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  • Ah, I see you are reading it, hope you enjoy it. I am sorry to say your character hasn't shown up, but if you must know it, Saga will very soon go to Midgard and that's where they'll meet up...yes, as enemies for now.
    Vatti, I promised you a link to the new story. Here it is. It wont be long before your character makes an appearance. See you later, my friend. :)

    Asgard Legends
    Yeah, that's good and all, but I was referring to the new one, a story which I will post soon enough. It is still supposed to be that story, however, lots of changes will be made to it, especially the chapters, I am attempting to make them way shorter, they are too long. :P So yeah...hope you read it.
    Ah, Vatti!!! It's great to see you!! I was starting to think you wouldn't come back. Really? You've been doing all that? That's awesome, I do hope you are having lots of fun. Me? I am doing alright, I'm still around and writing, which is what I do here. :P If you are going to be dropping by, then I hope you are able to read that Asgard Legends story. I will leave a link so you can't miss it. Be seeing you. ~Atsuma
    Vatti, refresh my mind, is Sammy's hair white? Or is it black? I know you posted a few pics not too long ago, but I can't find them. So please, refresh my mind, eh?
    That is a good idea, vatti, you'll be ahead of the curve if you do that. I can't wait til you update again, the story looks sharp. So, keep up the good work. ~Ao
    Hi, vatti, I noticed that you read the chapter I posted. Thanks, I really appreciate it. As it has become my custom, I will respond to your comment when next I post there. So, be seeing you around. ~Ao
    I read your new story, vatti, it rocks. I left a comment, lolz.

    I am glad you will rewrite that story, sometimes going back and rework a story is a good thing to do, because you see what you did wrong and you correct that and also add more. That is what I am doing with Asgard Legends/God Wars. I hope you do write that Goddess Realms story, it was so good.
    I see that. My subscription went 'ding' last time i logged in that you had posted in the thread. And that's okay, believe me I understand that. :)
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