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  • You didn't ask for one, but I read your sig so...
    o.o Anyways, I realized like 15 minutes ago that the Master Seal gives someone above level 10 a class change. XD So, I obviously used it when Soren was level 18. So, now he's a sage! Im so happy! and I think he just became the strongest person in my team.:xd: He defeats every1 he attacks! So, I did choose the staves, And I rescued Nephenee, Brom, and Kieran. Anyways, Im on chapter 11, where you have to get on the ship with Nasir to get to Beignion. (I hope thats how you spell it!) I am annoyed at those stupid wyvern riders. I was doing so good then they killed someone.
    Illyana is okay if you train her, but I would not reccomend it. I saved her by having a combo ofIke and Mia off to the side entrance to the castle. Have Ike talk with her before she attacks him and inevitably dies. Soren can choose between knives and staves, yes, but don't choose knives. Unless you gave him an attack bonus, but I doubt that. He already is so much more powerful with his magic, that Knives would have no use. He can heal with staves, so I definetly reccomend that. As for the three people you save, Nephenee, Brom, and Keiran, all three are awesome if you train them. Just take away Keiran's Gamble skill, because it rarely works, and it makes him horribly inaccurate. Continue having fun!
    I just realised, in one of the first Fire Emblem posts I sent you, I said train Roy, I meant Rolf. Sorry... BTW, I would not train Titania as much as possible. Focus on your other core characters (Ike, Soren, Oscar, Boyd, Rolf, Rhyss) and one other of your choice (not Titania. She steals XP and isn't that good in the end). I reccomend Brom. Then, get them all to level 20 of their second teir (like, for Soren, mage -->sage) and try to max out as many stats as possible. If you have a Wii, and Fire Emblem: Radiant Dawn, you can upload this info and get bonuses in all of the stats that you maxed out. Also, have fun with forging weapons. I always did.
    I'm glad that you are liking it! BTW, yes, I did mean Boyd. He's great because he's uber powerful and when his class changes he can use a bow. About Rhyss: you really gotta cover his butt. he's really handy, but he can't really attack. Check all of your enemy's movement ranges and make sure that he's safe, and if not, get someone in to cover him. He's too valuable. He can attack once you get a class change and he can use light magic, but as I remember, he's not too strong and he has low defense. About the caravan people, have you saved them yet? that may be the issue. If they are saved, you can either forge a custom spell with one of the twins, or talk to the buff dude at the armory. You can buy a basic wind spell from him for fairly cheap. Speaking of Soren, train him a lot. He's a freakin' juggernaut by the time he has a class change. Also, if you have more in depth ?'s about Fire Emblem, PM Blackicecc. Tell him I sent you. We're old friends.
    Good luck getting it. Oh, and I forgot one thing: if you play Path of Radiance and beat it with some characters at lvl.20, and they have a couple stats maxed out, and yyou upload this info via memory card to your Wii if you have Radiant dawn, those characters will get bonuses in those stats when you play it. Complicated, I know, but well worth it. And only train a select few: I reccomend Ike, Oscar, Roy, Oscar's little axe weilding brother I forget his name, Brom, and the healer guy you get in the beginning. DO NOT TRAIN TITANIA IF POSSIBLE. she just steals experience points ;(. HAVE FUN!
    You are exactly right about the Smash bros. info. Okay here's a breif overview: each game tends to have its own storyline, but I'll talk about the Radiance series, because they are my favorite. Okay, Here goes: all that you do in the games is on the continent of Tellius, which has two main species: the Beorc, or humans, and the Laguz, which are half-human shape shifters that can turn into different species. There are Cat, Tiger, Lion, Raven, Hawk, Heron, and Dragon laguz. The two main species have a ton of disttrust and hate eachother. In the game, you control Ike and his band of mercenaries in a turn- based combat strategy RPG (it's not as bad as it sounds) as they attempt to save Crimea, their homeland,from the clutches of the country of Daien(i assume it's pronounced day-in) which is under the control of an evil king, Mad King Ashnard (I know, who would be so cruel as to name their kid that!?). It is an epic series with a great storyline. I highly reccomend it.
    A Random comment from a Random Person.


    Studies have shown that many Americans have trouble thinking of a country that starts with the letter "U." (United States of America)
    As a suggestion, for gamecube, go for Fire Emblem: Path of Radiance, and once you finish that, go to the Wii sequel, Radiant Dawn. They're both kinda rare, but you can find them. Also, if you have a GBA, just about all of them are good. And don't get too bored and underestimate it when you begin like I did; just keep going, and as you get more characters and they gett class changes, you will really start to enjoy it.
    well how many rare zelda you even played and did you know zelda game and watch is the hardest zelda
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