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  1. Petman1325

    Tech Help Titan Quest: Virtual Memory Must BE Enabled

    If I can recall correctly, you need to set your Virtual Memory to a bit larger than your Physical Memory (RAM). Don't make it too large, though, since it actually uses up your HDD space.
  2. Petman1325

    Smooth McGroove

    My personal favorite of Smooth McGroove's is his rendition of Bloody Tears from Castlevania 2: Simon's Quest. He somehow managed to get a song that only had three parts and divided it into twelve, beautifully sung group piece. He is pretty talented, and I also respect him for not using software...
  3. Petman1325

    Which Anime Are You Currently Watching?

    The anime I am currently obsessed with...quite a list. Hetalia: Axis Powers/World Series (not into Beautiful Garden yet)...I'm Canada! :D (Love the dub way more than the sub) Ouran High School Host Club (Watched all episodes over and over again of the dub, want to buy the manga) Sword Art...
  4. Petman1325

    Which Song Are You Currently Listening To?

    My combination is kinda funny, actually. The first song that I'm currently listening to is Ava Maria as written by Franz Schubert in 1825. The rendition I have been listening to is the Fantasia rendition, which has been making me want to watch the film more and more, yet it is really hard for...
  5. Petman1325

    A Link Between Worlds If Zelda 3DS Was Played Like ST or PH with Stylus ONLY, How Would You Feel...?

    Honestly, I feel like it would be a total waste to me. The 3DS was built with an analog pad, and I would hope and pray that it would be used. Besides, a title like Spirit Tracks of Phantom Hourglass would make no sense since the 3D display is on the top screen, and I would know that Nintendo...
  6. Petman1325

    TB Hard Drives...how Much Diskspace Do You Actually Use?

    The HDD on my laptop is 750 GB. I'm an avid PC gamer, and without a desktop, majority of my games, photos, videos, and music are stored on my laptop. With all of that, I still have about 250GB of space left, and I definitely plan on keeping room for games like BioShock Infinite. Whenever I get...
  7. Petman1325

    General Zelda Your Opinion on a Sparce Overworld?

    I personally enjoy large overworlds, especially when you get faster "vehicles" that let you see the beauty of the world quickly pass you by, but one thing I don't like about them is when they feel empty with nothing in them. One of my things with Twilight Princess is that it looks gorgeous, I...
  8. Petman1325

    The Insides of the Poke Ball Finally Discovered!

    I always figured it would be some sort of digital storage in which the Pokémon would be put in a stasis until they are needed again, hence why they maintain their status and hit points. We have all seen fan parodies, even with Robot Chicken, depicting it as some sort of loft or apartment, but...
  9. Petman1325

    Do You Wear Socks To Bed?

    I almost always wear socks to bed, especially during the winter and spring, but sometimes in the summer, depending on what I am wearing. Now, if I start to feel hot under the covers, I typically remove my socks first, and that action typically eliminates the problem.
  10. Petman1325

    Which Song Are You Currently Listening To?

    My current tune of jamming...hmm... If you're talking about general music, I have been listening a bit to Jeff Buckley's rendition of "Hallelujah." It's a pretty good song, although it took me a few listens to really comprehend the mature nature of the song's lyrics. Now, in terms of...
  11. Petman1325

    Which Programming Languages Do You Know?

    I really only know of two programming languages to where I could create simple programs. The first one I learned was SmartBASIC for the ColecoADAM, a computer released in 1983. It's a very simple programming language for text-based applications, and it worked great for me once I learned it. The...
  12. Petman1325

    Latest Video Game Purchase

    Well, with some money I got for my birthday, I went down to my local GameStop and purchased *drum roll* a PlayStation 2. *gasp* (But, he only owns Nintendo systems. What blasphemy is this? :O) To be honest, the PlayStation 2 was on my list of two consoles I must own, the other being the Super...
  13. Petman1325

    Re-using Previous Overworlds

    If you want to think of the matter from a time-line perspective, then, yes, re-using past overworlds would be a great idea. However, from a game-design point-of-view, no, it isn't the best idea. Personally, I think the best thing that is done in Zelda is having little nods to the past Zelda...
  14. Petman1325

    Have You Ever Been Banned?

    I have sort of been banned before, but it was mainly because someone managed to get into my account, cause all sorts of chaos. It was a pretty ugly mess, but now I am really secure about everything I do. :) However, as for actual rule-breaking, no. I have been given warnings before for trying...
  15. Petman1325

    Your Favorite Level/Minigame Creator/ Mode.

    My favorite level editor has to be from the Trackmania series. Well, at least when it comes to simple level editors, because this one is very simple. Trackmania is a racing title as you would expect, and majority of the game is community supported with custom tracks anyone can make, and the...
  16. Petman1325

    Which Song Are You Currently Listening To?

    The song I'm currently caught up in listening to is the song "Siege" from the Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 soundtrack that I purchased yesterday. It certainly is a beautiful and emotional piece that I would recommend, especially since the soundtrack is composed by Hans Zimmer and Lorne...
  17. Petman1325

    What Size is Your Computer's Hard Drive?

    Heh, I have a desktop and a laptop, so I'll say the sizes of those. In my desktop, I have a 500GB HDD with about 80GB free. However, it's an IDE based HDD, so it would take quite a bit to load something, even though it spins at 7200RPM (or whatever the speed is). XP Now, my laptop, which is...
  18. Petman1325

    Majora's Mask The Perfect Final 3 Day Cycle Challenge!

    It would have been somewhat possible if it were not for the Anju and Kafei quest. The Anju and Kafei quest is too demanding on the clock for you to go running around and fight bosses/beat temples. Honestly, it would not look that challenging if you were able to use the Inverted Song of Time...
  19. Petman1325

    Have You Ever Farted in Class?

    Heh, this is definitely an interesting topic. :xd: Yes, I would fart in class quite a few times when I was in middle school and high school. In college, I'm able to hold it in since the classes are much shorter. XD If I knew it would smell, I would hold it in, but if it was to be silent...
  20. Petman1325

    Your Browser Addons ?

    I used to surf the Interwebs with zero addons, quite skeptical of how they would work, aside from those that were absolutely required, such as Shockwave, Flash, and Unity to name a few. However, I got to meet a nice friend named "Adblock Pro". I was very skeptical as to how this addon would...
  21. Petman1325

    Which Song Are You Currently Listening To?

    I'm currently having two songs stuck in my head right now, and both of them are really good. The first song I have trapped within my brain is More Than Words by Extreme. I love the song, it sounds great, has a good message, and I just love the unplugged feel of the song (which is more...
  22. Petman1325

    If You Were a Gym Leader, What Would Be Your Specialty?

    I would love to be a fire type gym leader. In nearly every Pokemon game I have played, I have always gone for the fire starter since they always seem to have an awesome second-type that goes along with it. Charizard has flying for his secondary, Blaziken has fighting, so on and so forth. With...
  23. Petman1325

    Mandatory Tasks that You Hated

    The main things that I do not like in the Zelda series are things that are done not once but multiple times. Temple of the Ocean King from Phantom Hourglass and the Drops of Light are my two biggest pet peeves within the Zelda series since you constantly have to go back to them throughout the...
  24. Petman1325

    Why You Like Your Avatar

    I like my avatar because it describes me in a few ways. When people surprise-hug me, of course, I will spaz out for a second out of complete shock. :xd: Also, I believe this was one of the first pictures I had taken with the smartphone I have now, and it represents me on a variety of websites...
  25. Petman1325

    Your Favorite Fire Type

    In terms of nostalgia and such, Typhlosion has been my favorite fire Pokemon. My main reason for this is that Silver was the first game I really got in to (I kept getting stuck on Yellow with all of the caves), and I gave him great movesets. (Especially since Earthquake was OPed in the first few...
  26. Petman1325

    Borderlands 2 Over Halo 4?

    Sir, Half-Life is without a doubt one of the best games I have ever played. It's really fun, and you can pick it up for cheap on Steam. However, this is diverging from the original topic. I'm honestly more excited for Borderlands 2. The only game's story I paid attention to in the Halo series...
  27. Petman1325

    Tech Help My USB Ports Aren't Working...

    Did you recently install a BIOS update to your motherboard or some sort of update that goes specifically for the chipset of your CPU?
  28. Petman1325

    Your Broadband Connection Sucks

    I remember this article years ago in which Google held a contest to see which city was most worthy of having it. Kansas City won because they renamed their town "Google" for the day. :xd:
  29. Petman1325

    Do You Get Sunburnt or Tan?

    Well, heh, before I moved down to Georgia, I was pretty much as white as could be. Once I moved down to the Peach State, I discovered my tanning abilities. I can tan for a while before getting sunburnt. I can't get very dark, if any, but I can get a nice tan-look; however, I typically tend to...
  30. Petman1325

    Are Newer Races As Endearing As Older Ones?

    I've always considered the main races to be the Hylians, Gorons, and Zoras, and then everything just evolved away from there. Well, at least that was my thought perspective until Skyward Sword came around. With the new races and species that have emerged from Skyward Sword, it makes you wonder...
  31. Petman1325

    Hetalia - Seen It?

    This is just a general question that I'm asking to all of you Dungeon goers: have any of you Dungeoneers read/watched the Hetalia series? I have to say, last school year, a bunch of people I knew were calling eachother country names, which left me horribly confused, and they really couldn't...
  32. Petman1325

    Tech Help Odd Wii Remote Problem. Need Help!

    One thing I would like for you to check is if you have any Bluetooth devices laying around. Cell phones, PDAs, laptops, headsets, PS3, anything of that variety. That was what messed up Shiggy's demonstration of Skyward Sword, perhaps there is something in your home interfering with the...
  33. Petman1325

    The Best Or Very Good 3DS/DS Games

    Kid Icarus: Uprising. It is, without a doubt, one of the best games I have ever played. The music is amazing, the art style and graphical quality is mind blowing, the gameplay is very fun and variable (you can fine tune it just to your difficulty), and the dialogue is halarious. I should warn...
  34. Petman1325

    Spoiler Cry Like an Idiot

    I can legitimately say the endings of both Professor Layton and the Diabolical Box (Pandora's Box for all other regions) and Professor Layton and the Last Time Travel have made me choke up. Not cry or anything, just choking up, eyes teary, throat choking, etc.
  35. Petman1325

    Street Pass Encounters

    When I was in High School and was able to use street pass, I would be able to streetpass the same people every day, resulting in a lot of great things in Find Mii and the Puzzle quest. :P So, from January to May, I streetpassed with the same 2-4 people. :P Now, I did take my 3DS to Walt...
  36. Petman1325

    Do You Stick With Your Starter?

    I always stick with my starter, and my starter 99% of the time never leaves my party. My starter is also, unfortunately, the one I pay the most attention to when it comes to training and leveling up. It does make it easier, though, for leveling up the other members of my party since I can...
  37. Petman1325

    Wii U and 3DS Under a Unified Account !

    I must say, with the advent of the WiiU's social systems, this is a great idea! My only problem, though, is that how will this be worked properly into the 3DS? The 3DS already has its system established, so I can see nothing short of a very big update that will take quite some time to develop...
  38. Petman1325

    Are You Left Handed, Right Handed, or Ambidextrous?

    I am right handed, but I actually am not the biggest fan of being right handed. For some very strange reason, my left arm is actually stronger than my right arm, but my right arm is the one that is more writing utensil friendly. I wish I had the ability to be ambidextrous, for there are quite...
  39. Petman1325

    Which Zelda Game is the Hardest to 100% Complete?

    I don't entirely see how Majora's Mask is difficult to 100%, since if you mess up a side quest, you can just Song of Time to the beginning of the side quest (well, unless it is the Anju and Kafei, then you're having to do the several hour sidequest over again). However, the game I see as the...
  40. Petman1325

    How to Pronounce Fi

    I always pronounced her name "Fee", as in a bank fee. I never though to pronounce it as "FAe" or something to that extent. However, when it comes to english dubs/subs, I typically do not take Japanese/European names into consideration unless the American name is ridiculous.
  41. Petman1325

    Team Fortress 2?

    If you're interested in hooking up with other players, we do have a Steam group on here. :) Anyways, yeah, I love TF2. It is definitely a great game to play, the community is typically nice (save for the few trolls and such), it requires a lot of thinking and strategy to get right, etc. My main...
  42. Petman1325

    Marathon Man,Y U UNBEATABLE?

    If I remember correctly, the Running Man was originally supposed to be some sort of sidequest that would have been added in via the N64DD. However, since it was a failure in Japan, they couldn't really do what they wanted to do with him. It's great that even if you freeze the clock at...
  43. Petman1325

    Thoughts on the Pyromania *Meet the Pyro Update*

    The video was awesome! At first, I was sort of expecting a reveal as to who the Pyro was, but that would have killed the fun of TF2. It certainly does bring to light how the Pyro can kill everything with no remorse whatsoever. Now, as for the Pyrovision goggles, those certainly bring true...
  44. Petman1325

    How Quickly Can You Beat Any Pokemon Game ?

    Well, nowadays, I like to take my time in the Pokemon world, training my Pokemon so that way I can have a nice, swift gym leader battle, rather than just plow through. However, I never had anything special on my Silver, so I would constantly restart it after beating it all the way through the...
  45. Petman1325

    Majora's Mask Why I Think Majora's Mask Will Be on the 3DS

    If I'm not mistaken, I believe it has been said that Nintendo is willing to make a Majora's Mask port for the 3DS in the same fashion as Ocarina of Time 3D, but they would do so after they created an original Zelda title for the 3DS. Weither it is true or not, I don't know, but I would love to...
  46. Petman1325

    What OS Do You Use?

    Well, since my response to this thread in April, my operating system situation has changed a bit. As I said before, I did get a MacBook Pro (Early 2011, 15"), and it is currently running Mac OS X Lion (10.7.4), but since I have about 6 Windows games I need to take with me, instead of just using...
  47. Petman1325

    Mp3 Converter

    If you want to export files of various varieties from Audacity, you need to install a library into Audacity so it can translate the MP3s. A link is here: Lame Installation - Audacity Wiki Just make sure you understand all of the legal mumbo-jumbo, then follow the instructions. :)
  48. Petman1325

    Super Mario Galaxy 3 For Wii U

    Super Mario Galaxy was a great game, and I put it up there as the best platformer I've ever played next to (if we aren't including Mario titles) Psychonauts. The concept is beautiful, the game was beautiful, the physics were beautiful, everything about that game was gorgeous. Of course, then...
  49. Petman1325

    Physics Puzzles In Future Titles?

    I definitely agree that Nintendo needs to do some physics puzzles. I'm not talking about simple "drag the block to balance the platform", but I mean more advanced physics stuff. Personally, my favorite physics engine is Havok. For those who don't know, Havok has been in Super Smash Bros. Brawl...
  50. Petman1325

    Dubs Vs Subs

    ...really manipulated, but the way it was dubbed, it was just as humorous as the Japanese version, if not even a bit more humorous, while still maintaining the core. Now, I know, there are some bad subbers out there *coughcough4kidscoughcoughgagcough*, but I guess it's all in whoever does the...
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