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Young Link
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  • yeah i like using the mask more but i never got more magic do im gonna go back to woodfall and get all the fairys for more magic
    I always have difficulties answering these sorts of questions "How you doing?", "What's up", "How are you?", "How is it going?"!
    But anyway, I'm feelin' GOOD! :D School begins tomorrow after the break though, but it's just to work really hard, as it is soon over! :D

    So how are you today?!
    Yeah, first you go to the Market section in the top left corner. When you get there, select "User Title Glow", then select a color, and then buy it for some RepPoints. You should have enough.

    I'm happy to help! ;)
    Hello there Grasshopper, thanks much for joining my Koji Kondo group!! :D

    BTW, when you answer someones visitor message, you should write in their profile, not in your own, otherwise the one you are subscribing to won't notice it. :)
    LOL why do ya have to put 50 characters just to say something? I'd have to write a whole paragraph just to say one thing if that makes since. Hah, well, I must be bored. Oh well:D
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