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  • Ah, that seems pretty hard. Glad ours is just a one-shot test. And thanks, I think I did pretty well. :)
    I'm pretty good, thanks! Dare I ask, but what was the question?

    Also, my class just took our COOPs (standardized entrance exams for high school) today. Four total hours of sitting at a desk testing. We weren't allowed to read after we finished the test so I just slept. =D
    Aww, thanks, I appreciate it. :) And lol, that's neat. Nicole is a pretty common name, but I like it. (Especially considering my mom had wanted to name me Skylar. I'm very pleased with how it turned out.)

    Sent you a FR, also.
    Yes, I am. I was actually 13 when I was promoted (16 days before my birthday). There's no age requirement for anything on ZD. You just need to be able to show you can handle yourself in a mature manner and be fit for the job (be it a moderating position or a staff position).

    Out of curiosity, where did you hear I was 14? I don't display my age and I haven't actually talked to you. (Nice to meet you btw.)
    I am currently an article editor and on the Zelda historians team. Im playing a bigger role over at PD, but im also trying to be active on the forums.
    I am anticipating Skyward Sword and will pick it up on the 20th but not for midnight release-I need to get some rest before the big day.
    Yeah, I've been playing for 3 years. I have an acoustic but the next is broken from where it connects to the body, gonna get that fixed some day.
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