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  • Yes, you are right. Today I have painful pecs and my shoulders are slightly sore, I did not have the time to do all my shoulder excersises because I took a long time making a curry before gym and I was late so my shoulders had it easy.

    Legs are probably the worst things to have soreness in especially the backs of the legs when you have to sit down.
    I knew that I took ages with the message and it was going to sign me out, usually when I sign in again it's still there provided that I type the password in correctly. Normally when I write allot I copy my text first so I can paste it in if the message gets deleted, but the one time when I needed to do it was the time I did not. Grrrrrrrr.

    As for if you are taking in enough. I could not tell you. It would all depend upon the quantity of the food you are eating. Bread slices often differ in their calorific content, some having over 100 calories a slice with others having 70 ish. A medium egg contains just over 60 calories so if you had 3 medium eggs you would be getting a bit over 180 calories, as I said above bread slices can be 70-100+ calories and on the tub that your shake comes in it should say how many calories are in your drink. There are about 355 calories in 100g of uncooked pasta, sausages depending on what kind you get are around 90-100 calories, but there are a wide range of sausages so you can get ones that are higher or lower than that.

    You should definitely check out the nutritional information on the foods you eat on a normal day so that you can see if you are getting as many calories as you want to.

    I went to the gym for the first time in a couple of weeks, it's good to be back. Surprisingly I did not experience the usual difficulty I get when being absent for a while. My strength seems not to have decreased like I thought it would so I'm happy about that.:D
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