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    Awesome! I love the Piano!
    I'm sure you'll do great. ^^
    Happy birthday, ZF! Choose one of the follow as your b day present:
    :triforce: (Only one piece) :mastersword: (It's a fake) :fairy: (She's annoying)
    Hmm, none of the options are too awesome... just have a cucco... TAKE IT!
    Oooo, a recital? Awesome! What kind of recital?! :)
    You want me to put Ballad of the Windfish on the radio, or you just want to download it? Happy Birthday by the way ^_^
    Happy birthday! Don't worry, I won't give you soda. :D
    Here have a :fairy: and have a great birthday!
    lol Since the beginning of the month. Thanks! So how've you been? (sorry, I've been away from a computer lately.) :)
    Yup, sure is. ^^

    Yes, it's very good. I've only seen the first four episodes, but I'm enjoying it very much and I intend to see the whole thing. Viral is one of my favorite characters. :D

    So, me liking Gurren Lagann is enough of a reason for us to be friends? :xd: Just kidding, I'm happy to befriend you. ^^
    Yeah, I've been wanting to play it. =| It looks so hard-core and...oddly American. XD
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