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  • Hah hah. If you scroll down the page, you can see where people left you Birthday messages last year.

    Anyway- Happy Birthday ZF. Don't worry, the summer will be back soon enough.
    Hai, happy birthday...................
    i hope you will have a nice day....................
    hi nic avatar .. is it a mudkip they r cool :) ( grr i hate having to to type 50 characters):boomerang:
    Sorry for not responding for so long, I just haven't been on ZD in a long time.

    Anyways, I'm not sure if you're still stuck on that part in Zelda, but you have to use the song of soaring to reach the upper level of the pyramid and I think that leads to getting inside that room. It's been about 2 months so I can't really remember. What you should do is go to the official site and check out the OLB forum where you'll most likely find the answer since the forums are basically just a "Help I'm stuck" forum. Here's the link to the home page: http://www.zeldaroth.fr/us/zolb.php

    And because of those forums, Lobaluz rarely posts here(or is even online) also they're working on the third Zelda game so they're probably busy. Anyways(gotta stop saying that) hope this helps.
    I found it on Serebii, I don't know how to make sigs that well, and this one is a really good Pokemon one. And...I guess I'm a Pokefreak...I wouldn't neccessarily call myself that, I haven't joined any Pokemon related sites...just ZD, Youtube and TheSpeedGamers. But I do like the main Pokemon games a lot.
    haha, yeah don't think i can beat that :P
    sorry had to made it longer.
    .. You're birthday is close to mine!!! =O your like 11 days older than me -.- :)
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