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  1. zeldafreak

    What Enemies Do YOU Want in SS?

    I like all of the enemies in the Zelda Series. But I'd love to see Darknuts and Moblins in SS. They're my favorite enemies.
  2. zeldafreak

    Ocarina of Time Favorite Temple to Beat

    I liked the Spirit Temple the best. It was interesting to do the Temple in both ages.
  3. zeldafreak

    Skyward Sword's Rating

    I'm thinking E10+. That sounds like a reasonable rating. T at the most.
  4. zeldafreak


    Personally, I really don't care what Nintendo does, as long as you have to search for them. I'd just adjust to what they give me, and try to find all the pieces or containers.
  5. zeldafreak

    A Link to the Past What is Your Favorite Medalion?

    I like Bombos the most. In a pinch? Almost dead? Bombos kills all your enemies (on the screen) and makes your life a lot easier! (Just don't run out of magic)
  6. zeldafreak

    What Do You Do when You Get Stumped in a Dungeon?

    I look at a walkthrough. I don't have the patience to figure out what to do when I'm really stumped. Apparently some people don't think that's good.
  7. zeldafreak

    What if It's a Dissapointment?

    I've enjoyed every Zelda so far, and I doubt I won't like Skyward Sword. Besides, I doubt Nintendo would make one of their biggest money makers be, well, disappointing. The Wii Motion Plus Swordplay is fun, (at least from what I've seen in Wii Sports Resort), so I don't think I would be...
  8. zeldafreak

    Disks or Cartriges?

    This. But really, I never fool around with the technology I have, so it doesn't really matter for me.
  9. zeldafreak

    Why is That Woman Making Soup??

    Because Link needs to carry something that will give him nourishment for his quests. That, and he needs to refill his hearts. I think.
  10. zeldafreak

    Have We Seen Any Mini-maps?

    I hope they put a mini-map in. Very useful for people who don't have a sense of direction. (me) I doubt they wouldn't put it in, but if they don't... I think I'd be screwed.
  11. zeldafreak

    Ocarina of Time Best Boss: Who Did You Enjoy Tearing to Pieces the Most?

    I liked battling the Twinrova the most, mostly because I liked reflecting their attacks back at them. Pretty good use of a mirror, I would say. In second, I liked playing whack-a-dragon with Volvagia. In third, killing Ganon in general.
  12. zeldafreak

    General Classic Minish Cap Complaint.

    First time I went through Minish Cap, I found it pretty hard. I died on the first boss on my first playthrough. Granted, it was the first Zelda game I played and I was new to video game, but now that I've replayed through the game, I find it really easy. Vast improvements, I guess.
  13. zeldafreak

    Zelda ROTH Trilogy

    Well, this is a lot harder than the first two... (I beat ROTH and OLB BTW) I'm stuck on the second dungeon. (Wisdom Temple) How do you solve the rooms above and below the mid-boss? Great games by the way.
  14. zeldafreak

    Do You Use Your Name or Link's?

    This is my first post after long months of laziness and high school! :D Anyway, when I play games, I use the default name to name my character. (In the case of Pokemon, I use the version name.) If there is no default names, I use my name. I'm not very creative at making names... (tries...
  15. zeldafreak

    Ocarina of Time Space World 1995 Ocarina of Time Demo

    The video seems interesting for its time of development. I can see the major difference in detail from the game and the video. And I thought Oot had bad graphics when I first played it. Why is Link right-handed in the video?
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