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  • wow, haha, thats alot, but personnely i dont like toon link, i think he looks like a pretty princess
    What's up Tom? I see you like Portal. Great. Are you waiting for Portal 2 like I do?
    wazzup! hey, how have ya been? which zelda games have you played? how many do you have? i have mm and oot, i wanna get tp and ss. ive played tloz, oot, tp, and mm.
    Thank you! I'm 14, its actually the first of august not the second but never mind. Well I always have new video games, I have a gameboy as I mentioned on my last post, I have Braid, I'm still playing MM very slowly. other than that nothing, I don't really understand what's going on with me. I lost my need to play video games though I still like them. Is this something that happens to you sometimes?
    I'm doing fantastic, I bought a Gameboy yesterday and I'm gonna pre-order SS and Portal 2 together, its the perfect deal.
    how come you're offline so much lately?
    Thank you all, I had a dramatically normal day today, but still got really happy to get on here and see some of you trying your best to care lol

    Have a good week y'all.
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