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  • Oh Vatti, but you are so special! Thanks for what you said in the AotL thread, I appreciate it. Have you posted any of your poetry or stories?
    Lol, Ok, it appears I was off in my prediction. WEll, Vatti, thanks for having joined the story. I promise to introduce your character either in teh next update or in the following chapter. I also like your forum name: Vatti.
    I see. I believe you. Are you blonde and with blue eyes? lol

    Anyway, Vatti, so what grade are you in school? You a freshman?
    Haha, shoulder buddy, eh? Nice, Vatti. Have you posted a pic of you? I wanna see if you are tall...if you haven't, I still believe you.
    And yes, I am a short guy, sorry about that. lol
    Well, I am glad you are one of my friends. I thought you were a guy and so since you never pmed me or left messages, I thought you didn't have the time or something. Glad to be your friend, girl. ^^
    Hi, Vatti. I never have come here and left you a message, so here I am. Why don't you have too many friends?

    2 visitor messages? You kidding me? Your profile needs someone like me...XD
    Hi peoples! thx for visiting my profile. if you want, go find my gallery on the graphics forum! people like it!
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