personally liked how they...
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    Spoiler My First Play Through and Some Questions/ Explinations.

    I know, as I said it is an Ontological Paradox where the information has already been passed on to persons before it has even happened. It is a real head scratcher, think of the Movie: Andromeda Strain.
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    Spoiler Common Theory Breakdown: One or More Ganons?

    Link only appears when I hero is needed: -> Hero of Time etc. It only see's fit that Zelda is named by tradition something like every first born daughter is named Zelda after the original Princess etc? Ganon is a plot twist, Demise's hatred doesn't create Ganon it just gives a reason for some...
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    Spoiler My First Play Through and Some Questions/ Explinations.

    I was hoped that when they released Skyward Sword they would shut some on going theories down and create new ones (with the Dark Interlopers and all) however it seems they only elaborated on a few things and created a whole new speculation range.... >_> Hmm this is hard to determine as I am...
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    Majora's Mask Shouldn't Majoras Mask Get a Prequel?

    As someone theorised; the Dark tribe may be related to the Dark Interlopers in TP. Aside from the fact that Midna's Fused Shadow slightly resembles Majora's Eye from MM, perhaps the Dark Tribe had found a way into the realm of Termina given that the Twilight Realm is the opposite to Hyrule (the...
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    I Think There Should Have Been More to Do.

    I found there was quiet enough in the game, other then the fact the Sky was actually a bit to empty, but the land below makes up for that in an instant especially the Desert and the fact you can do The Thunder Dragon Challenges again to your pleasing. -> Hunting for bugs -> Gratitude Crystals...
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    I have to say some things in the game I found were really challenging. The Imprisoned (Round 3) Man that took me well over half an hour to work out what to do. Sky Keep Sliding Panels I actually thought you had to make the puzzle and the rooms all link together at one time, this took me...
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    Midna- One Time Thing or Continous Character?

    This may be true however; Yes he was able to travel between Twilight and Light realms however, perhaps the Triforce of Power gave him the opportunity to Travel between each realm. Remember Midna was banished so perhaps he thought she might come back and try and reclaim the throne so he shattered...
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    Theory Questions Regarding the Ending of TP (Sorry if Repost)

    I see it as a language technique used to foreshadow (and also a subtle cliff-hanger) to perhaps reference a future game concerning the events of TP following Ganondorf's Demise in the child timeline, it is how you see it (opinion). Of course you would mutter a taunt but given the circumstances...
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    Spoiler Tp Could Be Before OoT

    At the end of Ocarina of Time Ganondorf is sealed in the void by the Sages where they decide on his execution, it is strongly alluded to in Twilight Princess that the execution scene after meeting the Ethereal Sages hints that this is the same Ganondorf from OOT. According to Zeldawiki...
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    Spoiler Did Demise Ruin Ganondorf for Anyone Else?

    Zelda States as her own theory that the Gods of Old created the Triforce so that they couldn't intervene in the affairs of humans. (aka use their own power against them)
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    Spoiler Tp Could Be Before OoT

    True... It is Speculation. But that is all I can think of, so perhaps thinking in the future as Zelda vows to protect the Triforce, perhaps the Knights help her too? Considering Headmaster Gaepora is the Head Knight on Skyloft (I believe). But you rise a good point in such a small amount of...
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    Spoiler Tp Could Be Before OoT

    Take note of the end of Skyward Sword, Gaepora, Cawlin, Stritch, Groose, Link and Zelda are all at the Goddess Statue in the Sealed Grounds, perhaps most of the Skyloftians left Skyloft and therefor didn't need their Loftwings and they died out. There for the cannon was needed to travel between...
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    Theory Questions Regarding the Ending of TP (Sorry if Repost)

    I noticed this too, however based on the fact that Ganondorf States: obviously foreshadows a connection between The Twilight Realm and The 'Light/Sacred Realm' again, why else would Ganondorf say this if he didn't obviously know there may be a twist of fate, unless this was a folly by Ganondorf...
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    Skyloft, City in the Sky, Lofwings, Ooccas, Wind Tribe, Palace of the Winds O_o

    At the end of Skyward Sword Zelda says to link: She then asks Link what does he think. It is also supported by the fact that; Gaepora, Cawlin, Stritch and Groose are now on the Goddess Statue in the Sealed grounds so perhaps, (speculation) they all begin to depart from Skyloft and live in the...
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    Spoiler The Origin of the Master Sword Confusion

    As Djinn states: Even Fi states in Skyward Sword something along the lines of: 'the text have been lost through history". Perhaps the real origin was just lost through oral communication there for the people assumed the next closest thing to wield enough power to forge the Master Sword; the...
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    Spoiler Possibility of a Prequel?

    I don't see a Prequel to Skyward Sword however I do see perhaps either a Squeal mainly being the Interloper War or Perhaps even a completely different turn of events right before Oot.
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    Spoiler Did Demise Ruin Ganondorf for Anyone Else?

    Perhaps Demise being of such great power (far greater power then a Goddess who even made attempts to break through the seal laid upon him in the ground) was able to cast a spell to somehow effect the destinies of the future Zelda/Link's as some one stated before; So perhaps this 'curse'...
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    Spoiler SS Spoiler Disengration or Disappearance?

    he was adsorbed into Demises' sword, there for he was created by Demise and or aided Demise as a fail safe so that he could revive him.
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    Spoiler My First Play Through and Some Questions/ Explinations.

    Let me start this thread off by saying a few thibgs: 1) Five minutes a go I just completed my first play through of Skyward Sword and let me say I think it is epic. 2) If there is another thread that asks/disscusses the same content I am about to ask about please direct me to this thread. Ok...
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    Thoughts on Ghirahim?

    I like Ghirahim, his persona is so, pretentious I love how he is portrayed to be flawless and everyone regales below. He seems to like to be in control of EVERY situation. I cannot think anymore.
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    Do You Think the Sheikah Will Be in Skyward Sword?

    Wow epic find, It has already opened up a lot of questions.
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