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  1. Young Link

    Hero of Music's Graphics

    Omg!!!!!!! Thank you so much!!!!:D
  2. Young Link

    The Great Hylian War In SS?

    Really? I didn't hear that one. Oh, that would just be so awesome if it came true! I could shoot a lot of enemies with arrows, and stab others with my sword. Agh, the possibilities.
  3. Young Link

    Ocarina of Time Which Version Did You Find Most Alluring?

    Hahaha. Some here. The 3DS has cool graphics, but the original was much better. And on topic, I do prefer the original and Master Quest comes in very close. I like everything about the original. The Master Quest left out the awesome Fire Temple music and Mirror Shield design. And it's the one...
  4. Young Link

    What Will the Cuccos Be Like?

    I enjoyed the evil cuccos when you attacked them in OoT and MM. So, I really would like to see them return with their evil nature in SS. It was cool taking over one in TP, but it just didn't have that feel of fear and excitement that the older games had. And I enjoyed running over them with...
  5. Young Link

    Hero of Music's Graphics

    All right. Sounds good then. Keep everything the same, the colors, font, e.c.t., just leave out Young Link.
  6. Young Link

    Hero of Music's Graphics

    Woooooooohooooooo:D. Thank you sooo much!!! And I don't mind. I know how school goes, hahaha. Take your time. And I can't wait to see the finished signature:). Thanks and good luck:D.
  7. Young Link

    Hero of Music's Graphics

    Hi there, Hero of Music. Are you still taking requests? If so, here's mine: I'd like it to be a signature. I want the background color to be a forest green. For the characters: I want Pit(from Super Smash Bros. Brawl) and Young Link(from Super Smash Bros. Melee). As for the rest: I'd like Pit to...
  8. Young Link

    Favorite Boss?

    For me, OoT, Volvagia, MM, Twinmold, WW, Molgera, and TP, Argorok and Puppet Zelda. All of those to me were epic.:D.
  9. Young Link

    Adventure of Link Death Question

    Hahahaha yes, I just figured that out after I posted. Sorry about that:D. It's deleted. Thanks anyways.
  10. Young Link

    What Boss Would You Like to See for the First Dungeon?

    Yes, like many have said, Gohma. She would be a great boss to start the game off with. Since it would bring back some of the nostalgia from Ocarina of Time. And she is an awesome boss!!!:)
  11. Young Link

    Can Your Mom Talk Zelda?

    Nah, my mom doesn't know anything. Maybe some of the names of the characters. Well, just Link and Zelda, lol. But now, my dad knows a lot. He got me into the games when I was six and if I asked him a question, he would probably know the answer. He even would fight some of the bosses for me. If I...
  12. Young Link

    If No Orchestrated Music. Still Be Happy?

    Hahahaha:D. For the longest time I thought Zelda always had orchestrated music. I guess 'cause they get those MIDIs sounding so good, it's hard to tell. Well, for me it is. So, anyways, I would like to see some REAL orchestrated music in the game. I think it would give it more of an epic feel...
  13. Young Link

    Time to Be a Location Creator, Haha!!!

    Hahahaha, sounds neat. I like that idea. I especialy like the fire/ice arrows:D.
  14. Young Link

    Naming Your Character Link Vs. Something Else

    Hmm... I never really thought about it... I just always put my name in there, just for the fun of it. I know his name is Link, but I like seeing my name since I'm playing the game. But that's just me:D.
  15. Young Link

    Time to Be a Location Creator, Haha!!!

    Similar to my dungeon/temple creator thread, you still work at Nintendo. Now you must create a location for Link to explore. Have fun with it. You can tell me what characters there will be, what type of land it is, lake, forest, field, e.c.t., and you can tell me what occurs there. For example...
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